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  1. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    I think that it speaks very highly of the culture that we have with this team that we had all 90 players show up to voluntary camp. I'm so glad Benji is close to ready to go. He's going to be amazing this year!
  2. Rival team or not, if he's managed to clean his life up and focus on improving then I'm happy for the man. Get that money my man! Just so I don't say too many good things about the Cards, *ahem* 49-15
  3. He probably could have saved the stamp sending the information to Carolina.
  4. Norman "Panthers aren't family enough"

    Sign the tag then.
  5. Voth predicts Hunter Henry

    Kelvin Benjamin 6'5" Devin Funchess 6'5" Greg Olsen 6'5" Hunter Henry 6'6" "Big men allow you to compete." Is there a secondary in the league that is built to stop this much height and athleticism across the entire field? In the redzone it's going to look like the old Oprah meme, "You get a touchdown, you get a touchdown, everybody gets a touchdown!"

    I would like to trade back to the end of the first and select fudge from Nona's in Charlotte. I feel like I just got the face of my franchise for years to come With my extra picks that I picked up I'd like to move up in the second round and take the under rated funnel cake. First round taste but the fact that it makes a mess probably turned a bunch of teams off on it.
  7. Malice in Your Heart: New England vs Denver

    It's not hard to compare for me personally. The loss to the Broncos is still fresh. It really feels like we were the better team going in and everything that could go wrong did go wrong. It stings a bit less since I feel like we'll be back soon. fug Brady, fug Belichick, fug Vinatieri, fug kickers, fug out of bounds rule, fug a two minute drill, fug prevent D. Twelve years and I'm still on some fug the Patriots poo.
  8. The Inevitable "Trade-up" Thread

    I agree that there isn't much difference in value between 30-40 picks wise, but having the fifth year option for a first rounder is probably too valuable to give up.
  9. Panthers ink Boykin

    This my friends is how you ACTUALLY win the offseason.
  10. Kyle Love talks continue

    Star, Love, and Soilai eat up blockers right? Don't we want another KK type DT? Do you take all three to camp with the intentions of keeping Star and either Love or Soilai? I'm asking because I don't know.
  11. Executive of the Year Coach of the Year Most Valuable Player I am very happy for the honors for our squad but it just makes it sting that much more that we don't have a Lombardi to go with it. I never played a down of pro ball and I want a championship. I can't even imagine how hungry our boys must be for one.
  12. Attendance

    I'm going to the game tonight. I'm pretty excited to see my team for the first time in awhile. Having seen the Hurricanes on tv be terribad for so long, I am glad that the Hurricanes are starting to improve. As usual if we were somehow to get on a little run and back into the playoffs at least they'd have something to market for next year. I don't know how you market defense, but with our U25 core they are going to be vicious soon and we keep them together, we could have a really nice decade on the back end. I'll cheer enough for everyone!

    Not gonna lie, I've been waiting for this for the entire two weeks. I am so hyped now!
  14. Carolina has placed less emphasis than most clubs on its tackles, instead dedicating its assets on the interior of the offensive line. Consider that at nearly $10.4 million, Kalil counted more against Carolina's salary cap this season than the rest of the Panthers' starting offensive line put together. Meanwhile, Gettleman has selected three guards -- one in each of his drafts -- while using no picks on offensive tackles. Sup?