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  1. sorry I gave you poo, I'm covering my future political career.
  2. one first down and it should be game.
  3. Dear NFL, Sorry about the Shield in centerfield.
  4. it's retro and I LOVE IT! can't wait for the Blue Bloods crossover....
  5. he's looking to Funchess cuz nobody elese is stepping up.
  6. nope, Bengals still respect the run.
  7. now the Panthers can't run the ball....lol
  8. how is that possible? the Panthers are leading.
  9. Jangler

    What Bengals fans are saying

    wow. are you Patty Deutsch reincarnated?
  10. it's like Lethal Weapon, can't do it without a crazy white guy...
  11. we have now gone into '7 points is enough mode"