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  1. Please don’t waste my time with shitty arguments like our “spectacular” draft history. And yes, there’s ways to fit in ET’s contract moving forward.
  2. Sweet, so how many SuperBowl’s does that equal (as a coach)?
  3. *FreeFua*

    Preseason Games

    I’d like them to show a little because they’ll need to work on somethings in game situations under a new OC. Opening up against Dallas doesn’t give us the luxury of sleep walking through the first game like we do almost every year. We were lucky in 15 (Jax) and 17 (SF) to draw the opponents we did or those games could’ve very easily been different outcomes
  4. Would give them a 2nd in a heartbeat
  5. Instead we got... Yay?
  6. Rivera isn’t any better on the eyes than Rob Ryan is
  7. You could eliminate a lot of the “bad stuff” if you’d just allow Cam to be Cam. Give him the freedom to make changes/audibles and most importantly utilize the no huddle offense more than once a month. If OC’s would move their ego’s aside and forget about putting their own stamp on each game this team would be 100x better.
  8. *FreeFua*

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    So you immediately go and quote one of my other posts...
  9. *FreeFua*

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    Ah yes I was the one who brought Rivera AND Tepper into this
  10. *FreeFua*

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    No f’n poo. However, it’s another “hey Cam, can you please not do this” comment that I’m sure by now he’s completely fed up with
  11. *FreeFua*

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    For arguments sake let’s say that WAS indeed the case. Do you think Cam would go out of his way to make the post he just made referencing “sensitive ears”? At the end of the day the Panthers (especially Rivera if he wants to be a HC) NEED Cam, Cam doesn’t need the Panthers AT ALL. I really hope the morons in charge are smarter than to come at Cam for something as petty as a cuss here and there.
  12. *FreeFua*

    Watch what you say....some sensitive ears

    Says the person who immediately brought up the fact Rivera once sat him for something as small as not wearing a tie...