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  1. Who made the decision?

    i hear you, but that play is not an example of aggressive offense if you ask me. i love me some Cam. i nearly screamed out loud at a work meeting and got myself fired when be ripped off that 60 yard run to all but seal the game. but that INT to CMC was a really bad throw. if Cam had put it more in CMC's body, or at least thrown it alittle softer, i bet CMC comes down with it and who knows from there. maybe we run the clock out and Cam never rips off that 60 yard run. my point is that youre right, aggressive offense can lead to turnovers, if the team isnt smart or doesnt execute well. the time for aggressive offense is when you have a sizeable lead. we were up 24-13 and basically shut our offense down. im glad the aggressive offense worked on the final drive to win the game, but it should have happened sooner. anyway... curious for your thoughts. not really disagreeing with ya man
  2. Playoff Scenarios for the Panthers

    as another interesting note... here are the games that seem to have the most effect on this final seeding (outside of the Panthers losing to GB/TB): - Week 15: Rams @ Seahawks, Jets @ Saints -> a Rams win here would throw a wrench in the w17 scenario. So would the Jets upsetting the hobbled Saints. dont laugh, that could really happen. if either result happens, we would sneak in as the 6th seed. - Week 16: Rams @ Titans, Seahawks @ Cowboys, Falcons @ Saints -> if the home team wins in any one of those matchups, the Panthers would sneak in as the 6th seed in w17 with a loss to ATL. - Week 17: the game that would have the greatest bearing on our playoff spot is our own. we just need to take care of business in ATL to punch a ticket. losing puts us in a precarious position of needing other GOOD teams in the NFC to lose to inferior opponents, at home in many cases, for us to still make the playoffs. as i said before. F*ck all that shiz. if im the Panthers, i know that our playoff destiny is in our own hands. one game at a time, one win at a time. we win out, we are in. win out and have the Saints lose in the process? Division winners. This week, if im the Panthers, im thinking only about Aaron Rodgers and the Green Bay Packers. there's a reason that team had to go to overtime against the WINLESS AFTER 14 GAMES Cleveland Browns. We can win, and we need to focus solely on doing that. once that win is secured, we focus only on Crab Legs and the Butt Pirates. Once that win is secured, we give all we have to put the 28-3's in their place. (I would love nothing more than to kick ATL out of the playoffs by beating them in their new butthole dome by a score of 28-3, preferrably on a Matt Ryan pick right as they are trying to score a garbage time TD to avoid said final score)
  3. Who made the decision?

    DDII is on to something here. i dont think our defense is really the biggest problem. sure, they do go prevent and it can be infuriating. but if our offense could just keep pace with the other team's scoring in the second half, it would NEVER be an issue. i think our offense tries to sit on the lead and get too careful. we make ourselves one dimensional on offense like clockwork. the opposing defense doesnt even have to adjust. im not sure if that begins with Rivera or Shula, but its one of them and thats the bigger problem IMHO
  4. youre letting betting lines tell you whether a win is easy or questionable? you cant look at the talent on the field and make that judgment?
  5. pie for the effort of putting that all together bud!
  6. Playoff Scenarios for the Panthers

    i just tried your scenario here and the only thing you guys are leaving out is that Minnesota needs to take a loss somewhere too. if they win out and the eagles win out, then those two are the #1 and #2. them winning or losing has no bearing on the possible lose-and-go-home the Panthers will face in week 17, but we need the Vikings to lose another game if we hope to have a chance at that 2 seed. if they do, and everything else goes the way you say, then yes... the Panthers will be playing a game where a win nets them #2 and a loss sends them home until August. i for one can only say, fug that poo.
  7. See you guys Sunday

    The refs are going to be unbearable
  8. Yep. Especially if it’s in Carolina again ;) go Jets/Falcons/Bucs
  9. Different Experience

    I’m glad you had a great experience man. I wasn’t able to make it today due to a work Christmas Party (I still streamed that ish until we stopped the Vikings on 4th to seal the game). My friends and family look at me crazy when I tell them I’d rather go to the game than sit watching it on tv, but you see why. The atmosphere is generally electric. I don’t care if it’s bitterly cold or hellishly hot (have experienced both). My ass will be in a seat if there’s nothing work related I have to attend (I’m lucky to generally not work on sundays). Anyway glad you enjoyed it. Come back again sometime soon!
  10. NFC Playoff Picture Through Week

    Now everyone wants to talk about division titles and first round byes. Y’all laughed at me a few weeks ago when I stayed talking about it. Always Keep Pounding brethren. Yeah we have a good history playing in ATL’s house for the division title, don’t we?
  11. Haters ain’t hatin today

    7 points you dipshit. And was nearly 7 points in favor of the Vikings. I swear to god this guy is like 13 and doesn’t even watch football.
  12. Panthers - Vikings Postgame Notes

    How far is Pep from #3 all-time?
  13. Ryan Kalil is a Difference Maker

    Make the Panthers Great Again???
  14. Attacking D to end the game!!!

    It’s like they literally don’t know what else to do
  15. Cam Newton Pie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    And the greatest part about it is that we just beat the best team the Vikings have fielded in years Yep. Some people just can’t get past Cam’s dark complexion. I bet he’s mad cus his wife yells Cam’s name in the sack edit: I won’t call him a fan