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  1. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic The Maturation of Ron   

    Ron's strength as a coach would be that he's able to get the most out of his players. From what we can tell the players will fight for Ron on the field and that speaks volumes. I'm sure most here have played for an idiot coach that just likes to yell and scream for the sake of it and you'd tune him out immediately. Ron seems to understand the communication part with the players very well and that's huge,
    However, (to add on to your post) Game managing and planning don't seem to be a strength for Ron. He's 0-5 after a bye week (including playoffs) and that says a lot as well IMO. We've all witness many times in-game decisions back fire on Ron. Ron and his staff can make a HUGE statement by going into Seattle and coming out with a W. I believe we have the talent on this team to compete with anyone, it's up to the coaching staff to put it all together now.

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  2. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    Can't believe people still call it "luck". Wilson like Cam has the ability to make guys miss and has always thrown a nice deep ball. It's frustrating yes but lucky no
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  3. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    Just like Bene had good coverage in the playoffs last year but Wilson/Kearse made the better play. That's what's so frustrating about Seattle, whether it's Wilson dodging tacklers in the backfield or Lynch running people over they just flat out make plays

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  4. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    That's what makes Seattle so good, Carolina typically contains them quite well but it's the 3-4 big plays that Seattle's playmakers make that are always the difference makers. 
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  5. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    F*ck Nelson Cruz
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  6. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic MNF Game Thread: Lions (0-3) @ Seahawks (1-2)   

    This ones going to get ugly quickly...
    Would love to see Seattle lose tonight and again next week in Cincy but both seem pretty unlikely. They might be 1-2 but St.Louis always plays them tough and winning in GB against Rodgers is never easy. Graham got more involved last week I expect to see a heavy dose of JG again tonight
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  7. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Boldin would cost next to nothing an is a FA after this season...
    They must've had you on suicide watch after we traded for Jared Allen

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  8. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Yeah it's not like the guy hasn't had 7 seasons of 1000+ rec yards or anything... Boldin ran a 4.7 at the combine, he's never been a burner but he knows how to get open. Greg Olsen is another guy who is slow but knows how to get open, seems to be working fine for him. 
    Boldin had a step on Shields yesterday but Kaep horribly under threw what could've been a 70 yarder. The guy is still capable of going deep. Boldin is that tough type WR this team needs and is missing due to KB being hurt. Boldin has strong hands and would be a huge asset to Cam in the redzone. I really don't know how anyone can watch our current group of WR's and turn down the idea of trading for someone like Boldin. 
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  9. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Unpopular question, perhaps a stupid thought, but...   

    I guess since Cam is playing well you've had to really dig deep and go to extreme levels of stupid to reach your thread quota for the season
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  10. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Should the Panthers make any moves over the bye week?   

    Ask Baalke about Quan
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  11. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    Unless Luke comes back IMO their toughest game is Minnesota
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  12. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic The Negativity of Our Fans   

    Yeah I'm sure the Panthers are about to cancel practice for the next two weeks because they're 4-0...
    It's much easier discussing things like areas this team can get even better in after a win than a loss, you feel as if despite this or that you still won and that's a sign of things as well. Just because people want to talk about special teams or whatever doesn't neccessarily mean they're being negative.
    As for the whole "we haven't beaten anyone" well when the schedule came out I think everyone saw the first 4 games and knew they were winnable. However, actually going out and winning those games is huge and regardless of how it was done the Panthers took care of business. Guys who have been fans of this team long enough know these were the games we'd find way to lose. Now it's time for this team to get better during the bye and make a statement in Seattle.
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  13. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Next Four-Who do we beat?   

    I'd sign up for 2-2 in a heartbeat
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  14. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Colin Kapernick   

    Guy was looking to run all day, one read than take off. He hasn't matured as a passer one bit. I think Gettleman should put in a call and ask Baalke about Boldin, the Niners are toast may as well let Boldin give it one last run
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  15. *FreeFua* added a post in a topic Special Teams Coverage   

    Lockett and Sproles coming up... Sproles burnt us last year to no surprise.
    Gano can obviously boot it out of the endzone, I don't even know why they play around with his kicks on KO's. As for punts... Let Nortman angle it to the corner every single time, rather lose a few yards on the kick versus watching someone take another back. It's truly amazing we manage to suck in this area year after year.
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