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  1. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Oher Struggling Early in Camp   

    Considering Oher doesn't have a solid résumé to fall back on this should be a little concerning. Many of us were aware of Oher's past performances and weren't thrilled with this signing, I was just hoping now that he was healthy he could at least be serviceable.
    Like TheRed said, the fact that Chandler is the backup is even more concerning. 
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  2. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Training Camp Day 3 Tweets (Sunday August 2)   

    @BlackBlueReview: Michael Oher strrruuugggllliiinnnggg today
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  3. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Wagner gets $43M over 4 years, $56M over 5 for Luke?   

    Luke wants to get paid, period
    This is his first big contract, you don't take anything less than what you think you're worth. This is football, lots can happen between now and your second contract
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  4. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic The California Angels   

    Might be one of the worst 2 month meltdowns coming up here for these idiots. 
    I was begging for Cespedes but instead got a bunch of hacks in David Murphy, Shane Victorino and David DeJesus, now to be fair DeJesus' wife is a 12 but that doesn't do anything for me right now. F'n Stoneman asleep behind the wheel once again. No way we get another productive season like this from Albert, and Trout is having another monster year, just pissing both away and putting your faith into a platoon with a combined age of 77. 
    Good job Halos! You f'd yourselves once again!
    rant over
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  5. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    lol at the people hating on Chuck just because
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  6. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Casually watching some CFL...   

    Pretty sure Toney Clemons is on the Winnipeg practice roster as well
    David Gettis was signed here in Winnipeg and cut pretty quickly
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  7. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Huddle Workout Warriors   

    I need to start saving up for that extra large coffin I'm going to need
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  8. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Overweight or Underweight?   

    Pretty much, I flucuate within a 10 pound range each week. I typically weigh in around 200 on Fridays and after my cheat day Sunday I'll roughly be 210 every Monday morning but back to 200 Wednesday. That's mainly all the sodium retaining water but for me gaining/losing can be done pretty quickly.
    To freak out over Benjamin being 8 pounds overweight is retarded. I'm guessing one week at camp in the heat and he'll be more than fine.
    I see Jase said he'd rather see the guy have to gain but I'd rather see these guys come in slightly overweight. Gaining weight could be difficult while doing the amount of cardio these guys do throughout each day at camp especially in the heat. Much easier for one of these guys to come in overweight (within reason) and burn that off halfway through camp.
    *Can't properly quote to save my life on my phone 
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  9. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Kelvin Benjamin is Fat...   

    I have the same pair but in beige...
    Come at me!
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  10. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Hornets select Frank Kaminsky   

    Not even trying to troll I legit feel bad for you die hards
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  11. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic NBA Champion Golden State Warriors   

    Well deserved!!!!
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  12. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    lol at "stink nugget" being a personal attack! Grow up and get the f*ck outta me and montsta's championship thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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  13. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    Lebum better not win MVP
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  14. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

    I hope Steph throws the ball at Delly to end this one
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  15. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic NBA Finals Thread   

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