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  1. Good Panthers lineup of WFNZ this morning....

    I think that's a box.
  2. Good Panthers lineup of WFNZ this morning....

    Is that a real thing?
  3. Field fairies are great fun to watch, especially on full moon nights.
  4. I rejected Izod polos as a youth.
  5. Did anybody outside of Carolina, know who Josh Norman was a year ago?
  6. New to Star Trek

    Yeah, still like Backula, but I was really disappointed with Enterprise overall. Also Rick Berman trying to retell ST history, instead of just starting a new timeline...oh wait...
  7. New to Star Trek

    Don't forget this
  8. New to Star Trek

    Then the books, 40 years of books. Why didn't you just keep up?
  9. New to Star Trek

    Watch them in order... Star Trek and the animated show, and then the ST movies up to The Voyage Home. Star Trek: TNG then their movies. ST: Deep Space Nine ST: Voyager Enterprise (not required) Then the 2 new timeline movies, just to confuse you some more. So...723 episodes and 11 movies, get back to us for review later.
  10. http://www.cnet.com/news/belly-button-beer-mines-yeast-from-navel-lint-totally-not-gross/ The basic ingredients for beer include water, malt, hops and yeast, but nobody said you had to buy that yeast in a sterilized packet at the local brewery-supply retailer. The brewers at Australian beermaker 7 Cent Brewery gazed deeply at their navels and came up with the novel idea of crafting a beer from their own personal yeast strains.
  11. For quite awhile I've had the wait and see attitude, I'm much better now.
  12. Pure Speculation Thread

    Hayden is just waiting for me to win the lottery.