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  1. Comments on NOLA article

    If... we make it to the BiG GAME, I guarantee you all the butthurt media types/naysayers will jump all over the Horton issue. Ghost of 2003. I remember Pats fans talking about our 'roided up O line after our loss. 
  2. I remember. And have bled Black and Blue since Oct. 1993.  
  3. If we do what we do-lock up the division, then home field, that would give Peanut close to six weeks to heal up.
  4. My home town Bojangles reppin'!

    "As cool as the other side of the pillow" ...Rest in peace Stu...from a Duke dad.
  5. My home town Bojangles reppin'!

    Panther's Defense= " Bojangle Blitz"
  6. Small Market Southern Team:11-0 Drives northern media types crazy. Hehehe.
  7. One wish

    Question One.....Who the FUG is Chris Chase?
  8. Yeah, CBS has the broadcast...strange since it's CBS and they carry the AFC.
  9. Gameday Menu

     My world famous NC BBQ Turkey with all the fixins... and of course......