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  1. General_Purr added a post in a topic What is hindering the running game?   

    I think we find success in running when we pull our line men out to the side. Most of our plays are O line goes straight forward and stewart runs faster than them.. so naturally it runs into a stand still of a hard 2 yard gain. I know a lot of Pitts is Bell being patient but them &  the chiefs seam to get bodies out from the line of scrimmage and create impact blocks allowing space to jump around. Plus when we do have a fullback its not useful to follow him... 
    Lee Ward..?
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  2. General_Purr added a post in a topic What to think of Kevin Norwood?   

    Carolina is not going to play anyone who has not already played. Lot of talent there too sadly... Brandon Wegher... Kevin Norwood will not get the chance past 3 or 4 snaps. Were going into games with Cotch Philly Ted Ginn Bersin lol
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  3. General_Purr added a post in a topic Luke still has not passed the concussion protocol, Cotch in full pads and helmet   

    Sme ol same ol......
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  4. General_Purr added a post in a topic Norwell... lol...   

    I think this is the greatest picture you have ever took. Norwell is awseome lol 
    Laughed so damn hard when I saw this... holy poo.. I can't imagine him running full force looking to block my head off 
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  5. General_Purr added a post in a topic Completely unimpressed with Allen   

    Isnt he the oldest on the team now? Harper makes him look fast. But I never got the whole weeks worth of omg great move great move great playoff move. Its not 2006.. Hes right in there with Frank Alexander, Ealy. Not much better not much worse.. just a couple of DUIs under his belt.
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  6. General_Purr added a post in a topic Marcus Lucas and Brandon Williams to Miami   

    People like to say what others jump about.. but saying Swole Bones sucks is ehhhhhhh. 

    Players in Carolina rarely get the chance if you are a 3rd or 4th. Dickson and Olsen are written in stone they are the starters. Think of being a Prometheus human being and standing on the sidelines getting tight for long stretches at a time.. then you get called in for 2 plays. He never really got the chance. I saw him do great things last year when he did. I was a fan of Lucas as well this preseason over the white TE. But hey good luck to them.. its the NFL and Carolina is a good solid team. 
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  7. General_Purr added a post in a topic RR: planning to play without Luke   

    The only sketchy thing is just the way they are teasing us saying there is a chance. I wish they would come out and say yes we are keeping out until after our bye week. 
    I honestly didn't like him being on the sideline last game. The noise.. just the movement around him. He didn't look all there to be honest... Let AJ Mayo Thompson Colin Jones disrupt some Winston
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  8. General_Purr added a post in a topic Who are the best (and worst) trades the Panthers have ever made?   

    Didn't we have Evan Mathis and gave him away early?
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  9. General_Purr added a post in a topic This defensive line please.   

    To throw in some speed I wouldnt mind a hybrid look.. Allen, Short , Star, have a blitzing Luke and Addision on the edge..? I think we have the depth outside of line to give some filthy looks... Hyrbrid players like Colin Jones, Shaq, TD, Addison..
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  10. General_Purr added a post in a topic Panthers Trade for Jared Allen   

    Think this is great but I think people are more excited we made a move. I understand both sides for Allen and was a huge fan of his with the Vikings. He will certainly be no Hardy but its cool. Him and Alshon Jeffery for DA & Klien would have rocked my entire universe.
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  11. General_Purr added a post in a topic Funchess getting pushed around still   

    Funchess is soft...? Did anyone see him getting absolutely hung out to dry and smashed and he bounced right up? Not sure if any other WR on the team would take that hit and bounce up like Smitty. He is out there about half as much as Brown. Panthers don't seem to use the depth they have.. during a long season keeping Stewart in the entire game when we have CAP and Wegher who might not see any action at all until someone goes down..
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  12. General_Purr added a post in a topic Bias Confirmed   

    Refs were completely awful today towards us. The spot of the ball was fuged up multiple times extending drives.. KK basically fell into Luke right as he threw the ball. The cam didnt show what happend to #1 it just showed him on the ground out of bounds. I totally believe he would tell Cam that. 
    Like above said.. refs were borderline game fixing. As bitchy and whiney as this sounds anyone with eyes could of saw how the refs were using their power.
    Flags & Commercials = Roger Goodells NFL
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  13. General_Purr added a post in a topic I literally cannot remember a single time our D has looked this bad..   

    Go watch the steelers game last year. Watch Pits black n yellow ass destroy our defense.
    Hey we do have Roman Harper as our free safety lul
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  14. General_Purr added a post in a topic Cotchery "could be" out 4-6 weeks according to Rappaport   

    And we cut the Byrd...... smooth fast Byrd being judged off pre season punts... now we bow down for Bersin to save us.
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  15. General_Purr added a post in a topic Drew Brees injured?   

    I hate playing back up QBs too.. Honestly if Hoyer came in yesterday he would have did better than Mallet. A dink and dunk kind of QB kills us. Id rather face Luke than Grayson for some reason
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