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  1. This should put to rest any rumor that we might trade down. Obviously is still a faint possibility, but Gman is being about as clear as he can that he will stand pat at #8
  2. If we draft him, the Star Wars puns will be strong with this one. And I'm okay with that.
  3. There seem to be 12-15 players people are throwing around as top 10 picks this year.
  4. i would be happy trading back slightly to get Thomas, then trading up from 40 to get McCaffrey. getting the two of them in the first 35 picks would be a stellar haul
  5. If the Big Cat cant handle two three-hour flights (ive made that east-coast-to-Phoenix trip many times), then it kinda makes me worry about his health, no matter what the team reps say. i realize he is really getting long in the tooth now, but at 81, you still ought to be able to handle those two trips, especially a few days to a week apart
  6. I forget who it was, but one of the big prognosticators just bumped Hooker and Adams in favor or Peppers as the top safety prospect. im not sure one way or the other myself on that one, but that could mean we may target him or one of the other two, whoever falls. then again, if all the guys you mention are gone, i would go with Corey Davis in a heartbeat, or that CB Lattimore. Even Barnett would be good, though i would have a bad case of the "what ifs" if we take Barnett with Davis still on the board.
  7. its not like top 10 picks have never busted before. my point is just that youre much MUCH more likely to find a stud in the top 10 than in the 3rd or 4th round...
  8. but to pass up an almost sure-fire starter, and probably a stud talent, just to pick up a few more selections that arent as sure to be starters.... sheesh that seems like a bad idea man.
  9. Would rather have Howard, but if he gets taken before #8, then I'd be cool with taking Njoku if he's still there at 40.
  10. I'm fully on board with this line of thinking. There's so much talent in the top 15 that you don't really have to do any personal visits to be comfortable with drafting one of them. Obviously they're still doing research and creating a Big Board but I don't think the lack of visits suggests a trade down. I would be fukken pissed. But I would hope that we pass on Fournette if Howard, Davis, or one of the top safeties is still available I hear your argument, but giving up the #8 pick just to rack up picks is dumb when we are almost assured a high-level starter by just staying pat at #8
  11. "What is very interesting is they haven't brought in or been caught talking to any of the players we expect them to look at in the top-10. In my opinion this means they already know who they will be taking at #8 overall or that they are going to try to trade down to closer to the middle of the first." I agree with the analysis on the reddit thread, but I will be PIZZED if we trade down with all the talent in the top 10 this year
  12. Both are excellent talents. But I think Howard would be more valuable to the Panthers in 2017