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  1. Caption this McDermott

    What do you mean they didn't ban Dex because he doesn't like sweet tea?
  2. I guess it really depends on what you're looking for in your franchise QB. If you're looking for a pocket QB that isn't going to run a lot and risk injury in every game, Luck is your guy. He has some big shoes to fill following Manning, and I don't know if he's folding under the pressure a little. If you're looking a QB who can do damn near everything but catch his own touchdown pass, which will happen this year, go with Cam. I'll admit, every time he gets hit on a designed run I cringe a little.
  3. Go to every NFL stadium in NE, bury a Roaring Riot card on the grounds, take a pic flipping all of them the bird.
  4. It all depends on value at the pick. At number 1, Cam should be a franchise QB that carries this team. He is the best overall Panthers pick. Smitty is the best value pick. Borderline HoF because of the log jam at wr in the 3rd is a steal. Worst use of picks, Gilbert for 2 first rounders.
  5. Kelvin Benjamin's OTA Debut

    You sure that's not the E-coli?
  6. I finally did it

    But I'll be willing to bet that you spent at least 45 days drinking your first year.
  7. Should Dex be banned?

    Regular or instant grits? Instant grits are paste and not worthy of being called grits. Now for some reason I feel the need to go watch My Cousin Vinny.
  8. I had popcorn as a snack today before I read this. Now to make more.
  9. Bucs coaching staff discovers game changing data

    Now say that in your head in John Madden's voice (ala Frank Caliendo) and it gets even funnier.
  10. HVAC question

    Your buyers inspector wants you to damage the coils so his clients get new ones. He works for them, not you.
  11. CCW Owner Gets in the Middle of a Domestic Dispute.... and Dies

    People do want to do something about it. Finding a solution that actually has a chance of making a real impact while still able to make it through Congress without being bastardized into a completely useless piece of poo seems like a dream.
  12. Freddie Gray

    Cops who do speak out also have a justified fear of being left out to dry if something bad happens on a call. Happened to a friend of mine. Got into a very bad situation and he called for backup. They showed up 45 minutes later. He keeps his mouth shut now.
  13. CCW Owner Gets in the Middle of a Domestic Dispute.... and Dies

    Utter stupidity. Not really much more to say about it than has already been said 100 times before.
  14. Ron Rivera's office

    RR needs to consult SCP to make sure the helmet is in the proper direction.
  15. Might be Jobless

    remember, it's called interspecies erotica...