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    Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this for the entire two weeks.  I am so hyped now!
  2. Carolina has placed less emphasis than most clubs on its tackles, instead dedicating its assets on the interior of the offensive line. Consider that at nearly $10.4 million, Kalil counted more against Carolina's salary cap this season than the rest of the Panthers' starting offensive line put together. Meanwhile, Gettleman has selected three guards -- one in each of his drafts -- while using no picks on offensive tackles. Sup?
  3. Madden Predicts Super Bowl 50

    It's a video game and the words The Carolina Panthers have won the Super Bowl still gave me chills.  Is this real life right now?
  4. I really enjoyed reading about how we got to where we are.  Barnwell does ask an interesting question that I'd never considered before: If Hurney's star draft picks were given time to flourish, would he have been fired?  I think at the time he had to be.  He was giving out huge contracts like candy and it wasn't sustainable over the long haul.  That fact that we're just now finally out of the woods with the contracts says a lot.  But he does have Cam, Luke, Josh, CJ, TD, Kalil, and trading for Olsen to his credit.  I'm so glad that we've been able to turn the ship around and become a Super Bowl team!
  5. Kurt Coleman: "We don't notice pressure"

    I wanted to give my respect to Coleman but he took that too #thievesave
  6. Josh Norman is on the attack...

    I give JNo24 his credit, he said he was going after the fools and put them on blast.  He never fails to deliver!  I hope he continues to destroy the doubters.
  7. Before anyone asks why we're meeting with a defensive tackle when we have Star and KK, everyone say it with me now: Best Player Available 
  8. Emulating the Panthers

    Carolina in it's successful years has followed the wisdom we've all heard: run the ball and play good defense.  The league tends to follow trends of successful teams.  I wanted to take a closer look to see how well our formula works for being a consistent playoff team.  Today I'm looking at passing percentage for offense and opponents third down conversion percentage for playoff teams of the last five years. Number of teams in the top half of passing percentage that made the playoffs (ie 1-16 in the league in passing percentage) 2015: 3, New England, Pittsburgh, Denver 2014: 4, Indianapolis, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Arizona 2013: 4, New Orleans, Indianapolis, Denver, New England 2012: 3, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Green Bay 2011: 5, Detroit, Green Bay, NY Giants, New England, Atlanta The middle percentage of passing in the league for those five years was about 59% of the time.  It seems here that if you want to be a playoff team, you should be committed to running the ball as 2/3 of playoff spots go to teams who run.  Also a lot of the bad teams have very high passing stats because they are behind by a lot and need to catch up. Number of teams that made the playoffs in the top half of opponents third down percentage 2015: 12, All 12 playoff teams 2014: 8, New England, Denver, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Cincinnati, Seattle, Arizona, Detroit 2013: 7, Seattle, Carolina, San Francisco, New Orleans, Denver, Cincinnati, Kansas City 2012: 6, San Francisco, Denver, Houston, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Cincinnati 2011: 8, San Francisco, New Orleans, NY Giants, Detroit, Baltimore, Houston, Denver, Cincinnati The middle percentage of opponents third down conversion rate is around 38%.  If you can not get your defense off the field then that means you're tiring out your pass rush.  That will make your defense less effective late in games that are close.  Carolina has been pretty good at making teams pay when they can not score points.  
  9. For the fallen

    Peanut, Big Play Bene, and KB, we haven't forgotten about you.  Your contributions are a big reason why Carolina has gotten to the Super Bowl.  We wish that you could play for us in two weeks as much as you guys do.  For those guys and the others who can't play due to injury, rest up, heal up, and come back hungry as ever to get back to the big game next year.  Thank you for giving us so much joy this year.
  10. fug Peyton, fug his happy ending, fug a fairy tale, fug retirement, fug his noodle arm, fug their defense, fug the nfl, fug the refs, fug his epic comeback starts right now. This is our time, this is our Superbowl.  The Lombardi is coming back to Charlotte.  That. Is. All.
  11. Listening to the Dan Le Batard show, Dan brought up the stat that Cam Newton, in the last two seasons, has 34 red zone touchdowns and 0 turnovers.  That is how you get to the playoffs and now to the Superbowl friends.
  12. Official AFC Championship Game Thread

    I'm rooting for an asteroid but that's just me.
  13. Biggest dude two rows in front of me, got it.  If you drink I'll buy you a beer man.