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  1. Who has the best Panthers Man Cave?

    Yeah real nice people, I remember meeting them in Jax
  2. Yeah because it's open up with a run play or you must be playing madden
  3. Sterling Moore and Marshon Lattimore

    Strief and Armstead too I assume @saints4lifeagain? edit: nvm I see above
  4. Once again another blind rant from P55 who has little clue what he's watching
  5. It's Friday and I already know we'll be opening up Sundays game with a handoff to Stewart
  6. Well for starters Shula as shown above with percentages is predictable as f*ck then add in the fact our run blocking blows and you get one pissed off Stewart. It's a combination of the two.
  7. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

  8. You could see Stewart getting frustrated last Sunday, literally no where for him to run. Stewart has to EARN every single yard he gets
  9. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Don't give me a reason
  10. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    "Since preseason" So 3 weeks ago? Lol
  11. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    That's what you tell yourself to justify our tackle situation??? Bahahahaha I also wouldn't be calling anyone a "loser" if I were you...
  12. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    Maybe if he spent less time making movies and more time training this wouldn't be an issue
  13. Ryan Kalil out Sunday

    All pro? I would take just below average at this point but they can't even find that
  14. Panthers vs Aints Predictions

    If only you knew just how bad the Panthers record is when I pick them to win I picked Niners and Bills, gotta keep it going