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  1. That's the look of a man who's after a Camelbak of YooHoo.
  2. Someone had some off season workouts with Eddie Lacy.
  3. Because pubs, just like dems, are on the payroll. The fat are getting fatter while the rest of the country starves. They pat us on the shoulder and tell us how sorry they are while stuffing their pockets from our wallets. If you end up in the hospital for a week, it can literally cost you everything you've worked for your entire life. There is something seriously fugged up with that. Pharmaceutical companies and hospitals are out of control. Personally, I think that a capped profit margin, say 15%, would make a tremendous impact across the board for health care costs. I understand the need for profit, and don't have a problem with companies making one. However, healthcare should be about saving lives instead of making a huge profit. I'm curious though, how many of you guys would support holding execs from big pharma criminally liable for withholding cures and instead providing only treatments?
  4. If you really want to make healthcare in this country work, require members of Congress to actually use it. Betcha we would get a hell of a plan then that could actually work. Unfortunately, none of it will work until the country wakes up to the fact that we are the cash cow of the health care industry. Why cure a disease for 100 bucks when you can treat it for 100k. Healthcare is a for profit business. Once we fix the massive problem with healthcare providers, then I'll be much more on board for a single payer program. Watch an hour of regular network TV and count how many commercials there are for pharmaceuticals. It's disturbing.
  5. I wonder how long it's been since the US committed an act like this? Except we do it with drones and stray bombs. @PhillyB could probably answer fairly well since he travels outside the US quite a bit, but does the rest of the world see us the way we see ISIS?
  6. Looks like someone didn't forget leg day.
  7. I don't see it as pessimism as much as realism. Without a solid o-line our offense isn't doing squat. It's that way for the other 31 teams in the NFL too. Dallas trotted out a rookie RB and rookie QB behind the best o-line in football and they made it look easy. Our line is a big question mark with our expected starting center and tackles all coming back from significant injury, and that's just being honest. When TC starts, we'll get to see exactly where these guys are. If they look good and we have even a middle of the road o-line, I'll be much more optimistic about what this offense and its weapons can bring to the table.
  8. It's pretty easy to not get excited right now. Our tackles are Kalil and Oher. We are banking our offense on a guy at LT that has been one of the worst in the NFL and Oher if he's back or Williams if he's not. If these guys aren't good then it wouldn't matter if we had Megatron, Moss, and Irvin for our WRs and Barry Sanders in the backfield. If Cam has less than 2 seconds to do anything before he's crushed it's just not going to matter.
  9. Corporate America?
  10. It's pretty sad that the corruption has become so obvious and mainstream that they don't even bother trying to hide it anymore. They know we'll bitch and whine about it, but are never really going to do poo to stop it. Start a war, spill some blood, wipe your hands on a USA rally towel. Rinse, Repeat.
  11. What you're really saying is it's time to find some defense industries with public stocks and buy buy buy. In 10 years, they'll be gold.
  12. Because men like teeties
  13. Matt Ryan choking while wearing a braided belt in the author blank sphincter dome. A topic so legit my phone finished it without me typing.
  14. How in the fug did we end up with a 70 page topic on PanthersKing?
  15. 3-28 should become a huddle holiday marked by thousands of panther fans in cargo shorts raising their glasses to celebrate the greatest choke job in NFL history. On a side note, @RoaringRiot could add a special to the menu on that day, the 3-28. 3 wings coated in a wing sauce made from 28 Carolina Reapers. Guaranteed not to make you choke as bad as the Falcons or cry as much as their fans. IT could also be a challenge. 3 wings with the 28 pepper sauce. Finish the wings and endure the 4th quarter comeback. 15 minutes of pain before any milk or beer.