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  1. B/R NFL 1000

    Have not looked at the article but if he is talking about solely Cam's Newton throwing mechanics with no hitch and a quick release I understand. However, if it encompasses his throwing and footwork then I disagree
  2. Mike Wallace expected to be cut

    reminds me of Brandon Marshall
  3. Is WFNZ in trouble?

    Probably the game against Tampa Bay when he intercepted Winston
  4. Ted Ginn Jr. Running Out of Bounds

    I wish he stayed inbounds as he would have gotten an extra 5-10 yards, then Graham Gano would have probably not missed the field goal.
  5. Just in case people were wondering, Rivera will be giving his end of season interview around 11 AM. Stream is posted on
  6. With Cam as QB do we have a shorter 'window'?

    Cam without his physical abilities as a runner already has elite arm talent he will still be able to throw into tight windows but he will get better in anticipation throws and having a better overall feel for the game as he grows. What this team needs to do is actually acquire talent at receiver position like the Cardinals or Steelers. Find a RB that can get 1200+ yards a season without the benefit of Cam being a threat as a runner. Get one problem caliber RT or LT. In sum, no more bargin bin players.
  7. Showed why we need Funchess and Kelvin Benjamin starting on the outside. Roby got away with two holding calls but if he tried that against a 6'4 or 6'5 receiver he would have gotten muscled out of the way.
  8. Depends on how we address the weaknesses of this team. If we still suck on special teams, lack edge rush, and OT struggle with speed rush, then I see them making the playoffs but might have to play 1 or 2 road games to reach SB.
  9. Positions we need to upgrade

    Also we need a new Punter that can excel in precision and directional punting. Nortman has regressed since his first year
  10. Positions we need to upgrade

    Need to continue to revamp special teams. Get rookies lIke Tyler Lockett and David Johnson, those two guys were able to make impact plays on special teams and later in the season were crucial for their offenses. I am tired of seeing Joe Webb and Fozzy run out of the endzone and get stoned on the 18-20 yard line. The blocking and tackling on special teams is abysmal. Next, youth in the secondary and finally an upgrade for Mike Remmers.
  11. Cam did miss some early throws like the one to Philly Brown that would have been a first down and up the seam to Ginn but the first down play calls were atrocious. Too many times we put ourselves into 2nd or 3rd and long. 3 False starts. Key drops. Just a lack of execution by the offense.
  12. Kony Ealy

    Yep, had a hell of a game, just need another DE to play alongside him because Charles Johnson Jared Allen are probably not coming back.
  13. Offseason - Offense or Defense for DG

    Defense - Need a DE to play alongside Kony Ealy, would like to pick up a FA DE and a DE in draft. Say Goodbye to Jared Allen and Charles Johnson. Let Charles Tillman, Cortland Finnegan, and Roman Harper walk. We need youth in the secondary. Offense- Kelvin Benjamin is already a big addition, let Cotchery go and get a young speedy slot WR. Replace Mike Remmers with Daryl Williams. Get a second TE that is a legit threat in the passing game, Dickson does not provide enough week to week. Finally, perhaps get a blocking FB.
  14. Losers

    Exactly. That one play that not decide the game. Its a nice clip for Cam detractors to salivate over, but the two key reasons we lost IMO were turnovers and the offensive line getting dominated.
  15. Our biggest weakness came back to haunt us

    This game we really needed Kelvin Benjamin because the passing widows were going to be tight and we need size to muscle Denver's DBs. Also we will have to address issues with our OTs. I think Oher can be serviceable for another year but I hope that Daryl Williams wins the starting RT spot from Mike Remmers this offseason.