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  1. Perhaps simplify the run blocking and add a lead fullback. Also find the best blocking TE you can find in the draft or FA.
  2. Run game was awful. 2nd 10, 2nd 13, 2nd 16. The two early interceptions came because we put ourselves in 2nd and 12, the defense knows that we have to throw the ball to get the first down. With a front 7 like the Eagles it's a recipe for disaster. They seriously need to address why 2 or 3 defenders are in the backfield on every run play. Secondary plays too much zone and any good QB knows where the "bodies are buried" in terms of finding holes in coverage. Munnerlyn legs must be gone if they want Shaq on a slot WR. TEs have been hurting this offense as of late.
  3. Please get rid of John Matsko as running game coordinator.
  4. The burden on Cam Newton

    I stand by my statement, Eagles were better team yesterday. Doesn't mean Panthers can't beat them later in the year. They dominated our offensive line and got 2tds off turnovers. We had at least 6 drops and got 0 points from the Peppers FF.
  5. The burden on Cam Newton

    I am going to hold Ron Rivera to these comments throughout the season, "The biggest thing, our realization is that our primary runner cannot be our quarterback,” Rivera said. “We’re going to look to do a little more backfield sets in terms of two backs and 12 personnel with the extra tight end as the lead blocker. We’ve got to get guys like Jonathan Stewart rolling. We’ve got to put it in our backs’ hands and get the ball to our playmakers.” The Eagles won because they were a better team tonight. They were able to generate a run game and not put it all on their quarterback. They were in sync with their defensive line providing opportunities for their secondary to get interceptions. The run game is broken and we can't rely on the QB to carry the burden, Why? Because the personnel on offense is not built that way. This is suppose to be a ball control smash mouth offense with a defense that is aggressive and generates TOs. Haven't seen that at all this season.
  6. 52 Pass Attempts

    Yep. They need to use this mini bye to self evaluate the run game. Whether it's tendencies, personnel, tempo,etc. We can't have an offense again where Cam is carrying most of the load.
  7. 52 Pass Attempts

    Offensive line and Stew played key roles in losing this game. The run blocking was garbage and put the team in 2nd and 12 or 2nd and 16 all night. Then Fletcher Cox pushes Trai into Cam's arm that causes an interception. Stew bobbles an easy pass that gets picked off. These two TOs happened deep in our own territory leading to 2tds for Eagles. This team is not built for Cam to throw 50 times a game. They need to fire their running game coordinator pronto.
  8. Great call on 3rd and 1

    Should have been a quick run by CMC or Cam. Wasted 10 seconds to line up.
  9. Seymour has been in the last 2 plays.
  10. Run games is putting team behind sticks. 2nd and 13 now 2nd and 16. It's not working, move on.
  11. Should not have Shaq on WRs. Worley plays 10 yards off.
  12. I think Cam will be fine since he didn't take a beating like he did against the Bills and he talked about his arm getting stronger in his post-game press conference. I'm more concerned about veteran players and guys that were nursing injuries the past week.
  13. Tough match up for the OTs going up against Curry, Graham, and Barnett. Also, Eagles only allowing 70 yards rushing per game. However, I don't know how good they really are. They faced the Giants and Chargers then a Cardinals team that had to go to Overtime to beat the 49ers and Colts. Wentz is solid but he is going to give the Panthers defense a chance to sack him or pick him off because he holds the ball and is an aggressive thrower.
  14. Run Game

    They run the ball way too much on first down instead of mixing it up from time to time. Also the Tackles and Larsen aren't that great at run blocking.
  15. I don't think so. This game was all about Cam as a passer. Running game needs to pull their weight.