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  1. We still control our destiny for #2 seed

    So we have to win out just to make the last wildcard spot?!? If we win out how do we not win the division? If we win out except Saints or falcons what happens
  2. It seems like Mcdermott is a no tolerance type of guy. If you're not all in he would make an example of you. I think Tyrod is way better than Peterman I think most would agree.. but Tyrod also seems a bit salty at times and maybe not all in, or don't like the way the system is going who knows. I feel like coaches do this pretty often and this is only getting blown up. Most back up QBs end up getting owned and benching the starting QB is just a example or to light a fire.. the bills defense has been getting worse week after week as well. Sean could be "losing" the team? One person on that team that can be questionable off field sometimes but Lesean McCoy shows up to play anytime his name is called. So props to him.
  3. byrd had more big plays and clutch plays than any of them. He was on a team with pretty talented WRs. Played with a QB who didn't have a powerful arm. Still has Olympic speed. What we all talk about. Speed. But we rather use Russel Shepard who is a D minus Ted Ginn
  4. not one player watched film. Maybe Luke. Hopefully Shula
  5. For the People With Deep Pockets

    Oh I thought this was about your average Sunday game at BOA. You know those people with deep pockets who leave at half with their sweater vest on texting their work wife? Oh here is 2 tickets 175 each at the tippy top, oh yeah 500 dollar trip for some kids to spend 3 hours in Charlotte? BOA probs.
  6. Alex Armah

    I luv Armah. I don't see how we went so long without a true fullback the way we run the ball and how our O line can be at times. That extra blocker taking out a line backer or a DB with a straight line toward the RB is great. Gives us a extra step to make that big play to 6 not 3.
  7. it sucks knowing I can't afford those tickets and I would stand the entire gd game jolly as hell about our panthers.
  8. Vague Worley tweet

    this is fuging hilarious. Im the odd one who likes Worley. I know he's not the best but he's solid. BUT GODDAMNIT IF THIS ISNT TRUE hahahhaha
  9. Curtis Samuel injury updates

    Yeah it looked broken from that. I mean it did a 360 twist with weight behind it. Depth at WR is not good. Funchess..... then....? When can Byrd come back?
  10. Kelvin Benjamin We Hardly Knew Ya

    he can NOT be our gm next season... he can chill till then. If we really were dead set on not signing him back the next year than it makes sense. But what happens when Samuel and Funchess are both injured? We have no depth right now thats a fact. Shepard is even a poorer mans Ted Ginn.
  11. Will CAP get more carries tonight

    He is a fresh pace change. His runs tonight have been fresh legs and running smart. Gotta give credit to that full house formation with CMC blocking and Dickson coming over to. I don't see any reason at all to not play every player who has a jersey. Its a long season, long games, lets go.
  12. With Adams out

    Byrd but he will see 4 snaps. Just sitting our most productive free agent signing on the bench for his one year here... don't try to save our depth Ron. Run a hurt Adams
  13. theres a communication problem.. I feel like its common sense and if you understand anything about humans, you know hitting your head or shaking your head in any way... Jet Skis, Soccer heading, fuging Headbanging, anything like that gives you a chance to damage your brain. I also remember signing up as a kid signing a waiver saying I know the physical consequences of this competitive sport. The media will destroy football because it has such a grasp on such a large number of Americans. I think we saw a wave of players from different parts of the country than from the more common South, and still in that but soon will return to a majority of SEC and southern conferences rise again. If you're a rich House Wife in California you are not going to let your kid play football.. you'll sign him up for tennis lessons. I think it will come in waves and yes it is on a downward slope. The world is connected, you will hear every single story from any negative outcome of someones health around America. Those stories will be sensationalized and blown up, something you didn't always see decades ago because the news wasn't so in your face and around you 24'7 telling you whats popular. Sure theres a combo of factors like said above. I also think some people spout that EVERY NFL player will be some guy hanging on for life in 15 years. Some guys make it out perfectly fine other than whats expected when you have that physical load. Thats becoming a popular opinion and will turn off kids because they don't want to be labeled as someone unstable, etc. I also think Football is the hardest team sport for production reasons and just having full teams, full equipment, discipline.
  14. Damn.. I hate that injury for anyone in football. I really believe Steve Smith is the only one who can still change a game after recovering from that injury. I know Seattle is a big rival of the panthers and Sherman obviously would never want to play for us and talks about how free Seattle players have it compared to Charlotte.. but he's great to watch. I have no clue how Seattle has kept their team together over the years. Like where does all this money come from to pay everyone?
  15. Martellus Bennet just got released

    Lol I think it would get our team even more hyped up and we def should. But we wouldn't