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  1. Rivera was probably sitting at home stuffing his face with his wife’s home made chimichangas while telling her how big of an idiot Pederson was all game
  2. Choose a backup from the Vikings

    Just where we need to be spending our limited cap space... At the backup QB position, smh
  3. Kevin Dodd

    The majority of this board falls in love with any dude that comes out of Clemson, SC or UNC. People were wanting Dodd in the 1st that year. If we’re trading a third it better be for someone or to move up in the draft not for Kevin freaking Dodd
  4. Kevin Dodd

    Kevin Dodd “wasted pick”... SHOCKER
  5. If Marqise Lee is our solution to our WR group we’re f*cked
  6. File this one under “duh” Scratch off another potential saviour to our pathetic WR group. Trade for Bey Bey Thomas!!!
  7. Panthers met with Josh Allen

    Let me know when they meet with someone that can actually help us like Daesean Hamilton
  8. To expand on the links I posted above WWE is 6:1 t/e ratio Plus there are many loopholes in their testing as well
  9. Yep. I’ve mentioned this before and for anyone with a basic understanding of steroids can make use of this but juding from some of these comments not many do. Here’s an article from 2015: https://www.sciencedirect.com/topics/neuroscience/epitestosterone “The NCAA currently uses a ratio of testosterone to epitestosterone of 6:1; however, this ratio varies with certain organizations, such as the National Football League, for which a 4:1 ratio is a presumptive positive test and 10:1 ratio is a conclusively positive test (National Football League Policy on Anabolic Steroids and Related Substances, 2005).” An article from 2005 stating it used to be 6:1... https://www.cbsnews.com/news/steroids-prescribed-to-nfl-players/ At the end of the day most of these athletes are already so genetically gifted that a little test can go a long way. People have this misconception that any joe blow can take roids and look like Ronnie Coleman. That’s not how it works.
  10. Meh, good QB’s more times than not aren’t going to let a pass rush beat them. Minnesota only sacked Brees twice and we got to him once in our playoff matchup. Jax got to Brady 3 times but when it mattered the most Brady was able to sit back and complete a 3rd and 18 pass. Also, Big Ben hung 42 on that Jax D the week before. I’ve never liked the whole “let’s just hit the QB every play” game plan that so many here think works. These good QB’s and coaches know they need to get the ball out quickly and will. As far as Pep and Addison go as a starting 1-2 that is good enough. Rotate in Horton and see what Hall has to offer as well. Sure, maybe we can find another DE for cheap or hope to strike gold in the middle rounds but I’ll be pissed if we spend resources on a DE if it takes away from addressing the WR room and the secondary. The Pats signed Gilmore to a big deal and traded their first round pick for Brandin Cooks. Gilmore had the game saving pbu and Cooks had 100 yards receiving. Alshon and Torrey Smith combined for 3 touchdowns yesterday. Both guys were signed last offseason as well. We need playmakers, no more trenches bs
  11. Championship Sunday Games Thread

    Might as well get Bradford warm during the half since you’re down 17