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  1. I firmly believe Norv fixes most of this team's offensive woes. Would not surprise me if we go defense heavy in this draft. Praying for a safety somewhere in the first 3 rounds. Or two.
  2. Sandland to the cardinals

    THE Beau Sandland???
  3. Ownership bidders back down to three

    I would be happy with either guy. Tepper is my guy, but i think Navarro would be good for the team too. YES! I think im one of the few who love this idea. Construct the stadium so the 50 yard line is on the state line just like at Carowinds lol. I do hope they keep it an outdoor stadium, but i think the funding would come easy. Having a 1/3 contribution from the team/owner and each state would make it easy. Think about it... AT&T Stadium was constructed for 1.3 billion, Mercedes Benz Stadium for 1.6 billion. if we assume a 1.5 billion figure for a new stadium, thats only half a billion from each party. maybe im an idealist. but you NC Panthers fans that complain about SC fans would get a chance to see how fervent we are/n't based on our eagerness to chip into the pot.
  4. Quick question?

    There's something to this, honestly. We'll balanced teams win more often. At least under Norv Turner they do.
  5. Good morning ya bastids!

    @Jeremy Igo why dont we have a 29-24 rep option like the 28-3? would really come in handy for occasions like this
  6. i hear all these concerns, but our safety position is consistently a liability. While i hope we go BPA in the first, i also hope that BPA just so happens to be a safety. There is not a greater need on this team than safety. alot of needs of secondary priority, but safety is primary. I'd group our needs like this: Immediate Need: Safety, both SS and FS Secondary Need: RB DE WR CB OT Developmental/Depth Need: OLB TE OG QB (backup) C Non-need: DT MLB Specialists SO... in other words, I would love for the Panthers pick up an impact safety. If we are going to trade, i'd rather us trade down and stockpile picks. This roster is going to look very different going into the 2019 and 2020 seasons. we need to prepare for that.
  7. Hi

  8. I will say this, i get the impression that Turner's tenure in Washington would have been more prolific if he would have had a better defense. Remember how i referenced Tony Dungy sticking with Shula in the 90's because Dungy was a first time, defensive head coach that didnt have a firm grasp of offensive concepts? I think the same may have happened to Turner in the 90's too. I think he stuck with Ron Lynn too long, and by the time he brought on Mike Nolan, the defense couldn't get fixed before the Redskins' brass grew impatient with Turner.
  9. i didnt dig in to the defensive side much. i considered it when there were anomalies in the data as a means of explaining why a particular season didnt line up with the trend, but not season-by-season. I could probably get some turnover data put together pretty quick though. The only problem i have with turnover data is that its not an accurate reflection of how good or bad an offensive coordinator is. If an offensive player fumbles or throws an interception, its not going to be the fault of the OC. All the other measurements are directly affected by the scheme/adjustments/experience/creativity/gameplanning of the OC.
  10. Honestly never even saw that article. I'll check it out tomorrow
  11. If youre talking about his tenure in Minnesota, i think my data did show a drop in production for those years. But to your point, i also seem to remember stories of Minnesota offensive players not grasping Turner's concepts. That obviously wasn't an issue in Dallas and San Diego, so im not sure what to speculate there. I will say this, if Cam and the other offensive players really dig into Turner's scheme and trust him and his decisions on the field, i think we will see a resurgence in the Turner brand take place in Carolina.
  12. lol i wish. im a 26yo still trying to pay off student loans, save for a home and a better vehicle. Stocks are still a few years away for me yet
  13. A Very Hurney Mock Draft

    i assume this means Hurney will trade up again? we only have 2 third-round picks right?
  14. @SCP might actually finish on the commode before he finishes reading lol
  15. Norv Turner > Mike Shula appreciate the work instead of criticizing bruh