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  1. whoa, oh, remind to ask that Marc Maron what my ass taste like.
  2. had friends instead of followers?
  3. http://abcnews.go.com/International/londons-murder-rate-overtakes-yorks-time-modern-history/story?id=54171310 The head of the Metropolitan Police Force, Cressida Dick, partly blamed social media for the rise in knife crime in London, which accounts for the majority of killings in the city. Of the 46 murders in London this year, only four are confirmed so far to have been by gunshot although in several cases, confirmation of the cause of death is not yet final, according to the Metropolitan Policy. The city's police head, Dick, told BBC radio that apps and social websites played a large role in escalating disputes into violence.
  4. was that a daily or weekly delivery?
  5. bend over and try it in the mirror once a week.
  6. Jangler

    Props to Kanye and Chance!

    I've always thought I was pretty clear as we have moved on over the last 11 years. There is no difference in the parties, there is no difference in the mind set of the world. Revelation 17:10-15
  7. Jangler

    Props to Kanye and Chance!

    I know, hive minds and all, you can have it.
  8. Jangler

    Props to Kanye and Chance!

    yeah, cuz there is no trolling on the internet. we are still looking for Russian collusion, yes?
  9. Jangler

    Pence’s doctor was a woman...

    yeah, but it was all done through a sheet.
  10. this might be the biggest jerk off in history. but hey, as long as the Dems have somebody not named Clinton, there always a chance nothing will change.
  11. Jangler

    Props to Kanye and Chance!

    who would have ever thought our connectivity through technology would make us hate each other even more?
  12. hey, I've been hoping for back to back winning seasons since I was a 49ers fan....
  13. @The Huddler all the world's controlling factors keep hemp/weed illegal. pharmaceutical, fuel, cotton, timber.....lol good luck wit dat.
  14. that's unfair. both sides want to control you.
  15. Jangler

    Stupid questions kids ask

    I'm a kid of the early 70's...watched a lot of TV in black and white and in color. I asked my Mother "when did everything become color?" The Clemson Tigers won the NC in 1981 and I asked "Do they become a pro team now?"
  16. Jangler

    Stupid questions kids ask

    oh and Gomer Pyle sucks in black and white and color. literally.
  17. Jangler

    Stupid questions kids ask

    kids have no concept of black and white, it's boring, so it must suck. besides WWII.... I wonder where the wonder has gone.
  18. Jangler

    I Need New Headphones: Help!

    man, there is nothing like speakers blasting off the walls. good times. buds suck, who wants something in their ear? headphones cause deafness. (and standing next to a speaker(s)....)