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  1. Part of it has to do with the oppositon. Falcons, Saints, and Vikings have top 10 pass defenses. Jets and Dolphins were middle of the pack. I'm hoping Olsen can be more of a factor during this stretch of the season. Finally, Shepard, Clay, and Manhertz are not reliable targets and are only playing because of trades and injuries that happened throughout the season. I don't expect much from the offense besides taking care of the ball and scoring in the red zone.
  2. Yes he did. That's why if someone in the front end misses a tackle, we have a player that can stop the bleeding. So instead of a 40 yard run, its a 10 yard gain.
  3. Right now I'm leaning towards signing a receiver like Paul Richardson or Taylor Gabriel in FA, but I do like Paris Campbell and Christian Kirk. Also, I agree that TE is a need. I don't trust Manhertz and Greg won't play forever. I have only heard about 3 TEs this year: Mark Andrews, Troy Fumagalli, and Division II player. I think we have to find future replacements for Greg, Stew, and Ryan Kalil.
  4. I'm fine with the pick but I hope that Ronnie Harrison slides to us. I think Safety is the team's biggest need. Kurt Coleman and Mike Adams can't tackle in the open field, led to big runs by Kamara, Ingram, Thielen over the past two weeks.
  5. Something Understated

    Yes he should be the #2 over Shepard.
  6. Been listed as limited with rt shoulder the whole season. What's new actually is that they are not reporting the thumb injury anymore.
  7. I don't want to pile on but that is a major problem that I have with Panthers game planning. They don't really focus on what the opposition likes to do. The Saints moved Cameron Jordan to the right side because they know that Matt Kalil is struggling and they bracketed Funchess because he has been playing well since KB was traded.
  8. Who do we root for thursday night?

    I see the Packers as a middle-class version of the Saints. Rodgers is slightly better than Brees, however the Saints offense and defense as a whole is better than the Packers. I say with the offenses that we have faced already in the Falcons, Patriots, Eagles, and Saints I don't expect the Packers to catch us off guard but it will be a spirited game for them since Rodgers will return. Panthers are a better team than the Packers but I can't say that when comparing them to Vikings and Falcons.
  9. Who do we root for thursday night?

    I still have hope for the Vikings game. I felt that the Panthers needed to win 1 of these 3 games to make the playoffs: at Saints, home Vikings, at Falcons. IMO, they have 2 more shots.
  10. Who do we root for thursday night?

    Yeah I agree. The Panthers have had 2 opportunities to make their case for being contenders, home against the Eagles for #1 seed in NFC and on the road against the Saints for outright divison lead. They lost both and its the way they lost; self-inflected penalties and turnovers. I'm leaning towards the Saints winning because this team has shown so far they can't rise to the occasion.
  11. Cam holds the ball around the same time as Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers. Mobile Qbs tend to hold the ball longer, it can lead to big plays or losses. However, Cam's tendency to hold the ball isn't one of my concerns about the offense. The biggest frustration about the offense is their inability to run the ball consistently even though this is Ron Rivera's biggest emphasis for what he wants out of the offense. Panthers are put in so many 2nd or 3rd & long situations because of Rbs getting hit in the backfield or rush for 1 yard.
  12. Byrd

    He had his one catch for 12 yards and almost had a 30 yard TD but Saints corner tipped the ball at the last second. He's not a gamebreaker but I rather see some of Shepard's snaps to go to him.
  13. Defense needs as much blame

    I think Samuel will be a good player for us. If you looked at his metrics, he was averaging about 4 yards of separation and flashed the limited times he was on the field. He is only 21 and I expect him to get better and hopefully the injuries that plagued him this year will be behind him. People might try to write him off like they did Funchess. When it comes to Byrd and Clay they are fast but it has to do with the way you run routes to maximize that speed. They have to use that speed to set defenders up, how fast they are in and out of their cuts, how much depth they get into a certain route. I don't think they have grasped that aspect of the game. The Panthers need to get another WR. I'm fine with Funchess and Samuel as #1 and #2 WR but Shepard and Clay have shown they are special teamers and should not see more than 5-10 offensive snaps a game.
  14. The Panthers can beat the Vikings, but they will need help from the defense to get takeaways and give the offense a short field. Also for special teams to flip the field and pin the Vikings offense deep into their territory. Team has to play with the same fire and determination that the Seahawks did yesterday against the Eagles.
  15. Defense needs as much blame

    The Panthers aren't getting much of a return in their investments they made on defense. I look at the Vikings defense that is littered with 1st and 2nd round draft picks holding the Falcons to 9 points on the road. While the Saints run for 140 against a front 7 with 5 first round draft picks (Star, Luke, Thomas, Shaq, and Vernon Butler). Team needs to upgrade their edge rush because Wes Horton and Charles Johnson aren't good enough. Peppers won't play forever. The secondary is horrendous. Kurt Coleman has regressed, Captain is a non-factor, Worley and Seymour should really be 3rd and 4th in the depth charts. Bradberry is solid but he has no ball skills. Mike Adams at 37 has been the best player on the secondary. We play way too much zone. Giving Drew Brees and Sean Payton the same looks will get you beat. How many times did I see Drew Brees throw in the spaces between the LBs and Secondary? He knows where exactly the holes are in coverage yet they don't switch it up.
  16. The issue with this team isn't talent, I don't trust the coaches to develop a sound gameplan and get the best from their players.
  17. Neutral Zone Infraction

    The refs missed the call but I think our linemen did a poor job of selling it. The Saints offensive lineman got out of his stance and grabbed the defender that jumped off sides. Our lineman just pointed at the Saints defender and expected the officials to do their job.
  18. I see scrubs from the Seahawks and the Jets make contested catches for their QBs, while Russell Shepard bobbles a ball 6 times in the end zone. When can the Panthers have a potent running game that doesn't rely on the threat of Cam's legs. Cam's ability to run should be the icing not the foundation. It is unheard of here for Two RBs to combine for 150 yards and 2 tds in the first half like the Saints did today. On a side note this defense is grossly overrated. They invest a lot of resources in this unit but they never show up in key moments. It has to be at least 4-5 games where they have given up points on the opposing teams opening drive. No takeaway ability in the secondary and play way too much zone.
  19. General Gameday thread...

    Bills playing that soft zone that Sean ran here. Will just pick them apart.
  20. Welp....

    Can't telegraph a run any better by adding two TEs and an extra OL in Moton. They should just let Armah take all of Manhertz snaps. Him and Dickson can't block.
  21. Exposed

    Offense can't generate any chunk plays. Everything is slow and methodical and if something breaks down its over. Offense lost all of its luster once Curtis Samuel did not secure the pitch from Cam. Also, offensive line can't compete with any top defensive front. No vertical speed from the outside so teams can play close to the box.
  22. KB can't allow the DB to get inside. Him and Funchess have a habit of doing that. Team must be leading the league in Tos.
  23. Offense and Defensive line getting worked.
  24. They also have to fire John Matsko and bring someone else in. Offensive line has been dominated for 3 straight
  25. Have to give this offense a chance by not putting them behind the sticks on first down. The run game is leading to 2nd and 11, switch it up.