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  1. Wharton and Moton

    Who said Moton was being moved to guard?
  2. ^This yeah as others have said... RCR's problem with Cam is very, shall we say,... skin deep.
  3. Rank 'Em

    Bump thread
  4. Rank 'Em

    y'all are right. i'll add another poll to the post. I actually thought of this myself too as i was editing my OP.
  5. Rank 'Em

    How could i have been so dense! lulz.
  6. Rank 'Em

    Hey everyone. Just doing a little public opinion research for a project I'm working on. Please vote for the position you think should be the Panthers' top offseason priority through FA and the Draft, and if you would, please give me some reasons why you picked that position. This poll will resurface in a future post that I am working on for you ladies and... ahem... gentlemen, so help a brother out! Personally, i think DE is our greatest need. Arguments can be made for WR, S, CB, and maybe even C. But as much of a stellar season Julius Peppers had last season, we cant bank on it happening again. Charles Johnson never showed up, and Mario Addison is no spring chicken either, even though he put forth a stellar effort too. Despite the great effort, we consistently saw our defensive line fail to get to the quarterback, leaving our struggling back 7 out to dry. Scheme played a huge part in this, and I think Washington will bring back balance to the Force, erp... the defense. I think we will see more traditional concepts: four-man pressure, using Luke Kuechly (best coverage linebacker in the game) as a coverage guy again instead of a regular blitzer, etc. This is where I think the arguments for DB as our greatest need fall apart. With better pressure up front, a better scheme on the back end, and a tough sophomore slump to learn and gain motivation from for our CBs, we could see a resurgence of Thieves Avenue and a vaunted Panthers defense. This doesn't mean I wouldnt spend a first round pick on either S or CB in the draft. I certainly would. But I think the team needs to invest heavily in pressure-men again. The other argument people talk about is WR. And I get it. We have alot of unknowns for sure. But I really think our WR corps is more well rounded than we give it credit for. Funchess broke out after we released Benjamin, at least as best he could playing hurt most of the season. The kid is still 23 and has shown signs he could be our next Musin Muhammad, imho. Get him healthy and watch him take off. I firmly believe Curtis Samuel has the potential to be a #2 target behind Funchess once he is healthy and starts to catch on to the game. In the meantime, I'd be perfectly happy with bringing in a vet slot/outside guy to compete for reps in that #2 spot. #3 is Byrd's for the taking, and had he not been hurt (are we noticing a pattern yet?) he probably would have truly broke out last year too. Fill out the #4 and #5 with the guys who prove they want it most, but the point is that our WR corps suffered in 2017 from being without their QB for most of training camp, having lots of bad luck with injuries, and having a crayon-eating offensive coordinator who shall not be named. All of those problems should be fixed going into 2018, and with Norv Turner at the helm, it wouldn't surprise me to see our passing offense take off. And that's without spending big bucks or a high draft pick on a stud WR. As I said with the secondary conversation before, I would be all too happy to spend a draft pick on a WR if one fell in our lap. But should it be our top priority? No I dont think so. The only other position I could see being argued is OL. We have yet to replace Jordan Gross after 4 years. Andrew Norwell may be leaving, and Ryan Kalil might be a cap casualty as an attempt to keep Norwell for all we know. Its definitely time for the team to invest in the offensive line, but is it our top priority? Ehhhhhh.... I'll say this. If we somehow lose both Norwell and Kalil, then yes OL is our biggest need and must be addressed for the sake of Cam Newton's life. But if we can find some way to keep one or both, then DE should be a top priority over OL. The good news, imo, is that this is a great defensive end offseason. There are alot of young, proven options in Free Agency and deep draft. It should be fairly easy to acquire one or two young talents to bolster our line and learn from Julius Peppers for a year before he hangs up the cleats. Perhaps the better way to think of our offseason priorities should be split between biggest FA Priority and biggest Draft Priority....
  7. Taylor Gabriel?

    Yeah the Byrd is the wyrd. im all for bringing in a vet WR but it needs to be someone who can compete for one of the top two spots.
  8. I mean we are putting a new dome on the state line by Carowinds.... So maybe it'll be a football complex and we'll finally have an indoor training facility......... I'll see myself out...
  9. I can see bringing in a vet FA WR to compete and round out our corps, but anyone who thinks we need to use a draft pick on WR is overreacting. Funchess and Samuel are going to run this corps for years, and Byrd is going to be a nice #3/#4 too. None of the others impressed so I can see picking up a proven vet to put us over the top. But unless the next Antonio Brown falls in our lap, I'd rather not waste valuable picks on a WR. Contrary to popular belief, WR is far from our most dire need. I'd rank them approximately as follows: 1) DE (Pep possibly done, nothing behind Horton and Addison, who is old) 2) CB (this experiment with Bradberry and Worley went super bad last year. Could have been scheme, but I still think we can do better) 3) S (I still believe in Coleman and Adams if they had CBs in front of them that could hold their own and a DL that got more pressure, but both are old and we can surely do better) 4) OL (LT been a problem since Gross left. Possibly losing Norwell) 5) RB (power RB to spell and eventually replace Stew) 6) LB (Davis retiring :'( gotta keep that LB corps stout) 7) WR (a plug in vet would be fine here) 8) TE (Greg not getting any younger. Despite Dickson flashing, I don't believe in him long term) 9) DT (probably losing Star and I freaking hate it, but we might find someone better)
  10. To be fair, half of those throws were wide slap open too. That mostly comes from scheme, something Turner will help with hopefully.
  11. I miss Steve Smith and the all-black unis :'(
  12. Hi there

    Yes please! Maybe another guest appearance from a Panther?? @RoaringRiot
  13. Late V-Day present from the wife

    I'm still waiting on the Vikings 29, Saints 24 rep like the 28-3
  14. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    You're on to something there. Why even do a GM search? Why not just keep Gurney as the interim GM until the new owners come. It would have caused less drama. Correct me if I'm wrong but his contract wasn't up until the summer right? I hear you. My point wasn't that we lost a lot of games because of it. I was trying to say that it's extremely frustrating to continuously watch leads evaporate because of decisions made by the coaches. Don't get me wrong, I'd rather watch a lead evaporate every game and still win because hey a win is a win. But it would be much more enjoyable if once we get a lead, we just start running up the score like we did in 2015. I liked not having to sweat out every game that year lol.
  15. Panthers continue to hold out for Hurney

    That hasn't been our problem. Our problem has been jumping out to a double digit lead because our offense was un-f*cking-believable on its first 3 or 4 drives, only to watch the playcalling change to bs prevent offense sh*t. Run the clock out and try to maintain on defense. The reason we haven't been blowing many leads in the 4th quarter is because we usually blew them somewhere between halfway through the 2nd quarter and the beginning of the 4th.