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  1. UpstatePanther

    CAP vs Barner

    and Gamecock fans with Dameire Byrd in 2015 (self-incriminating with this one, tbh) though to his credit, he has since proven he deserves a roster spot. as to the OP, truth be told, KR/PR is gonna be a real battle this year: Byrd, Barner, Samuel? oo wee mayne. Not to mention Moore, Duke, Ross, Jackson, and CMC who wont be front runners for various reasons but could certainly burn a coverage team in a heartbeat.
  3. UpstatePanther

    Good vibes at practice

    Wait according to some people on this board that would mean we should never give Cam a statue when he retires. Need clarification, you know... For a friend.
  4. UpstatePanther

    Steve Smith....lets put this to a end

    First, my two cents: Undecided if Smitty is the greatest Panther of all time. Cam is close. Peppers, Kuechly, TD and Sam Mills all deserve mention in that conversation. For me its a photo finish between Cam and Smitty. If Cam wins us a Super Bowl, he will instantly become the greatest and it wont be close. That said, all the men I just listed deserve a statue. Of the men who deserve a statue, Smitty and TD are the ones I would most like to replace the Richardson bust between the panthers. Smitty's number should also be retired. Before Cam, he was hands-down the greatest player to have been a part of this team. Smitty was who he was. He was no more chippy and violent than others. But he was never dirty. He certainly did many-a-cornerback dirty, but was never a dirty player. Yes, he had a fire that NO ONE was exempt from, not even his teammates. But we always knew that. No one seriously criticized him for it like this troll OP is doing until after Gettleman unceremoniously released him. On that note... Gettleman made a mistake in how he released Smith, and in hindsight, its obvious the very act of releasing Smith was a mistake as well. Smith's reaction should have come as a surprise to no one, and if you criticize him for it but never cared about his fire when he was a Panther... you are the definition of intellectual inconsistency. TLDR: GET THE MAN A STATUE AND RETIRE HIS NUMBER. but... Steve Smith never played for the Saints.... Look Im a conservative and I gotta say, fvck you for making this political. Everyone acts like a baby over politics once in a while, so to single out any one side is just messed up. Ive seen liberals, communists, conservatives, libertarians, RHINOS, Trumpists, and even anarchists act like complete idiotic babies before. Hell, I myself did that recently on this very board. It happens. gtfo with your divisiveness. right? and clearly football, at least at some point in the past. yeah the guy who did the same type of chit Jerry Richardson did is a "actually a good dude". We'll go with that.... based on that statement, you probably don't think JR should have divested himself from the team do you? now you sir have gone too far! you take that back! lol
  5. UpstatePanther

    Panthers release Zach Banner

    No Zach banner? whatever shall we do..........
  6. Jets may be parting with Teddy Bridgewater in favor of Sam Darnold. That would leave them with Josh McCown but that's not an all-is-lost scenario for them. Bridgewater would be a natural fit here in Carolina, but given the issues he had with Turner's offense before, I have my doubts he would want to come here. Then again, as a backup, the pressure wouldn't be on him. He could actually take time to digest the offense and understand it this time. @Jeremy Igo curious about Elijah Hood. Any chance he beats out CAP? As for this roster overall, I only see two true weaknesses. The same two that Igo pointed out: left guard and safety. But I think we have two coordinators who can plan against those weaknesses, and post-camp cuts may give us some adequate stop-gaps. That offense in particular is near wet dream quality. Cam, CMC, Anderson, Olsen, Moore, Funchess, Smith, Wright, Samuel, Byrd, and maybe an Ian Thomas appearance here and there in Turner's offense?? OO WEE MAYNE. Very happy with the front 7 on defense two. I think our cornerbacks will rebound this year with a DL-focused DC putting pressure back on the QB with just the front 4. Who knows... with the DL eating again and our LBs back in coverage where they belong, that will shift the pressure off the corners and safeties. They will just need to do an adequate job to have a great year a la 2015.
  7. @Jeremy Igo where does this leave Damiere?
  8. I didn't realize this, but it really doesn't speak well for Rivera. and Iyer is being gracious when he says we've "teetered" on becoming what we were under Fox. Given that record and list of accomplishments, I would say that we never really changed who we were. The results have been the same. If I am David Tepper, I am not wasting time with Rivera if he cannot send this team back to the playoffs and win a game there. even a one-and-done will trigger a come-to-Jesus meeting between me and Rivera the following Monday where I put the fear of God in him. This is all coming from someone who likes Rivera and admires him as a person and as a coach. He seems like a very good man, but from a business perspective (from which Tepper will make his decisions), good men don't always produce results, and results are what matters.
  9. UpstatePanther

    Panthers SB 53 win?

    How does one change his vote? I didn't read carefully enough and voted for it being a season of failure if we don't make the SB. We need to get a winning record, make the playoffs, and win at least one game there. Anything less an I'll consider it a failure. Anything more is gravy.
  10. UpstatePanther

    Will Tepper Move Training Camp?

    I'm slightly biased against moving training camp... No clue why I would be though...
  11. UpstatePanther

    Life is about to get alittle more awesome

    Lol yeah I'm hoping to avoid that. I've watched my dad go through two divorces. Nearly saw my grandparents get a divorce. I know it's not easy to find someone who's willing to ride or die, someone you can trust with everything, but I'm gonna do my best. Wish me luck
  12. UpstatePanther

    Life is about to get alittle more awesome

    I'm going to try to stay away from the whores. Lol. Money seems to attract them. I won't be letting any girl know how much money I have till I know I can trust her
  13. UpstatePanther

    Life is about to get alittle more awesome

    That has alot to do with seniority. During training, it will be both. Then when I "mark up", i.e. - finish the probationary period, it will technically be as needed, but because the more senior employees get the more favorable jobs, I'll mainly be doing long-haul (which takes place mainly within my district, so at the longest... Atlanta to Linwood, NC). As I gain seniority, I'll go home daily more often as Im given more local jobs. But the travel is part of the allure for me, so I won't mind the long haul jobs at all. Side note: the line to Charleston from Spartanburg (the "W line") is in my district, so I'll be visiting Charleston often, and probably staying overnight at times. Can't beat that!