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  1. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Update on Girlfriend. please read.   

    i make minimum wage and can barely make my own bills. i hear you, and i am doing what i can. but frankly, i wouldnt be asking the Huddle if i could do it myself. 
    that said, i do appreciate the kick in the ass. Im not going to delete the thread, but you made me think about what else i could be doing, and i can think of some ways to make alittle more and help her out. for that, i am appreciative.
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  2. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Projection... Hawks Project they are tough and deserve to win.Carolina.....   

    i am still tempering expectations until a few games after the bye, since our season really is just about to start for real. that said, i thought about your above statement on sunday. it struck me a few times just how good Cam's pass protection was against the bucs. there was one point where my brain even used the word forever to describe how long Cam had a clean pocket. i forget when it was, but i was thinking Damn, Cam has had forever to throw this ball.
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  3. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Update on Girlfriend. please read.   

    $400. 10,000 was just the initial goal. we had no idea how much she would need. for now, she needs the $400, though as i said, she cant work so she needs as much as she can get.
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  4. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Panthers Stat Rankings Through Week 4   

    this is why basing offensive performance on total yards alone is foolishness. granted, its also stats like this that prove you cant only using scoring offense either. even bad offenses can luck into 30 points (-7 for JNo's pick six) if the defense continuously gives them the ball in great field position all game. a truly good offense should be able to start from their own 5-15 yard line, grind clock, and still score a touchdown most of the time. (maybe thats borderline elite, but still... my point remains)
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  5. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Update on Girlfriend. please read.   

    link posted. thank you for noticing that. :)
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  6. UpstatePanther added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Update on Girlfriend. please read.
    Hey everyone. I just wanted to give you all an update on Nichole, my high-school sweetheart. from the GoFundMe update i just posted:
     for those who are out of the loop and have no clue why im posting this:

    The latest news from the neuro surgeon she visited in Asheville was that he doesnt think surgery is the answer. he doesnt think the cyst in her brain is causing her symptoms. This is a blessing. However, he was worried it may be epilepsy related (or possibly due to extreme migraines). Things arent as life-threatening as they seemed, but regardless, Nichole is not out of the woods yet. She still needs as much help as possible. She still needs your prayers as well.
    link to the GoFundMe page: you dont have to donate much individually. if each person who visits the link just gave 5 dollars or so, she would have what she needs in no time. 
    Also, it is important to note. Her and I have taken a break from our relationship while she recovers. Her priorities need to be her recovery, and taking care of her son. I want to be her best friend while she goes through this mess, but her and i agreed that our relationship shouldnt be a priority. I know i referred to her as my gf in the thread title, but it was just easier to say than "dear friend whom ive known forever and love with all my heart but cant be with." 
    Mods, i understand if you have to move this, but i would deeply appreciate it if you could pin this for a few days like you did the first thread.
    love you guys. the support the Huddle showed her and I that first week meant the world to me. it kept me going so i could keep going for her. you guys are the greatest. <3
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  7. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic The best team Atlanta plays this year is Carolina   

    they nearly lost to their first three opponents. and have yet to face a legit defense. i'm holding my breath on the falcons right now. it wouldnt surprise me to see them lose to the saints here in a couple weeks
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  8. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic SNF Game Thread: Cowboys (2-1) @ Saints (0-3)   

    nah. they need to torch the Falcons twice and do us a favor.
    and here's to hoping Famous Jameis has the game(s) of his life against them too. 
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  9. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Along the Sidelines - Panthers at Bucs   

    pied before reading. great work as usual Igo!
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  10. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic While our first 4 opponents haven't been "world beaters"...   

    yep. and they need to stay focused. one game at a time. dont get into mind games with Atlanta. all that matters right now on October 4, 2015 is getting healthy and beating the Seattle Seahawks.
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  11. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Ed Dicksons Fumble Recovery TD   

    idk if this matters, but it never came close to touching the ground and it was obviously not a forward lateral. it was a fumble, but maybe the rule is that it cant bounce forward on the ground or something. idk. just speculating.
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  12. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic I actually want the Saints to beat the Cowboys..   

    well... the Saints fanbase is basically a bunch of former cowboys fans bandwagoning... and the game IS in New Orleans. so maybe the Superdome will sink into the Mississippi with all of those swamp people inside it...
    as to the OP, i could care less who wins. i do see Dallas as the greater threat, so if the Saints win, I'll be okay with it. If Dallas wins, it means the Saints are 0-4 and that is a sweet, sweet thought...
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  13. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic 11-3 in last 14 vs. NFCS, 8 straight reg season, 9 of 10 overall, 82% chance of making playoffs according to 538   

    dare i allow myself to hope for such?!
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  14. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Hell Freezes Over; First Take Discusses Cam as an MVP Candidate   

    it could happen. i doubt it. but it could... soft schedule after october remember? if we go 3-1 after our bye, look out NFL...
    and female. on PMS. going through her first break up. and bipolar. 
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  15. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic FBGP's NFL Gameplan Wk 4 Panthers/Bucs Preview   

    its been sloppy all season. :/ he's picked us to lose every week he's posted a preview. i love his offseason stuff, and have since 2013. but i didnt get to see it last year during the season, and this year, i am not impressed. Emory could produce a great video preview if his facts were straight. :/
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