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  1. No that's not it. It's because @SCP and @PhillyB stopped making pregame threads! Step it up boys! And SCP you better have that damn helmet turnt right this season! Lol
  2. Potential Safety Cuts

    This would be my pick of the group. it sure would be nice if we had a master scout / talent evaluator to fill in the weakness at safety before the season starts.
  3. Butker

    But can he play OT?
  4. I'm just a dick to Jeremy and Saca.  Because I legit don't care for the poo they post.  

  5. At this point, the preseason is just a formality. I'm excited, don't get me wrong. But the date I have seared into my skull at the moment is Sept 10. It's time for retribution Why must you always be such a dickhead? People might actually like talking to you if you weren't.
  6. Straight from the horse's mouth tends to be a good source there Zod EDIT: I DONT HAVE TO TEXT-MOJI ANYMORE!!! All hail Zod!
  7. For the 28-3 crowd...

    I'd put the 1.03 on my card with the check, and leave alittle cash on the table cus I wouldn't want to be a shitty person lol
  8. who doesn't love tacos?! EMOJIS ARE BACK!!!
  9. What always gets me about this debate is that when Luck "fails" to lead his team to success, it's everyone's fault but his according to the media. But when Cam "fails" to lead his team to success, it's his fault and his fault alone. In other words, Luck always gets the benefit of the doubt and Cam never does. I don't understand why. I'm not one of those people who sees race issues in everything but it's poo like that makes me question it myself whether Cam is discriminated against.
  10. Well that tends to happen when you marry your cousin...
  11. We act like this day wasn't coming lol
  12. Of course you'd would be that guy. @nctarheel0619 Lol.
  13. Huddle Kitten GIFS?!?! what in the ever loving hell have you done Jeremy......... Damn man I'm sorry to hear that. Prayers up that you find something better, and right away too. Gave you a beer cus I bet you need one. I've been unemployed before too
  14. Dumbass

    Idk what zaxbys you've been to but all of the ones near where I live have the best chicken on the planet