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  1. We have CMC Samuel and D Byrd to fug around with in the backfield. Many sweep options, fakes, play actions, triple options, throw backs, tosses you can do with those guys. All guys who are dangerous with the ball in their hands. You can confuse the defense and get them paranoid and then use Torrey Smith down deep. Hit Olsen in the red zone. Repeat.
  2. General_Purr

    Are you pleased with Hurney thus far?

    D we basically haven't did anything other than switch slightly similar players, following suit in Offseason as we have for years. the Torrey smith thing reminds me of Cotchery, Ginn type deals we usually do every year. Poe and Star aren't light years apart. Star had a money opportunity and to go to a coach he's been with before can't blame him. Poor brad berry better be in superman health this year because we lose him and we have the worst secondary in the league.
  3. General_Purr

    On Paper, Things Are Taking Shape

    Wright over Byrd and Samuel? Funchess, Smith, Wright as a core WR sounds like death. Just look at the division WR depth chart... lol
  4. People get Hurns mixed up with Robinson who is more of the playmaker but Hurns would be better for us than nothing. D Byrd Funch Hurns Torrey Smith Samuel should be the WRs on the field the most. and we all need to be real and know not everyone is gonna be healthy all season. We lost Byrd and Samuel for a while.. so we can't be dead set on 4 or 5 guys to play every game. Jarius Wright is a more athletic Bersin with less hands. but I suppose we are going to use him as a back up for Samuel.
  5. General_Purr

    Norv Turner checking out TE Hayden Hurst

    People gonna flame me for saying this but I bet he reminds Norv of Antonio Gates.. just his hand eye smoothness catching balls he don't have business even seeing. Thats probably from his baseball days, like Gates and basketball. Just brings a different dynamic to your game rather than catching footballs lobbed to you all your life. Plus Hayden credits his game liking to Greg Olsen. Smart dude, winner, tough, down to block. He will be a great team player for whoever picks him. You're not getting a diva like athlete say like Ebron, Wilson, Julius Thomas who have wore the golden Jordans and been praised. Hurst spent years in the minor league baseball system..... lol and yes thats a grind with NO glamour. he gets it. He keeps pounding.
  6. General_Purr

    Alabama DT Da'Ron Payne visiting today

    He is better than Poe, Butler. Probably could start right away with Short to be honest. He's disruptive and both a run stopper and scares the poo out of a QB. Im with everyone else but we should all get it by now we luvvvvvv DTs.
  7. worley is better than breeland breeland has had years and multiple teams to get better. hes not the greatest guy to be around off the field either... so idk what you old bastards have in mind about Breeland. He can have his good luck covering Mike Evans, Julio, ect. don't show me the tiny highlight gif of him hitting rookie Kamara on a screen.
  8. we don't want playmakers at the safety position we want 35 year old defensive tackles
  9. So we used the rest of our free agency money on a expensive Kyle Love to replace a first round Star. meanwhile mike Adams and Colin jones have to play every snap of an entire NFL season
  10. man what I would do for Carolina to have some Cleveland picks... imagine the luxury of having multiple first round players. as much as we hit and miss. or end up forgetting their a first round pick because just let them walk after rookie contract.
  11. General_Purr


    we don't go after pro bowlers imagine Luke K and the honey badger ball hawking. nah we expect Colin jones and mike Adams to play every game every snap vs elite qbs and wrs in the NFC south
  12. General_Purr

    Breeland a Panther

    So rookie Worley is basically on par with big contract Breeland who has had years to develop. Its pretty confusing being a panther fan in the offseason. before everyone bows down to this move... remember the division we are in.. the path to the playoffs = covering Mike Evans, Sanu, Michael Thomas, Julio Jones.
  13. General_Purr

    Jordy Nelson Getting Released

    So weird. As a fan base we talk about his age and he's an old vet... but our coaches love that. but when it comes to someone PROVEN, and elite, game changing. We never go for them. We go for the mediocre players who aren't balanced, good at one thing, fit only in certain schemes. Year after year we go into the season with weak depth. Look what happened when Funch got hurt, or even Samuel or Byrd, replacing them with Russel Shepard type players never ended well for our offense. Cam is dying for some help, Jordy knows more about routes than anyone on our offense. But lets leave Greg Olsen as the only one who tries to continue to get open before cam gets sacked..
  14. General_Purr

    Panthers to raise ticket prices again

    Well at least I can watch on tv all the rich kids with 60 dollar haircuts and hair product distract me from seeing Drew Brees vs our safeties. Not surprising though.
  15. the thing about Norwell that is known that isn't known about our backups, draft picks is Norwell doesnt miss time often. Even when he had a high ankle sprain or whatever he came back ASAP. Never see him slack off between the whistle. What sucks is he will probably get replaced by a 10 year vet who will play 4 games and get owned with NFC defenses. Its bittersweet because we probably took the talent, and heart of Norwell, Tyler Larson, D Williams, Trai Turner for granted this season. They held up the middle pretty well all year, Our RBs and O line weren't ever on the same page, and the eagles, mainly Fletcher Cox completely mauled them, most of our pressure and big time sacks came from Mr Money Matt on the blind side. But its a hard job as a left tackle as a Carolina panther.. you have division teams being very aggressive 6 games a year trying to take Cams head off. You have Cam himself who edge defensive players play to a higher level because they take more pride in tackling Cam Newton than say Matt Ryan. You get more people talking about you when you're able to sack cam newton, networks, media, GMs. Hes a giant target in the NFL so the left tackle better be ready for war every single snap.