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  1. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    Nope. We go as Cam goes
  2. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    You can’t be serious. Shall I go dig up the countless times he won deep in college or am I not allowed to use those too?
  3. Torrey Smith probably roasted Colin Jones in practice and said “this clearly isn’t going to work”
  4. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    Yes because it’s annoying and it’s not rocket science. Each and every year the easiest moves are always the ones not made by this organization (hello Andrew Whitworth) and then it’s the same song and dance every season, Cam versus the world. Building a team around a guy like Cam should be easy but the Panthers make it out to be impossible. We should have won super bowls (yes, plural) by now but instead we’re still here talking about our lack of wr’s and safeties. You’re becoming one of the fans that you’re often telling to “stop accepting mediocre”.
  5. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    Pretty weak response. Next time just stay in your lane. I don’t waste your time while you do your “thing”, I suggest you do the same in return.
  6. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    The one in which if we had drafted Ridley he’d make Torrey look even slower than he already is and Ron would have no choice but to go with him. Moore clearly isn’t showing the ability to take reps away from Wright. The few 1 on 1’s in TC that were tweeted out and more importantly the goaline target that went to Moore (Patriots game) didn’t do him a ton of favors either. Also try to remember it’s mainly Wright that Moore is competing with because he’s not effective on the outside. I assume it’ll be up to Samuel to take reps away from Torrey when he is back. Ridley is one of the best route runners out there whereas Moore struggles beyond a few routes in the category (pending where he is lined up). Given the fact our window and time with Cam is closing, the better pick for the immediate future (the thing we should be focused on) was Ridley.
  7. *FreeFua*

    Lack of Deep Threats

    I’d really like to see Moore lined up in the slot running some deep corner routes. The ones Devin was given on Sunday. Moore could turn those upfield
  8. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    Uh... what does fantasy football have to do with any of this? Even if I played fantasy football I assume you’re implying I would be mad because I took DJ Moore? Why would I have taken Moore when I essentially predicted this? Do you not understand what having a deep threat can do for the entire offense as a whole? Ridley just roasted the Saints for 3 touchdowns. Ridley has 4 touchdowns on the year so far. That matches our entire WR total. At the end of the day Moore is a slot WR and we already have Jarius Wright who is good enough. What we don’t have is an outside WR that has the ability to win deep, that’s Ridley. I really can’t make this anymore clear.
  9. *FreeFua*

    Ron says we good at safety

    This clown has been riding Cam’s coattails for far too long
  10. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    I don’t come here looking for validation. You can read my post above to t96, Ridley was the piece this offense needed. Don’t get me wrong, Moore has shown flashes (Buffalo game especially) but again, we have Wright. We’re missing that legit deep threat that would’ve opened up a lot of the underneath stuff for guys like Caff. This isn’t about some mancrush this is about what’s good for this team and most importantly Cam. Of all people, it amazes me you fail to understand that part.
  11. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    Ridley was that deep threat this offense is missing. We already had Jarius Wright for the slot so drafting Moore caused a bit of a log jam. We’d gain a lot more with Ridley in place of Torrey. I’m not even sure there’s much of a drop off with Wright in there over Moore. Wright is a good 3rd down guy to have. He’s a slightly better Cotchery who Cam loved to target when he needed a 1st. It’s to hard to justify Moore getting Wright’s snaps whereas it wouldn’t be difficult at all to justify giving Ridley, Torrey’s snaps
  12. *FreeFua*

    I see you DJ

    Already been posted and you don’t draft a WR in the 1st round for their blocking ability... Well you shouldn’t but we’re the Panthers for a reason
  13. Pretty ridiculous to make these guys show up for something like this on their one week off.