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  1. designing and building your own house

    Best advice I can give is start looking for your contractors now. It gives you time to go look at thwir work in progress. You dont want guys with sloppy job sights. If the job is sloppy, chances are their work will be as well. Of all of the trades, framers are the most important, IMO. Make sure whoever you hire has the ability to stick build. It sounds trivial, but it ends up being a big deal if you need to make any changes. Also, a great framer will reduce future costs from other trades due to problems with rooms being out of square.  A good foundation is also a huge necessity. I try to stay away from slabs, because too much can go wrong later. I didn't like having plumbing through the ceiling. One pipe break and you can have major damage throughout the house, where crawlspace won't have near as much. Also, a broken pipe under a slab can cost thousands to find and repair. Don't skimp on insulation. We over insulated our house and during summer our electric bills ran about 75 bucks and 80 during winter for 1800 sq feet. I'm 100 miles south of Canada so winters get pretty frosty here. Poor insulation can cost you $200 or more a month. It will add up fast. Lastly, figure 80% of what you plan your mortgage to be for your building costs. It never fails, prices change (like drywall going through the roof after the recent flooding), issues come up, delays happen. You don't want to be maxed out with little to no wiggle room and have to cut corners. It will really piss you off. If you do manage to stay on track, it's an added bonus.    
  2. Active shooter at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

    I probably have what you consider an obsession with firearms. I use some for hunting and some just for fun to shoot because it relaxes me. One thing that often gets looked over ,IMO, is how the government itself is actually fueling the fire of paranoia. Politicians on both sides consistently lie, cheat, steal, and do whatever is necessary to benefit themselves. They are bought and paid for and I would say about 95% could really give a rats ass about the people who voted them into office. Sure, they may start out that way, but it's not how they end up.  After watching politician after politician getting caught up in scandal after scandal, lie after lie, bribe after bribe, a lot of the "gun nuts" don't trust the government. But let's be honest, has the government really given them a reason to? Turning surveillence towards its people, wars started over false intel, cover-ups, infinite detention without trials to name a few. It doesn't really seem that far out of possibility that they would try some shenanigans to take control of its citizenry by force, does it? Just a different way to look at it. 
  3. Cam can make more NFL history

    The only record I really care about is most SB wins by a QB.  Peyton is a regular season record god but is absolute poo in the playoffs. Championships over stats any day. 
  4. Something to put a smile on your face this Monday

    I'm guessing that's not the first time he's had someone else's Johnson below his waist. 
  5. LOL @ Friday Morning Coverage

    We could win the super bowl and still wouldn't make the top story on ESPN. 
  6. Carolina is still undefeated and Tony Romo isn't pie

    Actually, he's 3-2. TD snapped him in half. 
  7. SB50 Favorites with DVOA

    They forgot Romo was undefeated this year!!!  How dare they!!
  8. Here we go....who wins and the final score

    No one will actually be able to see the end of the game. With Carolina up 44-3 at the beginning of the third quarter, the game will be switched to the speed walking national championships, for entertainment purposes of course. 
  9. I don't like that.... I DON'T LIKE THAT

    The first picture it appears he sharted himself and just remembered he's on national TV.
  10. Caption This Derek Anderson

    The first turn of the head I couldn't help but think Igo, get my good side.
  11. What Redskins Fans Are Saying

    And who in their right mind wouldn't turn down a bj from a snaggletooth woman in her formerly white tube top with the crescent shaped pit stains, zoobahs with fabric stretched to the breaking point, and the strapped on pig nose?  Nevermind, the nose is real.
  12. Oh USAToday...

    I feel like I just read a PU post. 
  13. Titans Report message board

    Turkey baster
  14. poo to do in denver

    Put a big fat deuce right in front of their stadium.