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  1. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Saints were just a poor matchup for us all year because of our bottom tier secondary and receiving core. They struggled against the other playoff teams like Rams, Falcons, and Vikings.
  2. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Saints are struggling because Vikings have quality skill positions players to keep them honest instead of ignoring players like Sheppard or Bersin then taking advantage of Kurt Coleman and Captain.
  3. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    Drew Brees forgot Kurt Coleman ain't back there
  4. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    That's my point they aren't getting a return on their investments
  5. Sunday Divisional Round Games

    With the amount of draft picks and resources spent on the defense over the years, they should be at least playing close to the Jaguars level.
  6. This is what a Power running should look like. If Eagles score here and Falcons offense stalls it's over. Falcons defense is breaking.
  7. Watching both teams, I can't help but notice the difference between the Falcons and Eagles skill positions players compared to ours. Speed, Athleticism, and overall talent. That's one of the main reasons holding this team back from advancing deeper in the playoffs. We don't have many playmakers at the RB, WR, S, or CB.
  8. Curtis Samuel- who is he really?

    I think Samuel can be a productive receiver for us but it will take time. He didn't have a full off-season. He limped into the regular season hurt and limped out injured. However, in his limited time playing he got good separation and defenses took notice of his speed. I felt after he and Byrd went down, that was the end for the offense.
  9. There's nothing wrong with having a ball control offense. Every team remaining in the Playoffs has the ability to run the ball. The problem was we kept settling for FGs and our tendencies were too predictable because Shula never had a pulse to the game.
  10. Michel reminds me of Tevin Coleman for the Falcons. Has great burst, can block, and catch. He and CMC would form a nice duo.
  11. Hurney on WFNZ

    Will be honest, prefer Hurney being open and honest about the team's needs then to have to encrypt what Gettleman said in interviews.
  12. Hurney on WFNZ

    He really emphasized speed and athleticism for skill positions on both sides of the ball. Mentioned it at least 3 times. He also said that the RB position is the deepest in the draft.
  13. Safety - Kurt Coleman is the worst FS in the NFL and Mike Adams is old and slow, we have neglected this position for at least 4 years now, need an injection of youth and talent at the position. Nickel Corner- Captain was a disaster, I cringed everytime he was sent on a blitz and Colin Jones outplayed him. I hope Corn Elder or Cole Luke can be the answer. DE- CJ is done, Peppers is 38 and Addison will be in his 30s, need to have long term replacements to go along with Hall. OT- Matt Kalil is garbage, defenses no it and put their best pass rusher or send blitzes to his side. I think they have to keep him because of his contract, but hopefully they can find a quality LT in the draft. C- Its time to move on from Ryan Kalil, he isn't going to get any healthier. I want a C that plays with more physicality. Could not establish a consistent run game all year TE- Ed Dickson and Chris Manhertz are not good enough. Greg Olsen is still a top 5 TE but its time to look for his potential replacement. We need a redzone TE that can block. Olsen can't jump over a phone book so that limits his effectiveness in the redzone RB- Stewart is going to be 32. I still think he can be an effective RB but not here. We need another RB to pair with CMC similar to the way the Falcons do with Coleman and Freeman, two RBs that can catch and run between the tackles. WR- Everyone except Funchess, Samuel, and Byrd should be let go. Clay and Shepard consistently dropped balls in traffic. Bersin can't get any yards after the catch, that even the turf can tackle him.
  14. Byrd Update

    Hope he is able to play in a week or so because only he and Funchess have shown the ability to make plays consistently. Bersin, Clay, and Shepard have shown why they are fringe players on your roster.
  15. Mike Adams and Coleman will cost this team in the playoffs. Godwin's 70 yard gain happened because Adams missed a tackle that would have limited it to 12. Coleman has no range and ball skills. Safety is team's biggest need this off-season.