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  1. Also this one might be complicated, but Air yards, how far the ball traveled to the intended receiver then yards after catch. For example, Cam threw 20 yards to DJ Moore, then Moore picked up 31 yards to the endzone.
  2. I think one stat to collect would be the avg time it took the offense to score. One thing we lacked last year was chunk plays, it would take 11 plays just to get 75 yards or 9 minutes to score when trailing.
  3. Also, they can send Gaulden or DJax to blitz as well. They should never send Captain Munnerlyn out there. It's an automatic completion for the offense
  4. gmonjimbo

    Run defense concern

    The biggest problem for Luke was that the Dline was not able to keep him clean. Alex Mack was able to get to him in the second level of the defense because someone on the Dline did not set the edge or maintain their gap assignment. Luke missed several tackles but he wasnt able to get a clean angle to the ball carrier like most games. I have to give credit to Atlanta's offensive line and zone stretch scheme. I believe the defense will improve, but they need to have a short hook on some players if they repeat the same mistakes
  5. I really liked the two plays where we sent Ian Thomas up the seams to clear the middle of the field for Jarius Wright and CMC. That's the play design we lacked. Offense will improve once we get some players back from injury and Norv finds the right balance with his personnel.
  6. I'm not concerned about the defense performing well against the Bengals, Giants,etc. Its how they perform against the Falcons and Saints. They aren't competitive, both Brees and Ryan have all day to throw and we give up chunk plays. Our offense isn't built to get into shootouts since most of our resources are poured into the defense. Donte Jackson is a start, but Panthers over the next two offseasons need to add speed to their overall defense.
  7. gmonjimbo

    Run defense concern

    He got washed on a couple of plays. However, the damage was done before he came in for Searcy. The Falcons abused the strong side of the defense. Mayo, Shaq, Luke, and Adams should be called to the carpet before Gaulden.
  8. gmonjimbo

    Run defense concern

    They exposed our weak perimeter players in Mike Adams and Captain Munnerlyn. We dont have that physical and fast box safety like Keanu Neal. I rather see Gaulden out there since he isn't shy to make contact. Also, until further notice Captain in the slot will be the most targeted player in the passing and running game. Dont know why they brought him back.
  9. gmonjimbo

    Switching gears, bengals up next

    I think the Bengals are a watered down version of the Cowboys defense and watered down version of the Falcons offense. They present a legit challenge, but this is a game the Panthers should win at home.
  10. If Norv does have some input on personnel, Funchess' snaps will decrease as Samuel comes back and DJ Moore gets more comfortable in the offense.
  11. gmonjimbo


    The problem with Funchess is that when you need a spark or a play to be made, you can't rely on him. That drop on 3rd & 2 lead to another Falcons scoring drive. I agree 100% on Captain. He doesn't belong in the NFL. I cringe whenever he is sent on the blitz. He doesn't have the legs anymore, so you are left with 5"8 160 mobile blocking shed.
  12. They were watching a completely different game. We were in comeback mode because the defense allowed 8 yards per play and had drive killing drops.
  13. 1. Bucs 2. Falcons 3. Panthers 4. Saints. We are very fortunate that we dont play the Saints till the second half of the season because this defense needs time to regroup and find itself. Also, for the offense we will have key players back from injury.
  14. He dropped passes today and didn't have proper depth on his routes last week. He will be phased out of the offense if he continues to perform like this. We just need Samuel to come back to put him on the hot seat.
  15. gmonjimbo

    This One Was on the Defense

    Panthers have to change their philosophy on defense or we will continue to struggle against the Falcons and Saints. We need to more speed on the perimeter. Mike Adams and Captain Munnerlyn cant hang and will continue to be exploited. We also play way too much zone that offense already know where to go pre-snap.