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  1. Jacksonville Jaguars are dead to me.

    I thought Jacksonville was a sewage treatment plant for Florida.
  2. Canes/Bruins

    I'm in town visiting family and was thinking of taking in a Canes game. I've seen tickets online but am not really sure about pricing. I've read some tickets have been upgraded for free and I really don't want to pay full price through a ticket broker if they aren't going that high. Anyone able to give me a few insights on the market here?
  3. That's what I was thinking. He may be basing the contract on what he feels may be deserved, but his wording is just piss poor pathetic, especially with the cap hell that crippled this team that he was responsible for.
  4. Do we have a radical Christian problem in America?

    I consider myself to be Christian. I do not consider myself religious. "Christianity" is what I would call the melting pot of all religions that have Jesus Christ as a deity. Religion has been bastardized by leaders seeking to accomplish whatever agenda suits their fancy all in the name of God. God can "speak" to them and the rest of the sheep follow all because of religion. I think a more accurate title should be "Do we have a radical religion problem in America?" The answer would is absolutely. Do we have a radical religion problem worldwide? Absolutely. If God, or whatever you call your deity grants you peace, then there is no reason to kill in his name. God preaches love, passivity, and charity. That's not the message that is being preached any more.
  5. What's Hurney's big move going to be?

    Maybe he mistakes a bar of Exlax for a Hershey bar. That would be a hell of a move.
  6. Jimmy Clausen is now a quarterback coach

    Wonder if he introduces himself as Mr. Pickles...
  7. It has been around forever, but the ability to take it to a 24/7 event is not. Extreme cases and trying to absolutely destroy someone has never been so easy. Add in that all this can be done now without having to actually confront someone, and it gives people who would never have had the courage to do it the ability to have power over someone's life. It's a recipe for disaster.
  8. Opening home game in 96 with my dad. Hot as hell, got sunburned, drank semi cold beer, Panthers won. Can't replace that day.
  9. Joe Person predicts what moves Hurney will make

    I'm pretty sure I could write for the observer now. I think he does his research on the Huddle.
  10. As a child, I was bullied viciously for years. It was before cell phones and social media so at least I didn't have to deal with that. I wanted nothing more than for it to stop. And it's not just the bullying you remember. It's all the people that stood there and laughed or watched it happen and did nothing. When it comes to stuff like that, we have an elephant's memory. Add in that it can be posted to social media for you never to be able to forget, not that you really do, and that has got to make it unbearable. Technology has given us a wealth of information at our fingertips. Unfortunately, it's not all info we should have access to. If given the choice of taking your own life to stop the pain, or taking the life/lives of those that are causing that pain to make it stop, it doesn't really surprise me that this is happening more and more often.
  11. Being a victim is not a mental illness. Being tortured relentlessly for years can absolutely have an effect on your psyche. Are there people that say they're a victim when they're not? Sure. But to dismiss what we're doing to each other for sadistic pleasure is beyond foolish. The people that are destroying someone for fun are the ones with a real mental illness.
  12. The part that is scarier to me is the use of guns is only the beginning. There is way too much info out there on how to crank this up quite a bit and cause major mass casualties.
  13. Terrible situation. Everyone has a breaking point. Kids are merciless in teasing and as adults we generally aren't much better as a species. If you've ever been bullied before you know that at some point the only thing you think about is some way to make it stop. It's a sad reality for far too many people.
  14. One decent off season would ease a lot of minds. Hurney wasn't horrible in some of the things he did, but dishing out ridiculous contracts that crippled the franchise cap was something that has left a horrible stink on his legacy as a GM. It honestly feels like Gettleman is setting Hurney up to do something stupid. Not saying he is, but it feels like it.