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  1. 2016 Top NFL free agents - running backs

    Forte is the only one that really sticks out to me. We dont need another bulldozer to just run straight ahead into the O line. Need some guy with some smarts who can do it all...... since we don't have TG3. Other than that Im cool w Stew Wheger CAP
  2. Yeah bruh you can look at the past 3 years and call each play out before the ball is snapped. The only time is varies is when Cam points poo out. I feel like we have less plays than half of the NFL teams. Its the reason why we can't give new guys a shot. Wheger, Hill, Young, D Williams. They have plays set for certain people such as lining up 82 Cotchery in the backfield like he is a R Cobb. Yet they won't give D Byrd that slot.   Tolbert single back? Yeah clog the middle. The only varied running play we have are the few options and misdirections of stewart which seems to come from Cam himself.
  3. JNo - To Tag or Not to Tag?

    To piss him off or not to piss him off? Lower his level of play by making him go insane? Making the guy stay here by tagging him?    This guy wants some fresh air where he can still be crazy eyes outside of a conservative facet. Unless we give him some moolah
  4. Positions we need to upgrade

    Young Tight End, Safety, CB, T, WR.   
  5. Mike Shula is in full control of the offense

    zThat playcalling was some straight 1991 HS regional playbook.  All aspects of the offense looked pretty unprepared for what they do but gotta give Philly and Teddy some cred for going out and playing hard. Not to say we didn't but I thought the coaches would have a better plan at least
  6. Yeah Stork does do that. I guess its a rhythm  thing. Maybe its my computer .. but this forum has been lagggin hard core.  This is gonna be agreat game guys. It all depends on coaching and turnovers IMO
  7. always loved beason. Think he rubbed off his fittness and nutrition on some of the guys. What a physical beast
  8. Conan O'Brien and the Superbowl

    Brock Oisesesesweiler and DA
  9. Panthers Black Jersey

    hmu with the cheap & HQ
  10. Ryan Clark has a different POV on why Cam is hated.

    This was the most true and egoless answer. What he feels is really right from experience and an above the world look at things. Instead of what society is pressuring him to say. To pick a side and throw rocks at the wall. Have liked Ryan Clark more and more when he speaks from an honest view.
  11. Adam Schein's knees buckle...

    Not even going to read his article. He's way past redemption from his ignorance and hate of Carolina.  Most of the football broadcast nerds are Anti Carolina. fug you, you & you. Bill Barnwell? or something like that had a podcast I listened to the past 2 years and have shitted on cam and carolina forever. fug him too. talking heads
  12. Shaq Thompson's video message for Seahawks (NSFW)

    He is 22? Some asshole got it from his snapchat.. A snapchat he has probably had for years just for his friends. You send stupid ass snapchats to your friends, talk poo, make terrible faces, bad jokes.  Im with Shaq, fug the seahawks
  13. Hobbled Allen vs. "Fresh" Delaire?

    Just got hyped. Hell yeah Delaire!
  14. Secondary. What Say You?

    Is Lou Young on the roster? Wonder if we see any Colin Jones, more Tre Boston for the speed.
  15. Players and Coaches Calling each other out.

    This is regarding him considering a rumor back in June?   I think 90 percent of the offense have always poked at Shulas conservative calling. Shula gets in these tight rolls where 4 or 5 plays are great. Then the rest are kinda by the seams of his pants..    This game will come down to coaching more than anything I believe. If the coaches get our players prepared we will win.