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  1. the thing about Norwell that is known that isn't known about our backups, draft picks is Norwell doesnt miss time often. Even when he had a high ankle sprain or whatever he came back ASAP. Never see him slack off between the whistle. What sucks is he will probably get replaced by a 10 year vet who will play 4 games and get owned with NFC defenses. Its bittersweet because we probably took the talent, and heart of Norwell, Tyler Larson, D Williams, Trai Turner for granted this season. They held up the middle pretty well all year, Our RBs and O line weren't ever on the same page, and the eagles, mainly Fletcher Cox completely mauled them, most of our pressure and big time sacks came from Mr Money Matt on the blind side. But its a hard job as a left tackle as a Carolina panther.. you have division teams being very aggressive 6 games a year trying to take Cams head off. You have Cam himself who edge defensive players play to a higher level because they take more pride in tackling Cam Newton than say Matt Ryan. You get more people talking about you when you're able to sack cam newton, networks, media, GMs. Hes a giant target in the NFL so the left tackle better be ready for war every single snap.
  2. Panthers expected to cut Jonathan Stewart

    Its ok guys Fozzy will be our RB1 until 2021
  3. Matt Miller's full 7 round mock

    Skai Moore is the only player who'd make the cut. I mean 1 out of 7 aint bad for the Panthers. Hes basically a Shaq Thompson, Thomas Davis hybrid. Which would be amazing for him to be with our LB core for a year. He's a turnover machine, clutch, can run a defense and is a smart guy, he dosent get his head out of the game like say our First Rounder Vernon Butler who will just lose his poo and get a flag. Its scary not to pick him because we have this thing where we want slow logging Linebackers behind our starters, Chase Blackburn, Ben Jacobs. Skai would INT passes from Nasty Nose Ring Kamara, fug Sanu up on a curl route while Kurt Coleman falls over the middle of the field. This draft is weird.. if you don't get a top 10 pick or get someone underrated in the 3rd, 4th round then you're a goner.
  4. Id agree and say important and that we've been very lucky to have Cam play in the games he's played in. Derek Anderson might be fun to have around on the practice field but he's not advancing or driving the teams future forward. Id rather Gilbert be back there than paying any other vet money. Carolina plays the draft like a video game anyway, we take chances on a guy who plays at San Jose who use to be the kicker for Wisconsin West Community college who used to be QB at LA Tech. Then we let them go to another team.
  5. Yup. Because no one is being fuging honest to each other. Politically wise the left will disregard facts and say yeah yeah but but its not REALLY declining, and the right will easily become tired of the media pissing them off and become anti NFL because of what it portrays. You can blame the divide on media, and the culture of whats "cool" or who your favorite reality star is siding with. Its becoming rare to find a nonpartisan, big picture, stoic person who can look past the politics and the crowds of wave riding bullshit. Take a couple weeks off football and grown men in middle class America trying to survive working overtime.. the NFL isn't an "escape" anymore. Its more of the same rhetoric they don't want to hear. Imagine working 60 hours a week coming home to watch Monday night football only to see a hour of pre game show talking about how the player with 2 DUIs and sexual assault, getting paid millions, the top 1 percent of the WORLD, complaining about their rights and how they are downtrodden and habitually oppressed while the average guy is not praised, universally loved, not getting free endorsement of high dollar products, paying full taxes, breaking even or going in debt after putting food on the table, kids in school. They have an option not to watch, its negativity in their life seeing guys who were adored their entire lifes complain and blame the person in the IKEA lazy boy who just wants to see a Post n Go for a touchdown. I see all sides of why people are turning away from watching the NFL. Its becoming a non stop argument on the way over saturated football talking heads show. Its a fuging hassle to sit through an entire game because of the presentation. You have sideline reporters with those phony journalism voices coming on during a 3rd and short talking about Doug Baldwins psychological evaluation of his local Mayer or oh poo Andrew luck is just NOW breaking news getting a piece of athletic tape put on his inner pinky. You have commercials telling you what to believe and you must think this way to be acceptive of whoever is the flavor of the month, you have these attention breaking, frustrating stop of plays via slow ass referees reviewing in super slo mo and analyzing which grass blade hit the football first. You have 2 guys in makeup in a booth every 30 seconds sucking off whoever the most popular player on Instagram is at the time. It seems like the gap of competition in the NFL will only widen, will become more like the NBA where everyone is "friends" and players are recruiting other players, schemes will be exposed, if you are conservative and repetitive you will lose. You'll see the NFL just cut off trying to cater to middle aged men, bad move, and hire a bunch of interns who have a Soundcloud to make their promos and social view. Meanwhile you censor and hide the fact the majority of these guys are telling each other to fug off on the field and trying to injure the star player(fug you Denver broncos) Instead of a balanced view of this being a mega sport and we want men, women, z x, sloth, turtle gender, marxist iPhone Surname Jr, or whatever the fug you are to come together and watch and support the man in the arena, meanwhile not hiding that the dude who just got a pick 6 little brother just beat cancer and is playing his ass off for him, or hiding the fact that damn that dude who just sacked the QB just got off free from a domestic issue and for going 195mph in a 35 downtown LA. Just don't sugar coat this poo and let all the whispers consume the talk of what really makes sports awesome, which is coming together for something in a collective energy and a collective respect for one another. Yeah we need rules and precedents.
  6. He can catch

    yeah sure more 5'9 guys who can't catch a 100mph football coming out of a 6'5 QB who throws high. Tavon is overpaid, we overpay mediocre players, don't go after legit superstars on the football field. so who knows. Plus hes a dick. Him and Funchess would be fighting, Worley would muay thai clinch him and Tavon would have Spartanburg in an uproar, he'd head back to a big city or south Florida
  7. we would have put Seymour in for the rest of the game and then the next 2.. about the time it takes for us to make a in game adjustment. don't come here butler its no different
  8. He's basically an NFL style Curtis Samuel who won't get hurt as often or drop Cams fastballs. I mean sure whatever. Its sad to see an actual game changer.. Fiztpatrick going to Tampa. Meanwhile we pray for Kurt Coleman and Mike Adams to be active every Sunday, then blame Worley for when the safeties can't catch up to any NFC south WR.
  9. Travelle Wharton to replace Ray Brown

    One of the most underrated Panthers of all time. One of the most universal linemen we've had. Great person. For people saying pay your dues and poo, Travelle Wharton has held a free football week long camp in a very small town in South Carolina every single year since he was in the league, donated money for equipment, always supported his small town & high school. He's not a superstar name for many reasons, he's a very polite guy off the field. Has years of teaching/coaching since he retired, someone who isn't just going to stand around and only tell guys what to do, but show them. He was one of our best "impact blockers" who most of the time if he laid his hands on you rather it be running, passing, you usually were stuck. He's a very large human being and played on some I'm sure very frustrating Panther teams and always kept cool. Always supported the Panthers when he retired. Not a guy you'll see in a fancy suit with a publicity agent trying to get behind a camera and desk talking football on cable TV, but a guy who rather be out all summer in the heat practicing and drilling. Proud of Travelle and the opportunity he has. I think he will have a positive impact on these guys.
  10. I feel like losing Star will expose us, and mainly us on this board on how we under appreciated the big man. For some reason we think these guys are super humans, we play with 2 DTs. An entire NFL season. We have three 300+ lbs guys we think can and will stay healthy every game. Watching Vernon and Star play its two different styles, Vernon may make a huge play, chase someone down you didn't expect or block a pass or 2. Then you will see him out of position, getting plowed run after run. Star may be less "fun" to look at but he's a patient, pretty consistent, powerhouse that gets the attention of the O line. Out of everyone on our D line this year Ive seen teams pay attention and scheme to Star more than anyone else. The Saints especially stand out to me as they made it seem it was an important part of the game plan to double Star and set the running game up from eliminating him, Take Star out, you have a chance to stop TD or Luke from running freely to stop the run. I would love to keep these 3 guys together. Vernon will only get more refined, and its nice having a young guy who will WANT to make plays when he has his chance and play with a high motor. Star will be a great player on any team, he's a smart guy off the field, on the field. He for sure adds a certain power to our defense, probably one of the strongest Panthers we've had. Seeing him sling O linemen down with one arm and getting sacks with a small bump is fuging great. Seeing Matt Ryan look into the eyes of a Super Tongan with arms the size of pillows with pure fear, I mean what else could you want? Plus seeing Star chase down Russel Wilson more than once is just something you want to go give the guy a hug for. Probably the most elusive QB getting chased 20 yards by Star giving all he has, imagine being Luke or TD seeing that and how hype it makes them. I love it. sorry for the long post, trying to cherish Star while he's still a official Panther.
  11. Our special teams were good?? Despite the hate, Colin Jones is probably our best ST player. And I like CMC NOT taking many returns. Its not worth the damage usually.
  12. This could be because pass defense give us mad cushion, keep everything pretty small, knowing we had a big speed big play WR for what 2 games? Byrd being healthy would have somewhat changed our offense and the way people play us, opening up more under neath for CMC, Stew would have had more YPC. We wouldn't have Cam Jordan knowing he can just pass rush abasing Matt Millions Kalil all year. We, and the sports media, FOR SURE the sports media totally forgot we lost Samuel, Byrd. After this year my respect for Funchess has went up a lot, never dogged him or hated him before hand but he went out there and improved and played pretty banged up. Knowing he was the only WR we had left. I have given Panther football a little break from analyzing and over thinking and being pissed off about this year, so Im looking forward to next year. Hopefully we can keep our drafted guys, no one retires (Ryan Kalil, Peppers, J Stew, Coleman) and we have a solid draft, everyone is healthy and comes in with a new concept against the NFC South, the saints did, falcons started to adapt, Bucs are only going to get more pissed off and a bigger chip on their shoulder. Lets hope this Norv thing works... and cross ya fingers that all the HC jobs gets taken without a TRUE Keep Pounding Panther kind of guy Mr. Steve Wilkes... people forget how active he has been and how he turned some of our guys into fuging savages on the defense.
  13. Will the Vikings win next week?

    I think it will be a great wild game. I don't see the vikings running the ball much, and I think Case might try to force some passes that will get a turnover. If the vikings defense doesn't sack Brees and play aggressive they can win..
  14. Shaq is a hell of a play maker, he will be worth it. We don't use him in any creative ways
  15. Lets hope so and regardless of having the worst WR corps ever on paper going into the playoffs Im with them... Fraizer and Bersin timeeeeeee What worries me is what we see sometimes with our offense.. just godly awful practice speed being forever slow getting a play, getting to the line, playing through the motions with a flat slow offense. Those games we start slow usually keep the same flatness throughout the game. So lets hope Bersin keeps his head with some easy middle of the field slants getting first downs. Our speed threat is completely gone. Most of us have wanted to see Byrd get an actual chance playing more than 4 snaps a game because he does have a special attribute that not every WR has, elite speed, stretches the defense and no doubt has to be in the back of teams mind during film. I would think the Atlanta safeties are playing as LBs this week. All eyes on Cam, and remember what everyone said about Thomas Davis, the remarks saying yeah but but but but if it was Cam y'all would be mad too. This week the bounty is going to be on Cam. Deon Jones, Cambell, Neal have a simple gameplay from Dan Quinn... Knock Greg Olsen off his route and spy Cam, give the hits all they have.