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  1. Jangler

    Haunting of Hill House

    2 episodes in and it feels like I've seen this already. boo....every 17-23 minutes.
  2. Jangler

    Who are the worst politicians you’ve voted for?

    if ever have we seen the deep state get their man... all have been bought since 1963.
  3. Jangler

    Who are the worst politicians you’ve voted for?

    based on today"s environment? Bill Clinton second term....
  4. Jangler

    Trophy Hunting

    I got no problem with hunters, as long as they eat the meat or sell the meat to be eaten. what they do with a carcass trophy, who cares? baboon stew!!!
  5. Jangler

    Okay I admit it I hate N * * * * * *

    i'm late to this...whatever it is.
  6. Jangler

    I clearly need a hobby

    no, seriously. Bees are a great way to save our lives. Probably the best. I wish I had more room to do it.
  7. Jangler

    I clearly need a hobby

    balsa planes
  8. Jangler

    What’s going on in Saudi Arabia?

    probably indigestion.
  9. Jangler

    What Are You Listening To Right Now....

  10. Jangler

    CJ Anderson says...

    it's just (( fuging (spelled differently for the easily offended)) wow... how many take a jangler thread seriously.... @TheRed
  11. Jangler