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  1. Gettleman's biggest weakness IMO

    The Panthers draft based on the Panthers' draft board. Not everybody will agree with the ratings.
  2. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    When did we bring him in for a visit? I don't remember it.
  3. C-

    It's only somebody's opinion, but it's more than enough to put some on suicide watch. Prospect rankings and draft round projections are also only opinions, usually from obscure sports writers who probably only saw 1 or 2 plays of game tape if any. Some consider them to be a whole lot more than that and respond in ridiculous ways when our GM's picks don't align exactly with them.
  4. C-

    2015 4) CAROLINA PANTHERS: It takes three years to fully evaluate a draft class, but this Panthers haul certainly missed the mark when it came to filling the team's biggest needs. GRADE: C- 2014 CAROLINA PANTHERS: Since winning the division last season with a patchwork roster, the Panthershave lost two franchise players (WR Steve Smith and OT Jordan Gross) and a host of key contributors. Although Gettleman has plugged a few holes in free agency, the team needed to find a few blue-chippers at marquee positions to remain among the NFC's elite. GRADE: C+ 2013 CAROLINA PANTHERS: Ron Rivera needs to rectify the Panthers' leaky defense to help the team make a run at the postseason. The defensive-minded head coach took steps to remedy the problem by adding two defensive tackles in the early rounds. GRADE: C+
  5. Any player with at least four accrued seasons is considered a "vested veteran" and is not subjected to the waiver process. Vested veterans become a free agent immediately upon their release and can sign with any team of their choosing.
  6. And Ray Rice will back up Stewart.
  7. Josh Norman to Redskins or 49ers by Friday

    "$11.6 million in cap space" isn't even relevant. They could easily offer a big signing bonus with a low first year salary and fit it in. For example (and NO I don't think he gets this much), they could give a $ 50 million signing bonus on a 5 year deal with a $1 million first year salary and be less than that$11.6 million in cap hit. They'd obviously need to clear some space for draft picks but have some time for that.
  8. RYAN WILLIAMSVP/Client Marketing B.A., UCLA As Vice President of Marketing, Ryan’s primary responsibility is to establish player marketing strategies and then proactively find, negotiate, and secure endorsement opportunities. An NFL Certified Contract Advisor, Ryan is also a contributor to the recruiting efforts of Athletes First
  9. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    No they couldn't. That another of the side effects of him not signing the tendered franchise deal. It was the non-exclusive tag as well so he could have talked to other teams. Either he didn't want to expecting a long term deal here or nobody was interested in starting talks at his asking price.
  10. The "I personally, would want them to reach a second contract with their original team, because that shows that their original team wanted them around" part.
  11. Quite a few HOF RBs don't meet your criteria. Just sayin".
  12. Heathered Gray Draft Hats - Hot or Not?

    Scrap the damn hat and post pics of Heather!
  13. Josh Norman is NOT going to do Offseason Workouts

    That's not true that his only option is to sign that 1 year contract or not play. He obviously wants more than 1 more year and likely more than the current offer.Once he signs the tag tender, the team has no immediate need to work on any differentterms (compensation or duration). He gives up any leverage to get anything more. On top of that, the only injury protection in most NFL contracts is for the CURRENT YEAR'S SALARY. That means if he doesn't sign but goes to OTAs and gets hurt, he gets nothing. If he signs, he'll get the 14 million or so but if you think a 25-30 million signing bonus is possible for a multiyear deal, you might not be to quick to want to gamble on the injury bug not landing on you during OTAs.