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  1. gmonjimbo

    Fozzy Whittaker tore his ACL (placed on IR)

    I hope his rehab goes well. I do feel like this is going to provide an opening for someone more talented than Fozzy to emerge. I never understood why Fozzy was put back there to return kickoffs.
  2. I just hope that Rivera gives more leeway to Norv in deciding the best 11 on offense.
  3. The Panthers brought Harrison in for a private visit, then they went on to pass on him at pick no. 85 and traded down at pick no.88 while he was still on the board. Therefore, we can assume they didn't have a Day 2 grade on him.
  4. gmonjimbo

    Should we go after Dez?

    That can also backfire because since he is on a one year prove it deal, he will want targets so he can get the big contract in the off-season. Cam plays his best when he can just spread the ball and not worry who gets targets.
  5. gmonjimbo

    Should we go after Dez?

    I can actually say that the Panthers are set at WR. They just need to groom the talent that they have. Getting Dez limits the opportunities for Moore and Funchess.
  6. I was initially confused by this pick as Ronnie Harrison was still on the board. However, I have watched Gaulden's games against Florida, Georgia, and Alabama and came back impressed with his toughness and high Football IQ. He is always in position to read or react to a play and communicates with his teammates. Also, seeks contact and does not back down to the opposition. The one negative about him is that his hips are tight. I think Mel Kiper and Steve Smith on radio mentioned this as well. When he has to change direction laterally its not fluid like Donte Jackson. That's why the Panthers are right in seeing Gaulden as a Safety because with everything in front of him and his intelligence, he can make up for his lack of lateral quickness. I think he has the ability to be an above average starter. On a side note about Ronnie Harrison. The Panthers must not have been impressed by him since they brought him in for one of their 30 visits and they passed on him twice at 85 and traded down at 88.
  7. They most likely passed on Guice because of reports about him lying in his predraft interviews and his lack of accountability- showing up late to meetings and such.
  8. The only change for me would be Ronnie Harrison instead of Gaulden, but I admit I haven't seen enough games of Gaulden to form a concrete opinion. For those that liked Isaiah Oliver, look at his and Worley's measurements and pro day results (similar height, weight, arm length, speed, vertical, etc.) I'm not saying Oliver is bad, but he can't cover Nelson Agholor, Ted Ginn, Kamara, or Robby Anderson.
  9. gmonjimbo

    Is Munnerlyn gone?

    Yes, he should be gone. Because I believe it was Josh Norman that mentioned when he was coming up, Captain did not mentor him at all. Maybe he has changed, but how will he deal with Donte Jackson and Corn Elder trying to take his spot?
  10. Not much they could do about that unless they packaged their two thirds or a combination of a 2nd and 3rd. There was a big run of RBs and G/C from the early to mid 2nd round. When Rashad Penny and Sony Michel were selected in the 1st round, our chances of finding an impact RB in 2nd or 3rd became slim.
  11. I'm not going to get caught up in the word "starter". I see 4 players that can contribute (20+ snaps a game) right away. D.J. Moore, Donte Jackson, Ian Thomas, and Gaulden. D.J. Moore - can play all 3 WR positions Donte Jackson- teams typically play with 3 WRs , Jackson will be matched up on one of them Ian Thomas- Ed Dickson is gone and he is only competing with Chris Manhertz for No.2 TE Gaulden- Searcy and Demetrius Cox are his competition, will have ample opportunity to show that he is better. This isn't the same situation with Vernon Butler or Shaq Thompson where we knew they were not going to beat out an All-pro (KK, Thomas Davis) caliber player for snaps, unless for injury.
  12. gmonjimbo

    Day 3 general draft chatter

    I think the Panthers got 4 guys that can contribute early on.
  13. gmonjimbo

    Stock Rising vs Stock Falling

    I agree, but Munnerlyn could stay because I heard it might cost us more to cut him than to keep him. However, if he becomes disgruntled like last year, they should let him go. He has to earn his spot, can't rely on vet days and still expect to carve out a role.
  14. gmonjimbo

    Stock Rising vs Stock Falling

    I would add Captain Munnerlyn to the stock falling group. Ross Crockrell and Deonte Jackson can both play the slot. Also, Corn Elder will be looking for playing time as well.
  15. I think the real problem was Gettleman shopping hungry when he drafted three straight CBs. Also, we failed to draft CBs that had different skill sets. Bradberry and Worley had the same skill set, 6"0 4.5-4.6 long arm CB. They both struggled against receivers that could play in the slot or guys with builds like Robby Anderson (6 receptions, 146 yards, 2 Tds against us). This was a similar issue that we had at the receiving end when we paired KB and Funchess and struggled to stretch the field. Donte Jackson gives the Panthers a better chance to defend quick release WRs or a back that can catch like Freeman or Kamara than say a Isaiah Oliver could. Finally, I'm going with the team's viewpoint on Rashaan Gaulden at Safety. I assume the reason why they went with Gaulden over Ronnie Harrison is coverage. In the NFC South specifically, we need that position flexibility that Gaulden offers to matchup to the unique talents at TE, WR, or RB.