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  1. #CaMVP

    TO wishes those tears were for a QB as good as our CaMVP.

    The off-season will go faster than these two weeks did.
  3. I hate the recognition

    Who is Heath Evans?   The media has never paid any attention to Panthers, so it doesn't surprise me that they know nothing about the team.
  4. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Bitter sweet for sure. sorry for your loss.
  5. I do not want this to end.....

    I have a feeling this is gonna be a very enjoyable off-season. But this ain't over...it's just starting.
  6. Broncos plan to test Thomas Davis "extensively"

    Don't even ask what Thomas Davis will do for a Klondike bar.
  7. Fallout from Norman vs Beckham

    Yup. They eject players after one, now with this  they could get another shot. OBJ should have been ejected before the spear, but definitely after it. 
  8. Cam Newton disappointed me

    You suck at english Mr. Smartypants. I have never heard anybody trash other players in the league for any type of charity, until you on Cam. Oh you hate Cam alright. 
  9. Everybody who is wrong will be vigorously tickled on Monday.
  10. The Ultimate Factor as to why we Win

    SCP's helmet.
  11. Is that a fart at the end? Think of the kids Cam...
  12. What is that, the Macarena?
  13. What position did you play?

    Look out.