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  1. I'm with you PB. Teb0w shouldn't be made fun of. We all have that one thing we wont compromise on, and he should be commended for standing strong for his.  That said, she shouldn't be derided either. That just turns this into a media poo storm. Of course that's what they want. To me, it's a non-story. Another girl tries to beak Teb0w and fails. Old news. I'm a Christian and frankly I could careless about her relationship with him. That's their business. The only thing I have a problem with is that she made it public.
  2. I admire his resolve. Good for him. I'm sorry she couldn't deal with his convictions. He'll find a girl that loves him for who he is, and this is part of who he is.  Don't let it get the better of you Tim. The right girl is out there for you.
  3. Who to pull for Sunday

    Now I see where the confusion is coming from. Look I'm sorry for fighting you man, but do yourself a favor and go to or ESPN and tell me how many times ATL and Tampa have played already this season. Remember that they always play each other twice. 
  4. Who to pull for Sunday

    True. You're right. Apologies. That said, the Falcons will play two games before we play our next one since our game was flexed to 4:30. It's very possible that we will have the NFC South sinched up by the time we take the field in the Superdome. Just need the Bucs to lose to the Colts, and the Falcons to lose to the Vikes and Bucs next week.
  5. Who to pull for Sunday

    If the Panthers lose out, and the Falcons win their non-Panther games, the Falcons will win the division, even if they lose to the Vikings this weekend. Long shot, yes. But technically the Falcons are still alive if they win the next two games. With a Bucs loss this weekend, they are eliminated. The Saints were eliminated by virtue of our win on Thursday.  To clinch, we need the Falcons to lose 2 more games. Or we can clinch by beating them in 3 weeks.
  6. Week 12 WIN against Dallas - Stats & Analysis

    We still have 43 more days until it will have been a year since our last loss that meant anything. January 10th is the magic date for me
  7. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    I didn't see the season as lost. I just though losing KB = losing an extra game or two
  8. Who to pull for Sunday

    I mean yeah fug Seattle but if them winning helps us, then let them win. Especially if them winning would push ATL or TB out of the wild card race.
  9. Video: Cam Newton dabbing at Future concert in Charlotte

    Not really. I consider white trash to be thugs too. Same goes for biker gangs, Occupy rallies, politicians, MS13, and the like. The term thug implies a lifestyle to me, not a skin color.
  10. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    If there is one thing New Orleans is good for, it's making delicious food. I do enjoy cajun cooking. 
  11. Who to pull for Sunday

    I realize why he's confused. That's no excuse for him to be a jackass to me. As per the NFL, it's still week 12. We have to play New Orleans in Week 13 before we can play Atlanta in Week 14. 
  12. Who to pull for Sunday

    So you're just going to skip over the New Orleans game?
  13. Who to pull for Sunday

    No LUUUUUUKE we dont. We play New Orleans next week. Check the schedule and stop making a fool of yourself As for trying to "big time" you on every post, I rarely look at who I'm quoting. If someone says something I disagree with, I say something about it. That's kinda what you do on an Internet forum. If you have noticed an inordinate amount of responses from me to your posts, that's more a reflection on what you're posting than some nonexistant vendetta I have against you.
  14. Who to pull for Sunday

    Actually, we need both Atlanta and Tampa to lose this week, then Atlanta to lose TO Tampa next week. If those things happen, and we beat New Orleans, we win the Division. We actually want the Seahawks to win because that increases our SOS and SOV. Yes, fug the Patriots so go broncos. Yes, alittle cushion on AZ would be nice right now so go 49ers. Giants @ Skins doesn't matter, since we play both of them. Rams @ Bengals... Doesn't really matter. But I want the Rams to win so they can push TB or ATL out of the wild card race. Saints @ Texans: fug the saints. But it would help our SOS (and possibly SOV) more if the Saints win. Dolphins @ Jets: doesn't matter. Chargers @ Jags: Jags win helps our SOS/SOV Raiders @ Titans: Titans for SOS/SOV Ravens @ Browns: doesnt matter. 
  15. Time to Believe Says Gregg Rosenthal

    Damn you for holding our feet to the fire KB ;) I shall now gladly eat my crow. I prefer it cooked in pie crust though. This team has a really good change to break the 16-0 barrier. I'm still worried about all of our games, because all of our opponents will have something to play for against us, if nothing else, than to play the spoiler and give us our first loss. The guys just need to stay focused and keep owning the mantra of being 1-0 next weekend... all the way to the Super Bowl where there won't be a next weekend for 6 months. Haha.