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  1. Cleavagegate

    Helen Mirren, and the old grey muff.                       
  2. Cleavagegate

    Maybe during the Oscars we can get a nip or lip slip and Morgan can speak up again.
  3. Cleavagegate

    Critize cleavage, get cleavage pics...BRILLIANT!!!!
  4. Jangler Losing Touch: Hayden Loses Lip Sync Battle

    I've been told this joke has ran it's course and I should grow up.   
  5. 51.... 51..... 51...

    51 will be my age when I lose my virginity, 2017, maybe premier night. fingers crossed!
  6. Fyck you red. You are self righteous prick, and kiss my ass all the way to hell.    Immaturity wins!
  7. So...when is okay to not be baby? 30?40? Maybe never. Exactly what this country is becoming a bunch of whiny babies. Take care of me, excuse me, no responsibility left and I've been reading the crap for years watching it get worse and worse. No accountability for our actions.    Nice world you have created.
  8. Wow, props for not being a criminal. lol 
  9. I love how everybody is defending the franchise QB, but if it were your 15 year old son, you'd have a talk about being the bigger man and it's time to grown up, but a grown ass man acting like a 15 year old baby is okay.
  10. And you are a dick, is that immature enough for you?
  11. Just wondering when it's okay to stop pouting. 6? 16? 26?  Now dont get me wrong, I don't have problem with how Cam handled the press conference.  But...how much to you take before enough is enough of the baby attitude? Because there will become a time where the immature bullsh!t has to stop. You have to treat other people around you with some kind of maturity and respect.  I did a lot of immature bs in my life that did not help with friends , family and work. Lot of missed opportunities... TBH, hopefully this is the last time we see this.   
  12. I like to eat my crow on Kony Ealy

    Wow, that is really a specific fetish.
  13. God Damn theirs a lot of pent up Cam hate

    Going into the 3rd day after the Superbowl, and it's still all Cam.