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  1. Shadow

    Game Ball to Obada

    Finally something that we all can agree on!
  2. I wonder how Cam's accuracy is looking with the new offense? If he gets even close the the Superbowl year man we should be bring the Lombardi to the Queen City! We got blazers at WR, an all world TE, and who is going to catch CMC? Oh and you got CJ Anderson beatin yo ass all game long between the tackles. When is week 1 again?
  3. Shadow

    Life is about to get alittle more awesome

    Nice work man! I'm happy for you!
  4. Shadow

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

    If Push was gonna kill a man, he should at least have the decency to hide the body. That was on the level of Hit 'em Up type savage. All this waiting is not a good look for Aubrey.
  5. Shadow

    Lottery pick

    This lineup plus the depth in Charlotte has me really excited for our squad for the next couple of years. I wish they would just buy out Darling now and trade some depth like Grubauer maybe if he shakes loose from Washington or Bean and a + for a lesser starter. This team was playoff worthy last year until goaltending poo the bed. Adding Svechnikov, Necas, and better netminding has us in the playoff for years.
  6. What do you feel are the expectations of the ceilings of some of our newer guys like Funchess, Butler, and Bradberry?
  7. I'm rooting for an asteroid but that's just me.
  8. That's fantastic man. When you publish it make sure we can get it through amazon. [Mick Foley cheap pop] Use the amazon link at the top of the page to give support to your very own Carolina Huddle! [/Mick Foley cheap pop]
  9. I love saying this but that drive they just ran the motherfuger down Seattle's throat and made them take the L on that drive. Keep Pounding boys!
  10. Wait, the refs gave us a call? What is this world we're living in?
  11. Funchess, man, you wanna play in this league for a long time, those are the passes you're going to need to catch.