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  1. Just a thought here and I'm not a Trump supporter AT ALL. Is it really that much difference between Russians trying to buy an election and tons of special interest groups donating millions of dollars to get their candidate into office? You don't just hand over 5 million bucks without expectation of payback in some form or another. I realize that Trump's offense is way worse if true, which it probably is, but at the end of the day, aren't all politicians selling out for a bigger piece of power? Just a thought.
  2. I wouldn't put him above 16. Without back to back winning seasons I don't know how you can rate him that high even with a SB appearance.
  3. TD at 90% of his prime is still better than 90% of the linebackers in theirs right now.
  4. 16 Years old and applying for a kitchen manager job, I was already doing the job without the title. I was told I was not eligible because one of the housekeepers had quit and they had to hire a minority or woman to bring the numbers back up. It was really my first professional experience with hiring someone not because of qualifications. It didn't make sense to me then and it still confuses me today. I can't understand why as an employer you wouldn't want to hire the best qualified person for a job regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, etc. I understand why there is affirmative action, but the fact that there is a need for it is stupefying. I'm not saying I was the best candidate and I got the shaft or anything like that. But that was the first time I had ever heard it said out loud like that before. It really shocked the hell out of me to be honest.
  5. Been an official donor since the day I turned 18, even though it was on my license at 16. I've asked to be cremated anyway, so it's not like anyone is going to notice that 2 oz of my ash is missing. This is literally the gift that costs you nothing to give.
  6. I've done it. Of course it was 8 am and I had been drinking since about 8pm and I was drunk as fug but ya know. I had a 1/2 gallon of OJ for my leisurely outing with a little bit of 151 added to it. Needless to say, I was thrown off the course by 8:10.
  7. Have to agree. If I'm doing a vegetarian chili I like using small diced crispy fried potatoes as a sub for the beef. Since my chili has jalepenos, thai, and serano chilis, I think it would still qualify.
  8. Any more, Hollywood studios and actors know they are going to get paid and don't seem to care if they put out a poo movie or not. CGI has taken some movies over the top. LotR was a great blend of CGI and costumed actors. It's created absolute travesties with others. Warcraft. Seriously? There are movies I won't watch when I read the actors because I know it's going to be terrible. Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, Steven Segal, Ray Liotta, Van Damme, Sandler (though he occasionally does a good one), Will Ferrell (I just don't find him funny other than Wedding Crashers), Mark Wahlberg and the list goes on. There are very few movies that are very deep anymore. Most are made to be a mindless watch for 2 hours with 45 minutes of commercials. The days of movies that make you think are pretty much over. It's the same poo with the names changed and the scripts vomited back onto paper. Hidden Figures and Hacksaw Ridge are probably two of the better movies I have seen recently. Both were compelling and well acted and I was genuinely entertained with the story telling. I have seen the new trailer for Deadpool 2 and it looks like it's going to be as funny as the first. Can't wait to see that one.
  9. Let's be honest, if it was any other QB we were talking about we would all be bitching about them being on the list with 3500/19/14. He didn't have a good year. He's a dynamic game changing player when he's on point, but last year was just down right ugly. On a side note, the Falcons blew a 28-3 lead in the greatest collapse in SB history.
  10. Sadly to say, tasers aren't always effective. They require contact with skin and can fail because of something as simple as a thick sweater. I think they need a more compact less lethal form of weapon other than a beanbag shotgun.
  11. Kaep drew national attention to himself, regardless of the reason, and that caused a distraction. While his reasons may have been valid, it leaves an employer in the position of deciding whether or not the potential for future distractions is worth what he brings to the table. None of us are sitting behind an owner or GM desk right now, but there's more to consider than just him kneeling for the national anthem. If he's rated an 83 Madden style and the roster has a 79 rated backup QB, is those 4 points worth the risk? Also, would he be happy in a backup role if he wasn't named starter? Also, is he a fit for the offensive scheme that teams are wanting to run? There's a lot to consider. Personally, I think at this point, I would like to see Kaep replace DA on our roster. If an injury happened to Cam, I think his skill set would be better suited to our offense than DA.
  12. That may work in the government since they write the paychecks or the subsidies, it all comes from the same piggy bank. But in the private sector, I imagine the discrimination lawsuits would be slapped on so fast that companies wouldn't know what hit them. You would see companies basing employee hiring on how many kids there are. I would. Why pay a guy with 5 kids $25 an hour when I can get 2 kids fresh out of high school with no kids for $12 apiece? Equal work for equal pay. That's the way it should be. Man, woman, black, latino, asian, caucasian, whatever. If we want to all be treated as equals, then treat everyone equally.
  13. Cam should have missed several games last season, but we played him when he was injured and were out of the playoff hunt.
  14. Like I said before, I think the real place to start fixing this is with our education system. Our schools prepare our kids for a career that requires little to no ability. Technology is evolving quickly and we need to give our kids a chance. Technical and trade options have to be available. A college degree needs to go back to being specialized for certain jobs instead of being a requirement for data entry. A lot needs to change. Unfortunately, not everyone is going to be above the poverty line no matter what we try to do. I see our society as a kind of forest. Not every acorn can grow into a mighty oak. Some are going to grow tall and strong, others are going to grow, but not really do a lot, and others are going to sprout then die from never seeing the light of day living in the shadows. Eventually, a forest fire, or in this case, a revolution, is just about what's going to be required to even the playing field again. And we're just about there.
  15. Because the offseason is boring as fug.