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  1. SmokinwithWilly

    Post a pic, any pic.

    I suspect if you zoom out there might be a missing T-top, graduation tassel on the rear view, and a mullet of epic proportion about to get in the front seat.
  2. SmokinwithWilly

    What are your Top 5 Movies All Time?

    1. The Shawshank Redemption - all time classic and one of my favs. I can just about quote it I have seen it so many times. 2. Star Wars- the very first movie I saw in theaters. Always holds a special place for that reason. 3. The Matrix - Long time favorite 4. Saving Private Ryan - saw this in the theatre that had cranked up the bass for maximum effect. The opening scene almost made me throw up just from the bass shaking me so violently. 5. The Godfather - I don't know how you couldn't really include this in a top 5 list. *edit* Honorable mentions Lord of the Rings Trilogy Extended Version Braveheart The Dark Knight - Heath Ledger by far the best Joker ever
  3. SmokinwithWilly

    Cam and Kelvin talk... Caption this photo

    What do you mean have I ever eaten 12 dozen Buffalo wings in one sitting?
  4. SmokinwithWilly

    Video of Curtis Samuel touchdown today.

    Nice balance and recovery after the catch.
  5. SmokinwithWilly

    Jordan Rodrigue

    Why? Why would you do that to anyone? I can't unseen that.
  6. SmokinwithWilly

    update: still legal to murder black people in florida

    Stand your ground law is being abused. It's supposed to be that you are not required to run if someone is threatening you with imminent bodily harm to you or your family/group. It's supposed to mean that you aren't going to be charged with murder for defending yourself inside your own home instead of jumping out a window. Being "afraid" is such a loose term that it's a license to murder at will.
  7. SmokinwithWilly

    San Juan: The Venezuelan city where nothing works anymore

    Our education system is broke as fug and not just financially. We need to revamp the entire thing and stop making blue collar workers into some sort of degenerate. We need to focus on finding our kids talents and abilities instead of boring them to death with useless classes that don't matter when it comes to finding a job. Seriously, who cares about 16th century English literature in high school? I've never been to a job interview that wanted to know what I thought of Shakespeare. Kids need real classes to learn how to function in the real world. I'd rather have my kid graduate high school being able to work in a mechanics shop or as a journeyman making $18-$25 an hour instead of $9 an hour asking if I'd like fries with that. We are failing our kids miserably because we are determined to keep pumping money into a failed public education system. If we want to level the playing field, give all our kids the chance to succeed in more than just a white collar world.
  8. SmokinwithWilly

    Even Libertarians Admit Medicare for All Would Save Trillions

    When health care becomes about curing disease instead of lining the pocket with long term treatments, we'll see a dramatic drop in health care costs. That said, I'm all for anything that actually lowers health care costs significantly.
  9. SmokinwithWilly

    Cockrell is done

    It would probably come out something like he has ED and I need a nurse to check for a pulse stat.
  10. SmokinwithWilly

    The Great Lie of Conservatism

    That would include helping each other, teaching each other. Community is about an entire group of people, not just a specific sect. I don't care what you are, but everyone has to contribute in order for a community to be successful. That's the key. And that's whether you're talking about a neighborhood or a nation. Unfortunately, that's a utopian society we will never see succeed because too many people believe that they deserve the rewards of being part of the group without contributing to its success. The "conservative" people I grew up with did a lot of community building and were very active. That's why I said I don't recognize the new "conservative" group anymore. It's not what I was raised up being. As a child, I remember we lived within our means, helped those where and how we could. Being conservative meant something different than it does today.
  11. SmokinwithWilly

    The Great Lie of Conservatism

    True conservatism, IMO, is about being accountable for one's self, one's family, and one's community by being a responsible participant and active member in your home and community. Whatever the hell "conservatism" is now, I don't recognize it, and I'm not part of it, even though I consider myself "conservative".
  12. SmokinwithWilly

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    I understand that they can't follow everyone, but I would think that certain players party it up more than others, or that high round draft choices would receive priority. I've always thought there really needs to be a mentoring program mandatory for all players to help transition these guys from little money to having a lot, and everything that goes with it. I remember seeing a couple of pros doing this type of thing for NBA rookies years ago after the draft, but haven't heard much about it since.
  13. SmokinwithWilly

    Vernon Butler accused of assault

    Do teams have handlers for players? It would seem to me that, especially in this day and technology age, it would be worth it for teams to employ people to follow around the guys just to try and prevent this from happening.
  14. I've watched a lot of Bell and CMC. The thing I notice most is they both can lean one way and their ankles break a different way before their body moves so a defender is off balance and can't make the tackle correctly. Bell runs through the arm tackles, CMC not so much last year. CMC is no Bell right now, but with the right coaching, he can become that elusive runner that is hard to bring down.
  15. SmokinwithWilly

    If you weren't a Panthers fan....

    I'd follow my fantasy team and that's about it. No Panthers, I don't give a poo.