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  1. Carolina Panthers UDFA Roster Paths

    I agree that this should be another great camp. Last year was fun but the KB injury really really took it all out of us.. I hope Cash comes in on fire. Ben is a super cool dude but I am pulling for Cash. Theres always 2 camps on Byrd. People are all in or not at all.. I think he could be our Randall Cobb type player. We used Cotchery in the backfield for a couple of years.. I see Byrd opening up the playbook. He is not just a go route guy. Very very young dude as well. He can get stronger and learn the game so I hope one day he is out there making highlight YACs in honor of Mr Ginn and 89
  2. Let's play pick two running backs

    Cameron Artis Payne Brandon Wegher Young guns. CAP seems to be a patient guy, or at least running. He reminds me of an old man I have no idea why. Big fan of him snagging us 8 yards. Wheger reminds me of a Skinny Tolbert. If Tolbert got hurt I would like to see Brandon do what he does.. great catching out of the backfield. Strong guy to take blocks.. pretty damn explosive as well. I feel like these 2 guys can grind out a running game.. and that is what we do. I love Fozzy.. but I think these 2 younger guys are more well rounded and can only get better.
  3. So how much does a owner of the franchises deep pockets affect the team?? Can you just build/buy whatever you wanted for the team? Everything outside of contracts is fair game? How much money does this family have compared to Jerry R? Would these guys be very involved in choosing coaches, GMs? Directions of the team? All hypothetical for a curious idiot
  4. The Black Luke Kuechly...

    Luke will never get the speeches of media heads and tv talks that black Luke will. Even though Luke should be admired by every single fan of football in the world
  5. Tryout Invitations (OP updated May 5)

    Missed out on Mike Rose from NC State.. Giants front office looking good so far. Carolina..? Eh. 6'6 D End who ran track, 4.5 insanely athletic. Local guy. From Greenville SC. NC State must be too big... If he went to Jacksonville State or san jose community college he might be wearing black n blue
  6. Panthers list Jeremy Cash as linebacker.

    Didnt we cut this guy and let him play for the bucs?? Whats his name.. he played good for us. Short speedy LB. Cool guy. This is all $$$ (cash) money
  7. Don't Sleep on Dean Marlowe

    I like Marlowe! He does lack that first step and elite NFL movement but he works hard and seems to know a little about what the fug is going on out on the field. He surely has his shot this year at Safety.
  8. Sign Anquan Boldin

    DG don't sign alphas
  9. Sorry. Gettlemens Draft This Year Blows

    Im not far behind ya. Can anyone honestly say they knew anyone drafted by us before hand? Yeah yeah typical answer of players who come from small schools we get it. BPA was for sureeeeeeee not going on this year. But whatever... Keep Pounding. Does anyone have a idea what direction the GM will go in once DG steps down? Its not like he will be with us in 5 years? Love the guy by the way. Not coming off saying he should go sit on the porch.

    Cant believe we skipped over Jarell Adams for these tight ends.... haha that was crazy. Jarell is a solid ass blocker... then add the ability with huge long arms to snag balls left and right and run after the catch? NYG upgraded big time in this draft. Yall remind me about this if we start running the NFC South this year
  11. REPORT: Panthers considering TE Jerrell Adams in 3rd

    Better than Dickheadson and no block Simoeioioionson. big play ability.. I see Cam loving this
  12. Current WR's vs Potential Rookies

    KB Byrd Funchess plus Cooper, German dude, Boyd. But I doubt we even take one. Cooper will get snagged quick and im sure DG just wants him to fall to the 4th or later before he grabs him.
  13. 4-3/3-4 hybrid

    Ive thought of this the past few years with our guys.. I dont see why we dont have a hybrid defense giving diff looks with 3-4 imagine short butler love with TD Delaire and Addison rushing the QB on the outside. I love our DTs.. hell line them up all 4
  14. Vaccaro is underrated. He chases all of our "fast" WRs down.. holds Greg down pretty well with a huge size loss. Cant do poo to Cam but who can other than TJ Ward and Chancellor? Don't think its that bad but they passed over tons of better choices. I mean wasnt Godfrey playing safety for them? So... yeah.. upgraded