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  1. Just started watching a new comedy on BBC Upstart Crow. Its about William Shakespeare while he was writing his bards.
  2. I lol'd

    Just wait 30 years or so and it will happen again.
  3. I lol'd

  4. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    The walking scenes will be in the director cuts.
  5. tarheelfan23's list of free agents we should bring in

    just had to check that out. That's cool, didn't recognize the name. Its weird that I was thinking Watch them cast a black guy....
  6. tarheelfan23's list of free agents we should bring in

    It's time for Timothy Olyphant to do a new Man with no name movie, not remakes but a new story. Or just play Roland in the The Dark Tower series.
  7. Post a pic, any pic.

    What would they build a sideways door?
  8. Damn, my Grandmother had curtains like that at one time.
  9. Probably Good

    Nothin surprises me anymore, other than how society seems to be getting stupider by the day. We need to get a good war going, bring back the draft and get rid of some of these dumbasses.
  10. Didn't look at the list. But I can see why OJ is not on there. Committed the murders way after his career. I feel sorry for him, had it all, and let love, even a twisted love bring him down. As far as Cam? People in their core, hate the beautiful.