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  1. I'm really not seeing your point.
  2. Week 13 Power Rankings...prepare for it

    Sound fundamental football. Limited mistakes, relatively healthy. Undefeated. And a true sports icon on the team. Yeah, I can see how we are not number one. But so what? This Panther team isn't asking for anything, they're taking.
  3. Lifelong Cowboy fan at my work.

    Good for him, not sure I could wear a cowboys hat, of course I wouldn't take that bet, I'd rather lose money.
  4. Every time Cam dabs, a Panther fan gets his/her wish.
  5. Next Time...

    So? Doesn't mean you have to respond. 
  6. Next Time...

    Kind of an asshole...and a lame repost of your own.
  7. And then there was juan...

    I always preferred Raoul  
  8. This is beautiful....

    if only biggest smile wins.
  9. and then there was only one.

    how do y'all celebrate this historic moment in Panthers history, bitching. lol    
  10. 49ers Alex Boone rips the NFL officials

    It's 2015-16 already, we were promised robot officials 15 years ago!! Come on man!
  11. It's officially hate week again...

    So the what's the problem? Confidence? Drew hurt? Nobody cares cuz Payton is leaving to coach the Cowboys? lol