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  1. Panthers - Giants Illustrated

    Wow, I really think JR's presence in the end zone & his change from traditionally being host struck a nerve with players & coaches. Sends a message that has no choice but to be recieved. Stay on em' Big Cat! And loosen the grip on your wallet too. That would also work wonders.
  2. What the_______was that? Either that was a sarcastic gesture to the ppl criticizing him or either he is extremely dumb & overdoing it.
  3. 31-ZIP!?!? I feel like a kid on Christmas after being deprived of many for years.
  4. RR goin for it on 4th down, good balanced offensive play calling, pass rush as good as usual but even better...I'm lovin it.
  5. Let's kick some giant ass! "FOR 4 QUARTERS, PLEASE?"
  6. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    I can't wait to read the "RR didn't injure our secondary", "Shula didn't throw that pick" comments. I swear I'll be more disgusted with that than at the 3hrs of my life I just wasted.
  7. Official Panthers - Bills Gameday Thread

    Now its time for some real football...Denver vs Giants...The Panthers still my team though. Now where's my paper bag mask?
  8. Why can't I post or reply or even change my profile, do I need a security clearance, or passport are not checking my for real?