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  1. One wish

    "Believe my feel good arguments, not stats or records or even momentum! Okay guyz? Guyz?!"
  2. Graham Went Out In Injury and Arizona on Upset Alert

    This is not the first time the Cardinals have played like poo against a vastly inferior opponent. I'm not scared of them. 
  3. David Newton: Rivera will not rest starters

    We need to have the pedal to the metal every game, go up big and go up big early in each game. That way by the beginning of the 4th quarter, we can rest the starters and turn each game into an intense, scrimmage-like practice.
  4. Given our remaining schedule, do we run the table?

    Yeah one game at a time, Fk it on to Nola, and all that jazz. I totally buy into that. But with that said, I'm letting myself dream for the first time this season. Man what a magical ride.  Like the team, my sole focus will be New Orleans this week, and the next opponent each week afterward. But man here's to hoping we are 15-0 going into the last game of the season. I'm gonna be at that game and it will be a special experience to be there to see my team go undefeated in the regular season.
  5. You couldn't have asked for a better NFC SOUTH weekend

    No hard feelings right? We are Huddle fam no?
  6. Officially 3-peat with win on Sunday!

    ^this. Let's go Bucs!
  7. Falcons shittin the bed (gameday thread)

    Matt Icemelt with another choke in the redzone. Lol. poo football is hard to watch, but when the Falcons are shitting the bed, it's worth the boredom
  8. Playoff Machine

    That's the best part of it all haha
  9. Playoff Machine

    I am all for the rest of the NFC South missing the playoffs. It's hard to beat a team 3 times in one year. Not scared of facing any NFC South opponent, but still... would rather not face an NFC South opponent in the playoffs.
  10. Dab Like No One’s Watching

    Yeah we got ourselves a keeper for sure
  11. I'm with you PB. Teb0w shouldn't be made fun of. We all have that one thing we wont compromise on, and he should be commended for standing strong for his.  That said, she shouldn't be derided either. That just turns this into a media poo storm. Of course that's what they want. To me, it's a non-story. Another girl tries to beak Teb0w and fails. Old news. I'm a Christian and frankly I could careless about her relationship with him. That's their business. The only thing I have a problem with is that she made it public.
  12. I admire his resolve. Good for him. I'm sorry she couldn't deal with his convictions. He'll find a girl that loves him for who he is, and this is part of who he is.  Don't let it get the better of you Tim. The right girl is out there for you.
  13. Who to pull for Sunday

    Now I see where the confusion is coming from. Look I'm sorry for fighting you man, but do yourself a favor and go to or ESPN and tell me how many times ATL and Tampa have played already this season. Remember that they always play each other twice. 
  14. Who to pull for Sunday

    True. You're right. Apologies. That said, the Falcons will play two games before we play our next one since our game was flexed to 4:30. It's very possible that we will have the NFC South sinched up by the time we take the field in the Superdome. Just need the Bucs to lose to the Colts, and the Falcons to lose to the Vikes and Bucs next week.
  15. Who to pull for Sunday

    If the Panthers lose out, and the Falcons win their non-Panther games, the Falcons will win the division, even if they lose to the Vikings this weekend. Long shot, yes. But technically the Falcons are still alive if they win the next two games. With a Bucs loss this weekend, they are eliminated. The Saints were eliminated by virtue of our win on Thursday.  To clinch, we need the Falcons to lose 2 more games. Or we can clinch by beating them in 3 weeks.