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  1. @ecu88 the Huddle is family man. and like any family, each member has his/her moments. We got you man. Prayers to the Miracle Worker for your mom. Keep Pounding.
  2. He's probably a closest racist. And I don't throw that insult around lightly. It's just that I've notice that there's an unfortunate correlation between local Panthers fans who still hate Cam after 6 seasons and racist assholes. The only other corollaries are butthurt SEC fans and old fuddie duddies but even most of them have warmed up to him now. The only Panthers fans fervently opposed to him are the racists.
  3. Lol you can keep your hot bean water. I love myself. Jk some of the best coffee I ever had was fresh stuff in El Salvador a few years ago. Black with not even a grain of sugar or drop of cream and the stuff was amazing.
  4. My apologies. My link was from the Panthers App... surprising it got flagged.
  5. I started reading this without looking at the author, and somehow I just knew it was Voth. He kinda lays the boom on Gman alittle. Lol do you think the Panthers are okay with a borderline dissenting opinion in the media department? But for real though, this was a great article. So glad the Panthers hired him on!
  6. He's probably lurking this thread without an account to pick the one he likes best for his new screen name lol
  7. Fake news gonna fake news
  8. This. Wtf guys. You let us all down lol
  9. F*ck you. Don't be a buzz kill. Lol. Dream on @Jeremy Igo I'm with you brother. the Panthers will win the fu*cking superb owl this year and the haters can suck on a big fat Falcon chode. YES I'm drunk. So? Lol
  10. Did you even read any of what @Saca312 wrote? It doesn't appear that you did. Either that or your a homer Falcon fan with nothing better to do than weakly troll a rival fan forum. Neither option bodes well for you mental capacity.
  11. #CotcheryCaughtIt
  12. If there hadn't been so much turnover at the highest levels of their coaching staff, I might be more worried. But that, plus the hangover, plus regression to the mean in the form of injuries/bad bounces, is gonna catch up to the Falcons this year. Not that we should sleep on them. They're still going to be capable of beating us. But I'd be surprised if they were in contention for 1st in the division by week 17.