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  1. One of my favorite movies, which nobody seems to know.
  2. didn't we see how this story ends in 2015?
  3. probably been in Chicago a week eating deep dish and sausage and can't poop just yet.
  4. lolI never blame anybody for not being ready due to injury. still a good joke. good thing you won't need him, Huh?
  5. lol already ordered your Hundley jersey?
  6. no defense and Drew Brees...yeah, probably.
  7. 28-3 Megathread

    51 years and never a worse loss. Did you know the 49ers just scored on the Chargers again? yup.
  8. 28-3 Megathread

    you know the pats want to whip that ass, and win the game also.
  9. 28-3 Megathread

    all pie should be 3-28 this week.
  10. I'm gonna go with CAP, only because after last week, we will go run heavy against Fox.
  11. Dodgers 2017

    anybody but the Yankees.
  12. why do I think this will be a frequent comment in the future?
  13. yeah, I rather not have to fight or nurse a broken face, because I can't respect other people.
  14. Tom Brady has been listed questionable for 10 years...
  15. http://www.tmz.com/2017/10/10/harvey-weinstein-sex-rehab-sexual-harassment-europe/ Harvey Weinstein is boarding a private jet Tuesday night, bound for a rehab center in Europe for sex addiction ... sources connected with the former mogul tell TMZ. We're told Harvey has decided to take the advice of the people around him and leave immediately. We're told he will enter a live-in facility and will deal both with sex and other behavioral issues.