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  1. Selecting the 2016 Panthers Wide Receivers

    Brown doesn't get enough credit... he was our best receiver in the playoffs. Put some RESPECK on his name!
  2. Panthers rescind Norman's franchise tag...

    I know the popular opinion is that Gettleman did the right thing... but if he'd have taken a little risk on Josh he would've had a very friendly deal last year. It goes both ways. Josh bet on himself, and I'm sure Gettleman was friendly and supported his decision to "prove" that he was worth big time money at the time. Gettleman may have very well reneged on his word, or given him the same pitch as last year. I think Josh's contributions from last year are extremely undervalued, and when we start getting burned in our already weak secondary again people will realize that he would've been worth the money. We had a true shutdown corner, and let him walk. Maybe Gettleman has an anger issue... we'll never know. But we have just taken a step back as a franchise, and are officially weaker as a team possibly because of egos. We're trying to win a championship. We just had part of our edge taken away. How soon some forget, but regardless, there's a reason G-Man is paid the big bucks. He better have something up his sleeve this time.
  3. Josh Norman is NOT going to do Offseason Workouts

    Josh played last year without a long term deal, he can't risk two years in a row. He has one opportunity to get his money, and it's this year. The team has all the leverage in this situation, and he has no choice but to try to call the bluff. I really do think he'll sign a long term deal with us, but it'll come down to pre-season. If I'm his agent, I'm not letting him play without a long term deal. He sacrificed for the team last year, didn't whine, and played out his contract. He's only asking for what he's earned. Give the guy a break. I don't see any of you taking pay cuts.
  4. Some context on the race talk.

    Just because said "friend" is black, doesn't give credibility to his comments... it just gives the guise of not coming from you in case the words were "racist". Cam is a winner. If LeBron was white, he'd be the most celebrated player in NBA history... there isn't a white player of his caliber, or close to it that's ever been hated at any time, especially undeservedly. Same with Cam... if he was white, he'd be the most celebrated player in the NFL. Period. Name one white player of his caliber who has been given as much crap as he's gotten... I'll wait. Black means you don't get the benefit of the doubt, or a pass. Especially when you're not being a submissive individual mindful of appeasing critics. Gronk isn't a "winner" any more than Cam is. Gronk's antics could never be done by Cam... but it is true, that in order for critics to shut up, you have to silence every single one of their criticisms. That's why LeBron rebounded... he shut them up. Mind you, he's never done anything wrong.
  5. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    Frank Clark punched a woman in the face That boy a... what's that you were saying Frankie? Ya'll should tweet this to him.
  6. Blandino on the no catch call

    It may have not been your point, but it's mine. Replace the word "refs" with "wr" in your sentence and maybe it's simple enough for you to understand... it's the same thing. Different toilet, same s**t. Am I the only one who noticed that Cotchery played horribly? Or do you want to blame the refs for that too?
  7. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    Mental mistakes, sloppiness killed us. That wouldn't change. Our RT and protection would've been exactly the same. Fumbles, penalties, passes that weren't caught and passes that weren't on target killed us. Our mental focus wasn't where it needed to be.
  8. Cam was let down by his offense

    Remmers... worst game of his career Tolbert... worst game of his career Cotchery... worst game of his career Oher... worst game of his career Ginn... worst time to let one through his hands in his career Cam... only person on offense who came to play.
  9. What about Charles?

    He played at the level of a backup DE, so if he's willing to fit the salary criteria of a backup DE, let him stay.
  10. Blandino on the no catch call

    A professional veteran wide receiver should've never let it get to that point. The pass hit him in the hands, he should've caught it. Never leave the game in the hands of the refs.
  11. Cam Newton disappointed me

    You sound like Nashville mom... What else can he do, it will never be enough. You looked at it through a microscope and said, it's just us, it's not a big deal, "my kids deserve it" To Cam, he's been hounded by media, fans, literally everyone in the world nonstop 24/7 for the last 5 YEARS! Get over yourself. If you want an autograph, go buy one.
  12. Cam & Panthers worldwide

    Cam: Nice to meet you Laura, I think some of your drink spilled in your lap? Laura Robson: I don't have a drink Cam:
  13. Newton's instagram continues to be unique...

    Well.. the problem is, unless these guys are wearing suits and smiling a lot of people would be threatened by whatever they are doing. Out of context, a bunch of black guys with their hands making any sign at all is threatening, and that's just a fact. Hmmm... are you seeing it now based on your initial reaction? Regardless of what they are doing they are going to be interpreted as representing something negative and being up to no good, trust me. Yes, there is a guy making a gun sign, but it isn't Cam, and when you have an innocent mindset, that's all it is, and it's probably all in fun and Cam knowing that likely couldn't see it as anything other than that. Change the race of these guys, and it's not as troubling... go ahead flame away and tell me I'm wrong. Don't be so threatened by a group of guys having a good time, regardless of if they don't fit your definition of how they should act and dress. It gets annoying having to disarm perceptions. You enjoy your freedom of expression, let everyone else do it...and until he does something wrong he should get the benefit of the doubt.
  14. Cam Newton Healthy, Confident