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  1. I was working on a construction site and a piece of plywood was blown out of the hands of a guy on the roof and it landed on my head. I did have on a hard hat. I got up, didn't even know I had been out cold, but evidently had been for a couple minutes. All I knew was I had been knocked down.
  2. Actually I think he should be held liable for his hit. It happened after the play was over and not within the scope of a normal NFL play. If the hit is considered an intentional attempt to cause bodily harm, then yes the player should be held responsible for damages that occur as a result of that hit. Proving it was intentional in a court would be difficult, but I think Gronk's hit would definitely qualify.
  3. I don't know if you've ever been knocked out, but you don't always know it's happened when you get up. I've had a concussion with loss of consciousness. I remember before and after but nothing in the middle, and it wasn't like I was missing time, I didn't know anything had even happened. It's the NFL's responsibility to protect players, especially from themselves. Something was obviously wrong with him. He pulled his arms in and his hands were visibly trembling. That's one of the signs of a concussion. Not taking him back for a full evaluation instead of a quick trip to the tent at that point would probably be considered negligent.
  4. So about the end of game kneel downs

    I don't really have an issue with trying to force a bad snap on a kneel down if a team is only down a score but there should be rules set up around it. Team has to be down by 8 or less with less than 2 minutes remaining. No dirty hits allowed or unsportsmanlike penalty with an ejection/fine/suspension should be attached. I don't think a team should have to just give up because it's easy for the offense to take a knee. If you're concerned about injuries, shotgun and have the QB kneel.
  5. No matter whether he had a seizure or not, something was obviously not right with him. The NFL better get serious about this or they are going to have some major lawsuits to deal with for negligence.
  6. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    The problem with always going into a prevent with a lead is teams know you're going to do it. Against us, they know we are going to let them back in the game. It's psychological. Never let your opponent think they have a chance once they're down.
  7. Happy we won. Still pissed about going to prevent again, only to let our opponent back in it again, and having to pull a miracle out of our ass again. Ron should know better but he doesn't. Finish the fugging game.
  8. So which one of you did this?

    Better than a fire Shula banner.
  9. My mood was damn it Brees, that point I lost for that INT better not cost me in fantasy playoffs this week.
  10. This is what I wanted to hear.

    Can blame the players for not finishing tackles but Ron didn't finish the first half.
  11. Time for Olsen to start raising funds for victims and responders of the wildfires in CA. Those people are going to need some help.
  12. Ron gets confused and does the 2 minute kneel down drill at the end of the 3rd with the Panthers down by 6. TD kicks RR in the taint, Luke goes in to play QB, and Ed fugging Dickson catches 3 passes for 97 yards and a TD in the final 23 seconds of regulation. Panthers win, 35-34.
  13. In 12 games CMC has rushed for...

    Coaching has so much to do with player performance. BB is an amazing coach. People get tired of hearing about it, but when they lost Brady week 1, he put in Matt freaking Cassel and ran it to 11-5 season. This team loses Cam to an injury like that week 1 and you could pretty much guarantee a top 5 pick in the draft. Coaches and coordinators make the whole thing work and we have a HC and OC that couldn't find their way out of a wet paper bag. But as long as JR keeps cashing those checks, it's never going to change.