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  1. A hot take from the Patriots message board

    Official Panther's Gameplan:   1.  Double Olsen. 2.  Make Cam throw from the pocket.  (terrible completion percentage and he can only beat you with his legs) **This gameplan works, they just haven't played anyone yet.    
  2. On to Dallas and a Turkey dinner

    Cam in prime time on Thanksgiving, in front of 100,000 people... he's licking his chops.  He's coming to play, and as he goes so does the team.
  3. Panthers/Redskins Hype Video

    I wish they played your custom videos before every game, I'm sure the crowd would go nuts.  These are awesome.  This board is awesome.  I spend way too much time here, and it's because of things like this.  Keep pounding.  
  4. So those 5 Titans players who couldn't keep him out of the endzone weren't going 100%??  When he's running in the open field, those players aren't going 100%?  If it was that easy, it would happen all the time.  Put it this way... sometimes, a player can walk the walk, and talk the talk, and you can't do anything about it.  MJ comes to mind.  Every professional boxer in the world wants to kick Floyd Mayweather's ass, and they have all given maximum effort in trying to do so.  Every single one has failed miserably. The same concept applies here.     Cam is bigger than nearly every player on defense other than the linemen, so there's really not much anyone can do about it.  If they could, they would.  They can't, and that's just the way it is.  Deal with it.  
  5. Cam and the Panthers gonna beat you, dance on you

    This is how you always gauge a player's actions.  How his team responds to him.  Literally everyone in that locker room has his back.  This is his team, and his teammates love him.  Bannergate, they flocked to his defense.  Luke dressed as Cam for Halloween.  They show up to his charity events.  They get excited to give away the TD balls.  And they all say positive things about him.  When other players come at him, his staff isn't having it.  So if they are cool with it... so am I, and every Panther's fan should be as well.  
  6. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    We have a legitimate house-hold name, super star being talked about every week by the national media.  These are our glory days ladies and gentlemen... enjoy yourselves.  This may be our greatest era with Cam and Luke on board for the next decade.  
  7. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    DAB ON THEM FOLKS! And if they hate then let them hate and watch the wins pile up.