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  1. Walter grades every team's off-season so far

    Oh how I've missed you fugers :) Ps... college is a bitch
  2. Franchise / Transition Tag News

    If you had said "Google that poo", I wouldn't have done it. As it is, I'll do it when I can lol Always be afraid when someone says to Google that poo
  3. The highest yielding investment I've ever made....

    I know you were joking... but TheBigCat is literally doing with his sons what my Dad did with me cerca 2003. Major props TBC. Raise that next gen bruh!
  4. What are you going to buy if we win tomorrow?

    Thomas f*cking Davis jersey with the Super Bowl patch. Gon make it rain on the NFL shop...
  5. Trying to pump myself up for this game

    Keep pounding chknwing. Praying for you brother
  6. FBGP's Super Bowl 50 Preview Show

    I'm excited to see what you guys do with it man!
  7. Aside from Deion being a douchelately, he's also been an idiot. Sure. Leave Ted Ginn and Devin Funchess matched up 1 to 1 and see how that works for you.
  8. Yeah the only major sports championship to come to the Carolinas has been Clemson's National Championship decades ago, and the Hurricanes' Stanley Cup last decade. But those aren't Charlotte teams. #ItsOurTime Canes are based in Raleigh. Not relevantto the OP.
  9. If we win

    Yeah it will be like those Coke bottles people have from the 40s haha. I'll never open the can, but you're damn sure I'll buy one
  10. I'll just leave this here

    LOL @ Denver scoring 42 points
  11. Lewd dancing ... when can I expect national outrage?

    With talent, unfortunately. Gronk pisses me off. Cam would never do this. Hell, Cam never even "pelvic thrusted" in that Tennessee game. This poo that Gronk did on camera is actual lewd behavior. If I had a duaghter, I'd want her as far away from him as possible. Would much rather she be with Cam. fug media outrage. The entire country should be outraged. Is this how we are supposed to treat women in public? Where are all the feminists?
  12. today's press conference tweets

    Would definitely have to make it to the first Panthers game played in CMX. Maybe we could serve as Roaring Riot translators Ivan! Your contribution is on par with PhillyB, SCP, Igo, Mr. Scot, and KB_Fan if you ask me. All of you offer something awesome to the Huddle that this joint just isn't the same without
  13. Barnwell: Carolina isn't a good matchup for Denver

    I don't think that was coincidence or mistake...
  14. Many many people said that about the Panthers. Have hope. Lol
  15. Have you lost focus at work?

    It's been strange for me. This has all felt unreal, like a dream. Maybe it's cus I'm so busy with school and can't afford to be distracted, evenby the greatest sporting event to have taken place for the Carolinas since our first Super Bowl. My fandom has come full circle. It was that Super Bowl that infected me with Panther fever, and now we are back... unreal.