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  1. Seahawk Frank Clark laying into Cam Newton

    Frank Clark punched a woman in the face That boy a... what's that you were saying Frankie?  Ya'll should tweet this to him.  
  2. Blandino on the no catch call

    It may have not been your point, but it's mine.  Replace the word "refs" with "wr" in your sentence and maybe it's simple enough for you to understand... it's the same thing.  Different toilet, same s**t.  Am I the only one who noticed that Cotchery played horribly?  Or do you want to blame the refs for that too?  
  3. Uninjured; Do we beat the Broncos?

    Mental mistakes, sloppiness killed us.  That wouldn't change.  Our RT and protection would've been exactly the same.  Fumbles, penalties, passes that weren't caught and passes that weren't on target killed us.  Our mental focus wasn't where it needed to be.  
  4. Cam was let down by his offense

    Remmers... worst game of his career Tolbert... worst game of his career Cotchery... worst game of his career Oher... worst game of his career Ginn... worst time to let one through his hands in his career Cam... only person on offense who came to play.
  5. What about Charles?

    He played at the level of a backup DE, so if he's willing to fit the salary criteria of a backup DE, let him stay.  
  6. Blandino on the no catch call

     A professional veteran wide receiver should've never let it get to that point.  The pass hit him in the hands, he should've caught it.  Never leave the game in the hands of the refs.
  7. Cam Newton disappointed me

    You sound like Nashville mom... What else can he do, it will never be enough.  You looked at it through a microscope and said, it's just us, it's not a big deal, "my kids deserve it"  To Cam, he's been hounded by media, fans, literally everyone in the world nonstop 24/7 for the last 5 YEARS!     Get over yourself.  If you want an autograph, go buy one.  
  8. Cam & Panthers worldwide

    Cam:  Nice to meet you Laura, I think some of your drink spilled in your lap? Laura Robson:  I don't have a drink  Cam:    
  9. Panthers Wearing White

  10. Kroenke points to Cam as a model for the L.A. Rams

    Too bad Stan... you're not getting a "Cam" he is the only 1.  Copycat league so people will keep trying... There will never be another MJ, another Shaq, another LeBron, another Cam, but that won't stop people from looking... he is 1 of 1.     Greatness isn't replicated, it manifests itself and doesn't reappear in duplicate form.  Be jealous.  
  11. Mel Kipers 2016 Mock Draft 1.0

    Since Getty is all about bpa... I don't see us landing a major position of need so conveniently, (although I hope so).  I swore that we wouldn't spend picks, (especially 1st round) on a LB last year.. we drafted two.  No complaints with players nor strategy, but I realized trying to guess Getty has been fruitless for me thus far.  
  12. More hate in the Observer

    And Johnny Manziel is still in the NFL.  When you're black, you don't get the benefit of the doubt, you get the opposite.  Unless you're constantly and tirelessly putting people at ease, you are going to be under the microscope.  Basically, people want to find a reason to not like you regardless of how hard they have to look or the ridiculousness of the claim (birthers lol).  I'm disappointed that the Observer continues to pander to these fools, especially when they make no effort to call it what it really is.  Cam has been dealing with it his entire life...  you don't do your home town MVP the disservice of constantly publishing it for clicks.  They are selling their soul for controversy.  Unless you're subservient, submissive, jolly, and apologetically humble and modest you cannot win if you're a black male.. period.  The clowns are always waiting for you to "stumble" and the Observer continues to give them a platform.    
  13. Charles Johnson should be held to a higher professionalism standard than a dentistry student at Boston University?  I don't follow.  (not a defense of his actions, but seriously... I hate when adults write things online that they wouldn't say in person)
  14. Tyrann Mathieu Tore his ACL last night

    The irony.  
  15. A Couple Ted Ginn Drops In Gifs

    We knew what we were getting, we know what we have, and I'll take it every day of the week.  Regardless of the drops, he creates space and forces defenses to respect us.  We were supposed to have KB as our #1, but that's ok.  What Ginn provides cannot be duplicated by many other receivers.  Ginn has no problem getting separation, which means that he will always be capable of forcing the safeties to respect his movements, which opens things up for our other receivers. Last year in the playoffs, we could not create any separation with our receivers.  I'd rather have a receiver who can get open with iffy hands, than a receiver with great hands who cannot get open, and who isn't a threat to score.