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    dafuq is going on in this thread.
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    DAT MY QB!!!
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    haha I got the joke. I was trying to complement the man. 
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    dude have you seen PhillyB's wife? There's no way he is gay. 
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    sorry to hear about the carpal tunnel monsta. I've heard it really sucks :(
    When are you coming east to bear the 95 degree heat with 60% humidity at the Huddle tailgate?
    you have me beat there. I don't quite work 65 hours. But 45 is a regular occurrence. Though, I only have one job. 
    What do you do for a living? My company is mainly into remodelling. But we do home repair and the occasional bank repo fixer upper. 
    And I sure hope the chicks dig it. I'm 23 and single. How the hell I don't have a supermodel by my side is beyond me. Haha.
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    offseason gonna offseason
    Here's my view from the "office" for all you lucky fuggers that get to work in sheltered cars and buildings. 
    26 feet up on weak plywood in the rain. 
    Nah but y'all are awesome and I look forward to tailgating in the fall! Have a great day and keep pounding!

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    I still think PU is a Zod alt.
    Jerry Richardson obviously hates the fans, doesn't want to win games, and want to move the team to LA. I know cus like he didn't sign this thug who's not really a thug but acts like one. And stuffz. Am I right guyz? Guyz?!
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    make a blog!
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    haha fine. 9-7 is our floor. You negativity czars happy with that? ;)
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    it won't this year. The Falcons will have to win at least 10 games to have any hope of winning the division. 10 games will be the Panthers floor this year
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    the 2015 Saints are much different than the 2013 Saints you are referencing there Sanjay. A lot changes in two seasons
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    I don't think the Saints improved at all this offseason
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    UpstatePanther's Season Preview
         With 76 days until the Panthers take their first regular season snaps down in Jacksonville, we are itching for training camp and the preseason to relieve us from the longest 5 weeks of the football calendar. To help pass the time, I would like to give my Huddle fam some food for thought and discussion fodder. As I have mentioned in my previous two entries, I have done extensive research on the Panthers and their opponents for this upcoming season. This is building toward game previews I will be writing this season, but having done so much research, I am confident that I can make an educated prognostication about the final result of the Panthers' regular season. I will take this game by game, but it will be no where near as detailed as the previews will be.
    Week 1: Carolina @ Jacksonville, Sunday September 13th
         with some stability in Jacksonville, a good draft, and key pieces and stars already in place, there is hope that the Jaguars can begin to rise out of the cellar of the AFC South this year. And perhaps they will. but i dont see it happening when the Panthers come to town. Our defense finished very strong, and has only gotten better. Our offense may struggle against Jacksonville's pass rush, but frankly the Jaguars havent gotten much better on defense, where they finished in the lower quarter of the league. this was due to their lack of talent in the back seven. Dante Fowler Jr. would have made them a tougher unit to face, but bless his heart, he will be out all season with an ACL tear. I see Carolina's offense being too much for Jacksonville's defense and our defense absolutely smothering their offense. 
    Carolina, 1-0
    Week 2: Houston @ Carolina, Sunday September 20th
         Houston is a weird team to analyze. They will have a stout defense. their defense finished the season 13th in points allowed, 5th over the final four games. Granted, they did play Jacksonville twice over those four games, but the other two teams were the Ravens and the Colts. Houston will be even better this year on defense, both by addition and by experience. The problem Houston is going to have is that they have no stability or reliability at quarterback. Its possible their running game could carry them though, with Arian Foster pounding the rock. And, they do have playmakers in the receiving corps. and the Texans' offensive line did very well protecting the quarterback last season, so its possible even Brian Hoyer can be an adequate game manager. Alot of Panther fans ive talked to are writing off this team because of their quarterback situation. i wont. This game will be a defensive battle and the offense that can move the ball best will win. lucky for the Panthers, i believe they have the tools to move the ball effectively even on the best defenses. 
    Carolina, 2-0
    Week 3: New Orleans @ Carolina, Sunday September 27th
         The Panthers open their division series against a team that has had a crazy offseason. Things are far from stable for the Saints right now. And one cant help but to wonder what the Saints were thinking when they gave up Jimmy Graham. Thats a talking point, i know. But its a valid one. I foresee the Saints' offense taking a huge step back this season. meanwhile, the Panthers' defense, as stated earlier, will be even more stout than last year. The Saints have added loads of talent to their defense. but not much top-shelf talent. They will still rank in the bottom half of the league in defense, while Carolina will surge forward (provided Mike Shula isnt a complete retard). This Saints team will still be trying to find itself, while Carolina will know who they are. Oh and did i mention that the Panthers are at home for this one, where they always play tougher? yes you read that. The crowd may not always be as into the game as they should, but there's no doubt that the past couple seasons, the Panthers have hung with teams very well when playing at home. I just dont see the Saints having what it takes to overcome a Panthers team that creamed them to the tune of 41-10. it wouldnt surprise me if there is a similar result in this game.
    Carolina, 3-0
    Week 4: Carolina @ Tampa Bay, Sunday October 4th
         So Carolina gets to go visit famous Jameis for week four huh? This will be a good week for both the Carolina offense and the Carolina defense. Tampa is depending on rookies for their offensive line, a rookie quarterback who had interceptionitis in college, and a defense that didnt get much better than it finished last year. This isnt to say Tampa is without talent. Their offense is actually fairly talented. But its also very very young, and therefore prone to mistakes. Tampa may be a thorn in Carolina's side this game, but i think there is little doubt that we will have overpowered them by the time final minutes tick away.
    Carolina wins, 4-0
    Week 5: Bye. 
         Some fans dont like this bye. I think it comes at a great time. Gives the boys a chance to catch their breath, heal up any minor nicks, and have two weeks to prepare for what could be the second toughest game all season.
    Week 6: Carolina @ Seattle, Sunday October 18th
         This will be just as tough a game as all the rest of them have been. we all know the Panthers have found ways to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory four times in the past three years playing the Seattle Seahawks. This game will need to be mistake free. Carolina has the offensive talent to score points on a Seattle defense that will take a slight step back in 2015. We also have the defensive prowess to keep their offense in check, as we have all four times we've played them the past three years. The Seahawks, undoubtably, have homefield advantage locked in. But Carolina played in a louder playoff atmosphere in this same building less than a year ago. Many of the players on the Panthers' roster took part in that game. Assuredly, none of them will have forgotten the result. Plenty of pundits and fans will throw around Ron Rivera's winless record after byes the two weeks before this game. hopefully, being that Rivera is a players' coach, that will light a bonfire under every Panther ass to prepare hard for this game. This game will shape up like all the others have been: a knock-down, drag-out fight that lasts until the final moments. it will be a great game. and i honestly dont know who will win. My gut tells me (as does history), that it will be the team that makes the least amount of mistakes. Will that be the Panthers this time? it very well could be. for now though, as much as it pains me, i need to see it to believe it.
    Seattle wins, Panthers: 4-1
    Week 7: Philadelphia @ Carolina, Sunday October 25th
         I dont see Philadelphia as a stronger team this season like much of the media seems to think they are. Crazy instability, an egomaniacal coach, and a defense that finished in the bottom half of the league (worse if you look only at the last four games). That defense didnt get any better over the offseason, and Chip Kelly is forcing a quarterback competition on a team that didnt really need to have one. i dont really know their cap situation, but surely Nick Foles is better than Sanchez or The Golden Calf of Bristol. one could argue that Sam Bradford is much better than Foles, but he has never played a full season has he? and Kelly is willing to throw all his eggs in that basket? i would certainly be doubting Kelly's coaching ability if i had to play for him. if i remember correctly, former players have said as much in interviews recently. but back to the match-up, the Eagles wont be facing the despondent Panthers team they met on Monday Night Football last year. Their offense will be difficult to contend with as would be expected, but the Eagles defense is not going to keep this Panther team from scoring like they did last year. It may be a shootout, but i am confident the Panthers will win in Primetime here.
    Carolina, 5-1
    Week 8: Indianapolis @ Carolina, Monday November 2nd
         This is another interesting game. The Colt defense hasnt gotten any better this offseason, but they werent terrible last season. Their points allowed ranked in the high teens. Their offense is going to be powerful, but after facing Brees & Co, Tampa's potential high octane offense, and Philadelphia's high tempo offense, the Panthers should be settling into their groove for playing high powered offenses. Like the Seattle game, I think the Panthers have the talent to win this game. If last week wasnt the true test of our defense, this week will be. This game will be won on how well Carolina can contain Andrew Luck & Co. If they cant, it will be a shootout at the Carolina corral that the Panthers will probably lose. For now, i think they will lose. but have no fear, this is just a casual pre-preseason prediction thread. we'll see what the preseason and the first quarter season of games tells us about this Panther team. if its any consolation, the Panthers will have a mini-bye to prepare for this game. Lets hope they make the most of it.
    Colts win, Carolina: 5-2
    Week 9: Green Bay @ Carolina, Sunday November 8th
         The Panthers round out their three-week home stand against tough opponents with a visit from Green Bay. This team wiped the floor with the Panthers in 2014, but that was in Lambeau. And that was a much different Panthers team. This team will challenge Aaron Rodgers. And he may well rise to the occasion. But he will have to keep pace with a Carolina offense that may well have its way with the Green Bay defense. My gut tells me Green Bay finds a way to win this game, but dont be surprised if it comes down to whoever has the ball last. and dont be surprised if the Panthers defense gives Green Bay a run for its money. 
    Packers win, Carolina 5-3
    Week 10: Carolina @ Tennessee, Sunday November 15th
         This game shouldnt be a contest. Tennessee ranked in the bottom half of the league in both scoring offense and scoring defense. After the battle-hardened Panthers come off their previous murderous four week stretch, the Titans will be a breath of fresh Nashville air. This game probably wont be a shut out or a blow out (either or both would be nice) but it will be easier than Jacksonville, and only slightly harder than Tampa Bay.Their offense, like Tampa's may well be a thorn in Carolina's side keeping the game closer than it should be. But Carolina will win this handily.
    Carolina, 6-3
    Week 11: Washington @ Carolina, Sunday November 22nd
         Lets see, the Redskins finised in the upper teens in total scoring defense in 2014, nearly last in the league over the final four games. Their offense ranked just a few spots outside the top ten, yet they finished 4-12 and made few noticeable changes. they will win more games this season, but i highly doubt that it comes at Carolina's expense, especially when Carolina plays the deadskins in Charlotte. this is the proverbial trap game. Carolina plays Dallas next week, and Washington has just enough firepower to force Carolina into a shoot out they dont want. If the Panthers can keep focused and make the Redskins play Panther football, the Skins will lose this one.
    Carolina, 7-3
    Week 12: Carolina @ Dallas, Thursday November 26th
         Carolina's first Turkey Day game comes against He Who Shall Not Be Named, the tentacled one that lives beneath the seas. Yes all the headlines will be about that aspect. But this is going to be a great game. and it wont be because of that former Panthers player. Dallas has alot of talent on offense. no one can name their running back, but what does that matter? Well you see it matters a whole lot. Because unlike Aaron Rodgers, Tony Romo can be rattled with a few good personal encounters with the turf. i think Carolina's defense will feast this game. what will decide who wins is whether Carolina will be able to move the ball on Dallas' surprisingly stout defense. I think they will. and i think the Panthers will win. in primetime. on muther fuggin turkey day beeyotches. *drops mic* BOOM
    Carolina, 8-3
    Week 13: Carolina @ New Orleans, Sunday December 6th
         Are we serious here? I have a feeling the Saints will be reeling by this time next season. it will have set in that this is not the best saints team ever. Sorry Drew. your window has slapped shut in your face. and if the Saints think that Garrett Grayson is their answer... well... thats a discussion for another time. This Saints team will be in disarray and i dont forsee the Panthers having any problem moping them up to sweep the two game series this year.
    Carolina, 9-3
    Week 14: Atlanta @ Carolina, Sunday December 13th
         I dont know what to make of this Falcons team. i mean... i hate them as much as the next warm-blooded Panther fan, but theyre kind of an enigma. Especially this late in the season. If it were early in the season, i would be able to easily make the claim that Dan Quinn's defense will take time to implement. But by this juncture, it may well be soaring. Quinn is the dude that called the shots for Seattle's defense the past few years, and chances are that he'll make a formidable defense down in Atlanta as well. Couple that with Mike Shanahan calling the plays for the offense and this could be a very tough team to scheme against. That being said, the talent isnt all there for the Falcons. Will Devonta Freeman be able to carry the load that Steven Jackson was unable to? Will Vic Beasley improve this defense more than just a couple ranks? These remain to be seen, but they are among the questions that will need to be answered. Questions. that will be the key here. This Falcons team wont have faced the Panthers yet. They will be facing the Panthers when Carolina is in mid stride and on their second four-game winning streak of the season. Ron Rivera's teams always perform well in December, and i dont see that changing against a Falcons team in flux. Especially at home in Charlotte.
    Carolina, 10-3
    Week 15: Carolina @ New York (Giants), Sunday December 20th
         The Giants had a rough year in 2014. they went 6-10, and yet still ranked in the top 18 in both offensive and defensive scoring. They made some changes, and may contend with the Eagles for second place in the division in 2015. I foresee the Wild Card Spots being wide slap open in the NFC in week 15, and it wouldnt surprise me if the Giants are in contention. This may be a tougher game than any Carolina fan expects or wants to admit. It might be the only cold weather game of the regular season, and it will be played away from the comfort of home. Carolina will have contained better offenses this season, and i think they will contain Manning the Younger. I also dont think the Giants will be able to keep up on offense. So long as Carolina can stay focused and keep their eyes on the game at hand, playing mistake-free football, they should simply out-match the Giants.
    Carolina, 11-3
    Week 16: Carolina @ Atlanta, Sunday December 27th
         Depending on how much Atlanta and Tampa improve this season, this game could have Wild Card implications. I dont think Atlanta will be challenging Carolina for the divison lead, but they could be feeling the heat from Tampa and any number of other teams in the NFC in the race for Wild Card spots. As of right now, i am not comfortable betting that Carolina will sweep the series with Atlanta. I need to see them in pads during camp, and how the units perform in the preseason. i certainly believe Carolina is capable of winning this game talent wise, but they will have to beat a desperate Atlanta team playing in foreign territory. If Panther fans can show up and invade the Dome like we have the past two years, the Panthers may just lay the wood on the Falcons. For now though, im going to hand Carolina their final loss of the season. you know what that means...
    Falcons win, Carolina 11-4
    Week 17: Tampa Bay @ Carolina, Sunday January 3rd
         Tampa could be vying for a Wild Card spot this week. then again, they might be struggling to make it to 5-11. Either way, all the Panthers will need to do is stay focused and take care of business. By this point, Winston will be a force and will have good chemistry with his receivers. That running game is no slouch, and neither is their defense. But i dont think the Bucs will have the same kind of oomph that the Falcons will have. This could be a close game, in classic Carolina fashion for their last game, but i think the Panthers pull out the win here and punch their ticket to the playoffs. 
    Carolina 12-4
    Well there you have it Huddle fam. The Panthers will go 12-4 this season. Truth be told, my electric blue colored glasses are tempting me to believe that this could be a magical season where we go 13-3 or 14-2. I think its certainly possible. The team has the talent. the only thing that might stop us is injuries or a continued mental retardation of Micheal Shula. But alas, i have to temper my expectations for now. Either way, its going to be a fun season Panther fans! buckle up because it will be here before you know it. Pound, and keep pounding, until kittens become Panthers!
    thanks for you support in reading this. check back the week before the Panthers head to Jacksonville for an in-depth preview of the game written by yours truly. :)
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  14. UpstatePanther added a comment on a blog entry Previews Research Methodology   

    thanks Moorgan. I appreciate the support!
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  15. UpstatePanther added a comment on a blog entry Previews Research Methodology   

    its hard to account for injuries. i didnt account for them for the Panthers either. you never know how a player will pan out if he stays injured all season for whatever reason. to use the team you mentioned, i know Jairus Byrd was hurt alot last year, but he is also a top safety in the league. i accounted for this. i assumed that he will continue to be a top safety in the league regardless of his injury. even for the Saints, i have to give that much room for error. this is another reason i made a point to mention the subjectivity of my analysis. the only team i am deeply versed on is our beloved Panthers. therefore, when analyizing all the other teams, i literally have to ask myself, "have i ever even heard of this dude?" i do try to pay attention to where said player falls on the team depth chart. i also try to compare stats to known quantities. for example, lets say i was wondering how good the Bucs' linebacking corps was last year. i would compare their numbers to Luke Kuechly's because Luke is a known quantity as the best MLB in the game. it gives me at least some frame of reference. granted, this is harder to do with offensive linemen. but there's a stat for that too, sacks allowed. its a hard stat to find, but i did find current stats on that on
    its not unscientific, but i certainly cant call it objective either. 
    the work is pretty much done by now anyway. alot of what i discussed above is only my starting point. the real meat of my previews will come from hard stats gathered the week before the game. for the first four games, i will use stats from last year because i want to allow the teams time to establish their season, for better or for worse. then in week 6 when we play the Seahawks, i will judge both them and the Panthers based on the first quarter season of play, and repeat for every game afterward. 
    anyway... i appreciate the feedback Moorgan. please continue to sharpen me about this. i want to hit the ground running. my threads were a small success last year, but i ran out of time being in college and all. if you have any more feedback, i will welcome it. :)
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