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  1. VP Pence likens Trump to TR

    Reading the title, I thought it meant Trent Richardson. Overhyped guy supposed to change the face of a franchise only to end up being a colossal failure and disappointment to almost everyone.
  2. Genetic studies to find secrets of gender identities

    The youngest baby to survive birth that I have found in a quick google search was 20 weeks 5 days. I think that creates a line for when is a fetus viable because a fetus has survived outside the womb at that point in gestation. Personally, and not for religious reasons, I believe that it's earlier than that with the creation of life at conception. I can't imagine discarding a child just because it tests positive for downs. People with Downs are capable of love on a level most of us can't even fathom. I don't think that's a disability, but the next step in evolution that the race of mankind should embrace. I know that there are reasons for these tests, but I can't understand having an abortion simply because your child tests positive for being transgendered, gay, what the hell ever. That's just fugging ignorant. IMO, abortion is not the solution for an imperfect child. We're all imperfect. I was born with a slight defect in the bone structure in my legs. I don't think that's a logical reason to kill me. Destroying life because of an imperfection really feels like a step back in evolution not a step forward. Who's to say that these fetuses aren't the next step in mankind's evolution? It all just seems like an attempt to destroy humanity in the name of saving it. Random afterthought. - If it was possible to determine if an unborn baby was going have the genetic predisposition to be a serial killer and would more likely than not become one, would it be morally right to destroy that life to possibly save the lives of others?
  3. 1300 is a very small sampling of people for what this survey claims. 650 people that identify as Pubs doesn't provide an accurate representation of a party of millions. They probably would have gotten the same answer if the question had been asked while Obama was in office from Dems.
  4. Human Extinction

    it brings up the question from Inferno. If you had to choose between pushing a button and wiping out half the population, or watching the human race go extinct in a hundred years, what would you choose?
  5. “They kept us as slaves”

    Amazing how many horrible things are done in the name of a loving God.
  6. Caption thi ****

    Just wait till he puts on the tube top with juicy written on it I got him.
  7. I think I sprained an ankle just watching that
  8. Truer words were never spoken

    He happened to be in office when Bin Laden got his. Other than giving the mission a go, I don't really give him credit for "getting" him. I wouldn't give Bush or the toddler credit if they had been in office either when it happened. The credit goes to the SEALs and the intelligence community that worked for years to find him.
  9. Russia is not our friend

    I should be ashamed for pointing out how god awful both candidates were and how stupid voters were by voting against a candidate rather than for one? If it was 2 or 3 people I had talked to, I would strike it off as just a small random few, but it wasn't. It was probably 70-80% of the number of people I talked to. Like it or not, stupid or not, this was the mindset of a lot of voters. Politicians are crooked, we all know it, and it is sickening, but more sickening is how stupid so many people were that voted for either of these 2 for POTUS or in the primaries. This is absolutely the "people's" fault for presenting these 2 for POTUS and I'm not suggesting otherwise. I wasn't suggesting pumping money into a 3rd party, just that money stop getting pumped into these 2. When the funds start drying up is probably the only time either party might actually listen to it's members. I believe Bernie would have been able to run a better campaign with less distraction than Hillary and would have destroyed Trump in a general election. I didn't really support Bernie as a candidate, because I voted 3rd party and likely still would have even if he had been the nominee. I think he would have had a better chance to win. Voters are uninformed and easily swayed by 30 second tv ads. The general election has turned into a popularity contest and a smear session. I honestly can't believe Trump was elected. This election disappointed me more with the American voter than I ever have been.
  10. Russia is not our friend

    Clinton is quite relevant when talking about Trump as POTUS. How many people voted against Hillary instead of for Trump? I don't know anyone that voted for Trump that thought he was going to make a good President. How many people voted Hillary over Trump for the same reasons? The election wasn't about who people support more, instead who did people hate more. We wouldn't be in this mess if the DNC had actually put forth a semi-decent candidate. I wasn't a Bernie fan, but he would have been better than either of those 2. If people keep pumping money into the Dems and the Pubs we are going to keep getting the same old shitburger every time. The cooks are in the kitchen laughing at us while we choke down another one and ask can I have another.
  11. Dunkirk

    I remember when I saw Saving Private Ryan for the first time in theater. They had the bass and the sound up so loud you could literally feel every pulse of sound. Several people had to get up and leave because it made them sick. I didn't leave, but I did almost hurl in my popcorn bucket. I want to see this film, but I'm pretty sure I'll be going alone because the wife won't want to sit through it.
  12. "Let Obamacare Fail..."

    My uncle had stage 4 prostate cancer with 2 tumors the size of golf balls. They gave him less than 6 months to live. He went to Mexico for a treatment not allowed in the US, changed his diet, and in 30 days 1 tumor had disappeared and the other was so small that doctors here aren't worried about it at all. It's been 5 years now I think. I know several people that have this same story. We can't cure everything 100%, but there are cures that are held back. Marijuana oil can be used to treat Parkinson's very effectively, is super cheap, and much safer than the other drugs used to treat it. The problem is there isn't much money in it. Make sure that the FDA never approves it, pharmaceuticals make their money, then pass some of it back to the politicians to make sure the FDA never approves it...... It's a sickening cycle of corruption.
  13. "Let Obamacare Fail..."

    I've said it before, I'll say it again. The pharmaceutical industry is a trillion dollar a year business. They have absolutely ZERO interest in developing cures until it benefits them. We are cash cows. Modern medicine learned with polio how devastating it can be when you find a cure. Thousands are out of work, profits go into the toilet, grants and donations dry up. Look at how much money gets raked in in the name of curing breast cancer. The country devotes an entire month to it. How much stuff with a pink ribbon do you see out for sale in October? It's sickening. They have the cures. But it wouldn't be worth it to cure cancer for 25k when you can make 500k "treating" it.
  14. ex-GM Michael Lombardi on Gettleman situation

    but went way too far over the line and made negotiations personal while generating a bad reputation for our organization. The same could be said of Hurney. He just went in the opposite direction. Getts and Hurney are polar opposites of each other.