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  1. That's part of the pregame warm-ups
  2. I took him early 2nd in our board mock draft, there's always a chance he could slide a few spots.
  3. Wouldn't mind him as our second round pick to compliment Olsen on the other side. If he does project similar to Olsen, it couldn't help but to let him learn from him. I really want to see what Cam could do with 2 TEs that can be used in the passing game, and no, Dickson wasn't particularly useful in any game.
  4. Salt. Lots of salt. But if you have ever had fresh made caesar dressing, the bottle stuff is garbage. But what's wrong with having a dozen wings on my caesar salad with fresh fried string potato croutons?
  5. I've been making my own salsa for years. My wife can't handle the heat so I char my jalapeños and remove the seeds. Charred tomatoes bring out the richness of the tomatoes too. If you want to try something new, try peppers that have been roasted in a smoker, peel the skins, then puree them up and add it. Mucho tasty. I've started using oven baked tortillas instead of corn chips. It's cheaper and I can control the salt.
  6. How is this different than our offensive line right now? We're banking on one of the worst performing LTs in football to somehow become rock solid and we have a huge question mark on the right side at the moment. Until our line is much improved, I think our pick would be better spent elsewhere or else it's a very real possibility we waste a top 10 pick because we don't have the talent on our line.
  7. It's the Saints. There's not really anything predictable other than there is a 98% chance that whatever they do, it won't make any sense to anyone unless they pop about 10 vicadin and wash it down with a big glass of Breesus juice.
  8. If done right, a wing sauce is supposed to compliment the taste of chicken, or in your case, cauliflower. If all you want is the taste of sauce, then you aren't doing it right. JMO. I have to say though, the idea of doing mushrooms instead of cauliflower is very appealing. I love mushrooms so I don't think it would be weird to do a savory buffalo shroom and they have a very meaty texture and a good umami.
  9. Howard's stock seems to really be climbing. Not sure he makes it out of the top 15 for us to trade back to late in the 1st and grab him.
  10. If it's ok with everyone for the sake of time, I'll draft for the Rams as well as Chicago. With Trumaine Johnson's status unclear and the hiring of Wade Phillips from Denver, it seems logical to follow the most recent part of a winning SB team and focus on the secondary. CB is a very tempting selection here if Johnson leaves, but since he's there for the moment, the Rams are forced to address the greatest poo show on turf. All that said, with the 37th pick in the Huddle mock draft, the LA Rams select John Ross, WR out of Washington. He's undersized for what I really hope for out of WR with so much being put on his shoulder, but the offense desperately needs help. Todd Gurley couldn't get out of backfield because defenders could stack the box and force the pass. I'm not 100% sure this move will actually help the offense because Goff is looking a little like shell shocked David Carr already, but with what the Rams gave up to get him, he's got to have something to work with before calling him a bust. He does have ability as a returner, so that's a plus. Not sure I'd want to put him back there until I see how he can hold up against the bigger NFL guys he's going to get hit by.
  11. I'd like to see the possibility of Howard/Cook if he starts falling. I like the idea of McCaffrey as well. If we used him out of the backfield like Leveon Bell, it could cause all kinds of problems for defenses and open up the middle.
  12. Here's my pick again, in order this time. Rams are officially on the clock. Didn't see anyone signed up for them, if I need to make the pick I can.
  13. The writers gave up when their original tagline "You're about to get fisted" was left on the drawing board.
  14. I'm not sure if he's out of his mind, or just raided the White House wine cellar for a new bottle every hour or so.
  15. His only number 1 hit