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  1. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Found Someone At Chipotle   

    Chuck did you see Lola lurking somewhere in the shadows trying to cool herself off by waving her hand near her face?
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  2. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Ousted Saint Junior Galette's girlfriend takes to Twitter, hilarity ensues   

    or the choir boys sing the wrong notes? amiright?
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  3. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Carolina Panthers 2015 Promo Vid #3 (New)   

    Pied before I watched. Great job bro. 
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  4. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic I have received great fortune!   

    hey. you just keep that damn helmet turned the right way this year mister. ;)
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  5. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic I will be Periscoping the first Wofford practice from start to finish   

    i will have to meet up with you guys there. where is the Riot sitting?
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  6. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Cam Newton playing in a Flag Football Tournament in Atlanta   

    yea those people shrank into oblivion at light speed when Cam signed his contract didnt they? lol
    OMG... Mike Shula, get Cam out wide for some trick play from Shaq fuggin Thompson or someone! haha i can see it now...
    "Newton takes the snap, rolling out to the left, throws the ball to Shaq Thompson in the flat, Thompson... throws the ball back to the other sideline?!... to... CAM NEWTON!!! Newton streaking down the sideline, he could go all the way, 20, 15, 10, 5 TOUCHDOWN PANTHERS!!! off the trick play TOUCHDOWN CAROLINA PANTHERS!!!" 
    With Eugene Robinson in the background the whole time saying "OH MY GAWD. OH MY GAWD" 
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  7. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Question About the Saints....   

    FIFY... im pretty sure thats what you meant haha
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  8. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Question About the Saints....   

    i guess what im curious about is why you think teams that suck will still be able to win one of two games against us. how do you think it will happen? what weaknesses do we have that they could exploit? what strengths do they have that we are ill-equipped to deal with?
    forget the superficial argument that they are rivals and therefore will automatically play us tough. we gave both Atlanta and New Orleans a hell of a fight at home, while still losing both games, and then we creamed them both in their houses. that tells me that if New Orleans got worse, like many think they did, they might not have enough to get the better of us even once this year. especially since we have a healthier qb, more mismatches in our receiving corps, a better (albeit not above average) OL, and intact defense that will benefit from an infusion of role-playing talent. 
    New Orleans' offense will suffer the loss of Graham and the decline of Brees, even if its slight. he may have had bounce-back seasons before, but he had more weapons then and wasnt approaching 40yo. Have the Saints really gotten that much better on defense? i dont think they have. whereas ours will most likely take a step forward, even with Mike Shula at the helm. 
    i think the Saints will be the same team they were last year when it comes to threat level and final win total. i dont expect them to get over .500. and frankly, i dont think .500 will be near enough to challenge for the division title this year. 
    idk about that. their passing game, being as good as it was, made them unpredictable. you had to approach every snap like it was a pass, because even when you did, Brees might still burn you for 50+ yards. they ripped off huge yardage in the running game because the defense always had to play one-dimensional football and try to stop the pass. i think focusing more on the running game could backfire on them as wasted snaps. their OL might not be good enough overall to get a good push for the RBs. If they try to make Brees a game manager, their game will suffer. 
    that said, you might be right. i guess we'll know when the league starts playing preseason games. 
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  9. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Question About the Saints....   

    youre saying we will split with a team that we creamed while playing our best football of the year? a team that got much worse over the offseason? whereas our team has gotten significantly better at many key positions?
    not being a jerk. just would like you to defend your argument.
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  10. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Question About the Saints....   

    i was just curious what the media obsession with them is about... thats all. but yea im with you. fug the Aints.
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  11. UpstatePanther added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Question About the Saints....
    So....Jeremy recently wrote an article about our rival, the New Orleans Saints, and basically suggested that the Saints will compete for the cellar of the NFC South this year. Meanwhile, two of four NFC South beat writers think the Saints will win the division. Granted, two of them also picked the Panthers to make the playoffs somehow. But this is indicative of the sports media. many many pundits seem to want to pick the Saints to challenge for the division title, despite an aging quarterback and significant free agency losses at multiple, integral positions (positions that were only really filled by rookie draftees). I will admit that i have thus far written off the Saints as cellar dwellers. But, amongst the cacaphony of dissenting voices, i am beginning to doubt that the Saints will be as bad as we Panther fans want them to be.
    Here's the question... are we overlooking the Saints? did they really sink as far as we hope they did, or are we letting our electric blue glasses color our perception of our rival? I wont steal Jeremy's thunder by asking the same question he did. my perception of my fellow fans is that we may have overlooked our rival. 
    what are your thoughts Huddle? 
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  12. UpstatePanther added a comment on a blog entry UpstatePanther's Season Preview   

    usually malls and strip malls have specialty sports stores. Keep an eye out for them
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  13. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic 7/15/15- New Falcons stadium becomes member of RoaringRiot   


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  14. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Some Greg O highlights   

    I'm still pissed about that shitface Burfict's ankle twist on Olsen
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  15. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Home Game?   

    real fans dont need second teams. these people are just bandwagon followers of their "primary" teams. for me its Panthers all the way. i like some teams more than others. but come playoff time, they better stay the fug out the panthers way!
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