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  1. DA under center, Cam at rb. lateral to cam, passback to DA, pass to CMC down the sidelines for 37.
  2. 2.5 of 6 games Cam has played well. He looked like it was going to be a good game in Philly until the dive. Whether hurt, or because he missed TC and practice , whatever, the first 3 games were not good. I'm trying to look bigger picture. Cam can't be this offense alone and CMC has to step it up along with the rest of this offense. I'm not sure though that his body hasn't already paid the price for the first six years. When Cam is off the rest of the team is off, and this team is not getting into the rhythm that it should be in on offense. Something has got to change or else it's going to be a very long season for Panther fans and cam is going to keep taking the beating because of Rivera in Shula refusing to adapt.
  3. The guy has skills. Think of what he would be doing in KC with Andy Reid instead of RR and Mike Shula. I would love to see what he could do with the players on this offense. Our offense is old, and built around ground and pound, whether it's working or not. The NFL had become a pass friendly league and most games we look lost. Cam is not playing well right now and looks hurt again. That falls directly in Shula and Chud for 6 years of using him as our star RB. CMC is not going to be a 20 times per game run between the tackles back and I'm good with that. Our offense looks lost and isn't playing with a lot of confidence. We are out of rythem and it shows. This team is in a funk. Whether that's because of Shula and his play-calling or Rivera refusing to adapt to anything, something has to change. when it does I think you will see CMC have an up step in his game. Personally, I think he's trying too hard to make it happen instead of letting things just come to him. but that's just part of the adjustment to the NFL game
  4. Discuss.....

    but 2 TE sets
  5. NASA Missions Catch First Light from a Gravitational-Wave Event

    Interesting to think that this actually occurred so long ago but we are just seeing it now. 160 million years ago is a long time.
  6. Matt Kalil

    Give him a chance with an offensive blocking scheme that doesn't look like a van Gogh painting after 14 beers.
  7. We evaluate, we don't second guess.

    Cam evaluates when he gets to the line. If he's run the same play earlier and it completely failed, then he can second guess the call and audible out. That's part of his job as QB. Manning was probably the best ever at doing that. Shula should be doing the same thing. After a play doesn't work 3 times, he should second-guess using that same play again. But that would require in-game adjustments and we all know he doesn't do that. They stick to a plan whether it's working or not. I would think that part of his job is to determine whether or not a play is still going to work or if it should be scrapped for the rest of the game. Second-guessing yourself is not necessarily a bad thing, but you have to do it if you are going to grow as a coach or a player. I think second-guessing is done in game and evaluations are done out of game when you have more time to analyze what actually happened. We all know Ron and Shula don't make in-game adjustments very often. They evaluate after the game when it's too late to do anything about it.
  8. Shula and Rivera WTF

    Ron was just playing against a guy in fantasy that started Gano. It's the only logical explanation.
  9. We evaluate, we don't second guess.

    Mike Shula' s playbook.
  10. Who was the better coach?

    Siefert. At least he got fired.
  11. We evaluate, we don't second guess.

    Here's an evaluation. Mike Shula is living off his daddy's name.
  12. Hang Shula at dawn

    our offense can be good, but when it isn't working Shula doesn't know what to do and that's offensive.
  13. Lines to pick up girls .

  14. Hello from NBC Charlotte

    Ron Rivera. He won't go into prevent defense in the third quarter again
  15. Rivera on blowing leads

    When you play the Panthers teams know Ron is going to ease up and try to coast to the finish. Teams know they will always have a chance for a comeback. As much as I can't stand them, you know once the Taints or Pats get a 20 point lead they are going to keep pouring it on. Teams know it's going to be extremely difficult to beat those teams once they're up on you. It's about finishing the game and not putting the team in a position to lose. RR doesn't finish opposing teams and that's a problem whether you're 16-0 or 2-14. This has been an issue since Ron got here, so its nothing new. But when you see the Panthers up by 20, you know a comeback is coming. Hell, most of us expect it.