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  1. You realize our opponents were determined the day the season ended right?
  2. Regular Season Schedule

    Week 1 in Washington would be sick. Nationals are home to the Cubs that wknd as well! I can finally see my boy Bryce Harper @RoaringRiot
  3. Try to remember that 95% of the members on this board don’t have an athletic bone in their body. But apparently it doesn’t stop them all from being sports experts!
  4. Ranking my favorite soccer players 1. Alex Morgan 2. Anouk Hoogendijk 3. Hope Solo 4. @RoaringRiot what a stud For more rankings and mock drafts you can visit my website at: www.*freefua*thoughts.gov.www\*freefua*thoughts
  5. @LinvilleGorge Round 1: Trade up to 6. Colts want to trade down. Carolina selects Calvin Ridley. Panthers trade all picks to move to 6! The end.
  6. If Torrey can prove he can consistently win deep then we may have something but I’m not holding my breath. Last year wasn’t a good look for him, especially in a very good offense. He’s a one trick pony that doesn’t have Ginn’s speed I would say your behaviour is the exact opposite of that. Many people don’t give a sh!t about pie. And if you’re going to try and tell someone that they don’t come off as being very sharp you should probably learn that it’s “couldn’t” care less and not “could”... dumbass
  7. Says the dude who begs for pie and is constantly worrying about being liked on a internet message board. Newsflash, you come across as a loser.
  8. From last night, that’s our “deep threat” ha!
  9. Ginn could always win deep. Torrey is tweeting about how he can’t even form a sentence after one sprint these days. But yeah, same thing. Keep doing you
  10. You people will literally use anything to justify the suck of that group. Lol at “not well informed”. Yeah Torrey Smith, what a mystery!
  11. Could’ve been doing something a lot more productive than filing the paperwork to claim this bum
  12. Our WR’s SUCK but this thread actually needed to be made because so many here can’t see that
  13. Regular Season Schedule

    Why? Anyway give me week 3 in Cleveland and a good date for Tampa
  14. Ownership Info from Darin Gantt

    I’m sure the NFL will be sooo choked to lose a superior fan like yourself...