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  1. I won't disagree with that, but I rather have that money spread out to 2 or 3 players.
  2. I liked Norwell but how important was he if none of the RBs averaged more than 4 yards per carry and he never went up against Fletcher Cox or Gerald McCoy?
  3. I look at it this way Torrey Smith > Shepard Breeland > Worley Have to wait on more signings and the draft to get a better picture.
  4. Ed Dickson to Falcons?

    Hope they sign him, so we can actually get a TE that can jump over a phone book and run past defenders.
  5. I'm confident now that Panthers wouldn't have been able to sign Torrey Smith at 5 mil/year or less if he hit the FA market.
  6. Matt Miller's 7-round mock draft

    I don't like the Mike McGlinchey pick. All I've heard from Rivera and Hurney is getting rookies that can make an immediate impact. McGlinchey probably won't start his first season unless injury. I rather take a G/C then a LT in the first round that will see the field.
  7. dj chark should be the pick

    I want to point out that Chark was seen as a day 2 pick (2nd/3rd round) before the combine. I don't think he is a first round draft pick but I want to squash the narrative that he is a 5-6th round prospect now shooting up boards because of the combine.
  8. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Saints were just a poor matchup for us all year because of our bottom tier secondary and receiving core. They struggled against the other playoff teams like Rams, Falcons, and Vikings.
  9. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Saints are struggling because Vikings have quality skill positions players to keep them honest instead of ignoring players like Sheppard or Bersin then taking advantage of Kurt Coleman and Captain.
  10. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Drew Brees forgot Kurt Coleman ain't back there
  11. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    That's my point they aren't getting a return on their investments
  12. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    With the amount of draft picks and resources spent on the defense over the years, they should be at least playing close to the Jaguars level.
  13. This is what a Power running should look like. If Eagles score here and Falcons offense stalls it's over. Falcons defense is breaking.
  14. Watching both teams, I can't help but notice the difference between the Falcons and Eagles skill positions players compared to ours. Speed, Athleticism, and overall talent. That's one of the main reasons holding this team back from advancing deeper in the playoffs. We don't have many playmakers at the RB, WR, S, or CB.
  15. Curtis Samuel- who is he really?

    I think Samuel can be a productive receiver for us but it will take time. He didn't have a full off-season. He limped into the regular season hurt and limped out injured. However, in his limited time playing he got good separation and defenses took notice of his speed. I felt after he and Byrd went down, that was the end for the offense.