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  1. Haters ain’t hatin today

    I don't know. what stops 12 sneeezes in a row?
  2. Haters ain’t hatin today

    gravy skin, I hate that.
  3. yeah really, Jerry Jones doesn't run every team...
  4. and Brady missed the playoffs that one year and started wearing Uggs.
  5. let's be honest. LA has the best fake women in the world.
  6. Did we block the FG

    I'm sure Allred will say otherwise.
  7. I DID NOT backspace FOX news. seriously? do you really see a difference in news, no matter where that news comes from?
  8. man, come on. I was cruising the mall when he was.....and I was 13 at the time... you gotta pick the battles, and he ain't it. protecting babies doesn't count. should it? yes. if it's not a deflection.
  9. I love you guys, and f.....u. smooches

    I'd post something very trivial and meaningless, but @TheRed would probably follow up on somebody else's thought.
  10. Black Sabbath The End of the End

    why does music suck nowadays? might be the drugs....
  11. Black Sabbath The End of the End

    Quantum Leap...sorry for the quality...
  12. Black Sabbath The End of the End

    but hey, with sellouts like (your bullsh!t band here) no wonder the true voice is lost....
  13. Black Sabbath The End of the End

    some people like to say Led Zeppelin is the alpha heavy metal band, being a zep-head, yeah no. Black Sabbath is/are the alpha and omaga will always be so...
  14. Props to Bersin

    I have archived this for your benefit. @R0CKnR0LLA @Panthro @andanyotherasshole i don't care