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  1. Seriously?!? They can run screenings for drugs pretty quickly. I don't see how it can take so long that they can't do a retest on an unclear sample.
  2. He's played a year, might be too soon to say he's no good. If we draft a rookie starting cb, he's still going to need time to develop.
  3. It would have been open a few days, then collapsed on the 4th.
  4. Do we need another corner? Yes. Is it a requirement we get one in the draft. No. Personally, I'd like to see us draft another one, but not in the first 4 picks. I think we could use a guy to groom into our system in case one of our starters goes down. I like the idea of bringing in depth guys from FA, I like the idea of having a youngster that can make something happen in case another freak injury like Bene happens.
  5. I've been through a few long hospitalizations with family and they definitely take a toll on you. I'm glad she seems to have made it through the worst of it. I'll offer you this little tip, if they allow it. Keep a bowl of candy in the room with your mom, I kept lemon heads and caramels. Nurses seemed to stop in a lot more to pick up a treat and they always took a look while they were there. Glad you're doing better man, keep pounding.
  6. Solo tackle up the gut it's probably Fournette because of his size. Open field sideline to sideline, I'd say McCaffrey, because of his threat as a receiver out of the backfield and in the slot. I think there's more that an OC could do with him as a player which would make him more difficult to contain.
  7. Sadly, many believe all Americans are murdering hate mongers just like many Americans believe Muslims are suicide bombing assholes. It's a sad, sad cycle of killing that is only going to lead to more innocent people dying for no good reason.
  8. Just go ahead and legalize it already. Fug the recreational use. What it does for people with Parkinson's disease is more than reason for me. There was supposed to be a million stoner march on DC, but everyone was stuck in line at Taco bell waiting on Doritos tacos.
  9. That's one way to avoid going to Cleveland I guess.
  10. Bet he's going to get a nice "severance" package for retiring and taking all of those questionable calls with him. GG Goodell
  11. We all get it, you don't like Funch, but why in the world would we trade him right now? He looked like a rookie his rookie year. Everyone is saying the o-line was responsible for Cam having a bad year. Well Cam having a bad year means Funch is going to have one too. He doesn't call the plays or throw the ball to himself. He's now a 3rd year WR that had a poo show at QB last year. He's got an OC that called a horrible season for the passing game last year. Give the man a chance before you label him a bust.
  12. It's hard to say. Fournette could be a total NFL flop. It happens. I think McC has an exceptional ability if he's used in the right system. I see him more in the mold of a Leveon Bell than AP because of his receiving ability but it's going to take a creative OC to let him shine. I'm not sure Shula is that guy.
  13. All that talent won't mean poo if our o-line isn't fixed. We still have 2 huge question marks on the edges.
  14. It should be a class called Common Sense 101 that teaches everything from bills to flat tires and the effects of alcohol, firearms, teen pregnancy, STDs, etc. I remember having to sit through the CMPD officer course on drunk driving. They were showing horrific stuff, including one guys arm with the skin, muscle, and fat peeled off like an orange. I almost tossed my cookies. I think it would be extremely beneficial to teach gun safety without a political motivation involved. Kids need to know the truth. A gun is neither good nor evil, it's a tool designed for a specific, albeit violent, purpose. Making kids aware of what exactly happens when someone is shot, what happens when a bullet enters a body, and how easy it is for one to take a life accidentally might help. Of course, that would require some responsibility as adults and I'm not sure that exists in abundance anymore.