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  1. Everybody who is wrong will be vigorously tickled on Monday.
  2. The Ultimate Factor as to why we Win

    SCP's helmet.
  3. Is that a fart at the end? Think of the kids Cam...
  4. What is that, the Macarena?
  5. What position did you play?

    Look out.
  6. Should the Super Bowl be Held on a Saturday?

    IDK, going to work and rubbing it in everyone's face seems kinda nice.
  7. Something I got a few weeks ago

    I keep trying but they all have green eyes.....so in the river they go.
  8. Something I got a few weeks ago

    That little orange spot on the left is Manning.
  9. Something I got a few weeks ago

    I'm saving myself.
  10. The 2015 Direct TV banner. I posted it earlier. Something I have been amazed about. 18 teams are on it, and 10 of them were playoff teams. But the closest team reaching for the ball, beating out the Raiders by a smidge...  
  11. I'll just leave this here

    Nothing can stop us now.
  12. I will use that 30 minutes to get higher. Can anybody take me there?
  13. Will certainly be a memorable Florida Panthers game

    I wouldn't be surprised if they did that on purpose.