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  1. Someone sell me on why Butler was a good pick?

    The biggest thing is the 2 DTs need to take up the center and both guards to leave the DEs with 1 on 1s on the end. Watching last year's games, come 4th quarter, opposing o lines were able to get away from 3 on 2 and we paid the price with coronary comebacks. The purpose of adding Butler is to make sure that oposing olines can't shift help at the end of the 3rd and in the 4th and our DEs should be able to win those 1 on 1 matchups as well as leave our blitzes virtually unblocked. Go back and watch the SB if you can and watch what happened especially once Norwell went out. Our tackles were left without help because the line couldn't hold the blocks up the middle and there was no one that could shift to help. Remmers didn't stand a chance vs Miller 1 on 1. I see Butler as the nail in the coffin for opposing offenses. It looks like Gman is setting up to do to our opponents what Denver did to us. Cam was good in the SB considering how little time he had to throw and move. Now imagine what happens when we do that to QBs that aren't the league MVP.
  2. Child shrinks don't always have the proper answers. I worked on a child shrink's house and one of her kids started acting up pretty bad and throwing rocks at their sibling. Wondermom walked out on the back patio and pulled the tiki torch out of the ground and chucked it at her kid. She missed, then proceeded to teach her kid not to throw rocks by throwing a brick at him. I'm guessing she was dealing with the childhood trauma of not getting that set of lawn darts she wanted when she was 8.
  3. Gettleman is a genius

    I plan on being this drunk within the hour.
  4. Bradberry is amazing...

    No pass rush?
  5. Cam makes another wish come true.

    Gotta stop watching Cam videos when I'm cutting onions...
  6. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    It's alright. After 27 beers I tend to lose track of where I am too.
  7. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Somebody on this board is going to have a meltdown in 3.... 2.... 1...
  8. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    First time the Browns have crushed any NFL team fan's dreams.
  9. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    money whore. I approve.
  10. Inside Panthers War Room

    I expected to see a buffet set up with tons of BBQ and fixins. We know Dave loves his hogs.
  11. Oh no! We've been graded lowest of the NFC South teams!

    Damn. We lost the draft again. If only we could be like Cleveland....
  12. Butler selection Presser, 7 teams tried to trade

    Somewhere Romo just pooped his pants thinking about a Butler/Kk sandwich.
  13. 2016 Panthers First Round Draft Selection Tree

    Except next season there won't be anyone to trade back with and stay in the first round.

    Please Gman wait more than 7 seconds before we pick to at least tease us with a trade back.