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  1. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic How To Dominate An Entire First Half, Time of Possession, Make Tom Brady Look Like poo, Get Two Takeaways, Awesome Avg Starting Field Possession, And Walk Away Losers...   

    Damn proudiddy. You act like you can build a team overnight while in cap hell. I agree it's a shame that Cams talent has gone fairly untapped. But to blame DG for that is idiocy. No offense. 
    Yes Shula is the issue. And until his head rolls, we'll never know if it's actually someone else's fault. It's quite obvious that playcalling and scheming is the biggest issue this offense has. Not lack of talent. Perhaps misuse of talent, but certainly not lack of it
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  2. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    Does ESPN know this?
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  3. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Panthers - Patriots: 5 things I am looking for   

    yeah the day Belichek and Brady leave that team will be a day to rejoice. That team's window will finally slap shut and all will be right with the world. Hell, I just wish one or two of the teams in that division would put up a fight for once. Miami might this year. No joke
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  4. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Panthers taking Patriots game seriously   

    dont bet on that. we will still be starting 3 backups on the DL. i dont see us getting much pressure. that said, i heard somewhere that the Patriots are having WR issues right now too so maybe our CBs will be able to contain their scrubs.
    still... dont get your hopes up for a dominant defensive performance. im more concerned about seeing the offense score earlier and more often.
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  5. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50?   

    its not that i think there is NO athleticism in baseball. i just think there is less of it than other sports. football requires the perfect execution of 11 men simultaneously for 60 minutes for a team to be elite. baseball? it seems to me that it can be a one man show. the NBA is more of a team sport than baseball as well, and requires more endurance than football or baseball. soccer and hockey are of the same vein. very much endurance-based sports. i cant think of one sport that requires less athleticism than baseball. does that mean there are no athletes in baseball? of course not. but baseball is a game to go to sleep to. whereas all the other sports i mentioned will keep you on the edge of your seat, except maybe soccer. and even soccer can be really exciting. 
    i dont claim to be able to catch a pitch, or a pass for that matter. im just speaking from a spectator's perspective. baseball seems to employ alot less athleticism, and alot more luck. 
    that and its too slow. like my grandmother says... make all the baseball players take speed before they start the game. that would make everything more interesting ;)
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  6. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic The Panthers just posted a video in Spanish and the dumbassery was unleashed   

    as a student of Spanish, and languages in general, i find their comments extremely offensive. i think the NFL should move to do more foreign language broadcasting and i commend the Panthers for reaching out to the extensive spanish-speaking community of the Carolinas. 
    to remove someone's language is literally a human rights violation. its a crime against humanity. i do think immigration should be done legally, and that assimilation over two or three generations should be encouraged. I also think that first generation immigrants should learn English. But those beliefs dont require the kind of ignorant hate seen in the OP. All peaceful cultures should be appreciated and celebrated, and language is inseparable from culture.
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  7. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Will the Panthers win Super Bowl 50?   

    i think that might have alot to do with the nature of the sport. the MLB is very much a luck-based game, IMO. i know baseball fans will flame me for that, but it takes a hell of alot less athleticism to hit a spherical ball, or to run and catch it, than it does to pass an oblong ball well enough that another player can catch it. football is alot more about what you make of it. Baseball is basically track and field with ball bats and lots of luck.
    damn. you beat me to it. i was going to say we had a 3.1415626535% chance of winning the superb owl. 
    what do you define as "doing well in FA"?
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  8. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Who said it?   

    ^my vote. dude is cut
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  9. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Preseason QB Ratings   

    Joe Webb has played better than Cam this preseason. we should start him.
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  10. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Arian Foster could be back by week 2 to play the Panthers   

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  11. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic How to reduce the number of ACL injuries, without changing the preseason   

    this is some serious Minority Report sh!t. predicting ACL tears before they happen... O.o
    "Kelvin come here, we need to talk to you"
    "Okay coach."
    "The video shows you have ligament dominance in your right knee. We are going to sit you this week in practice and perhaps the game too because we believe you might tear your ACL if not."
    "But coach, I..."
    "But nothing Kelvin, youre too valuable for us to risk it."
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  12. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    unfortunately, there are alot of those around here
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  13. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Cam Newton, Panthers' Success Hinges on O-Line, Not Banged Up WRs   

    black and powder blue? ermagerd get it right. its electric blue.
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  14. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Cam, Stew, OL, and Olsen   

    well you see there is water in our hypothetical engine... Shula....
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  15. UpstatePanther added a post in a topic Panthers won't make Playoffs per CBS   

    i could easily see the Falcons starting 0-3... Home against the Eagles, away at the Giants, and away at the Cowboys. thats a rough start. wouldnt surprise me if they are 5-4 going into their week 10 bye. then they could very well lose another four games in a row: home against the Colts, home against the upstart Vikings, away at an improved Tampa Bay team, and then to Carolina for their beat down in our house. in other words... the Falcons might be 5-8 by week 14. i highly doubt they challenge for the division. they will be fighting for 8-8.
    the Saints dont have it much easier. they might be 5-5 going into their week 11 bye. @Cardinals, vs Bucs, @Panthers, vs Cowboys, @Eagles, vs Falcons, @Colts, vs Giants, vs Titans, @ Redskins. i count 5 probable losses and 5 possible wins. they will pick up at least three more losses in the final weeks of their season leaving their ceiling at 8-8.
    i dont need to talk about the buccaneers. they arent ready to compete for the division, though i do think they start relatively fast and surprise people. 
    and what about us? we are probably 5-3 or 4-4 heading into week 10. we will probably only take 3 losses at most from there, putting our floor at 9-7. I believe we can beat Philadelphia and Dallas, which would put us at 11-5. we might also go 5-1 in our division (im thinking 4-2). that could be another win along the way. 
    but tell me again how the rest of the division got better... please. i'd love to hear the same tired arguments all over again. 
    I forsee the Panthers taking an early division lead, and never relinquishing it en route to the wild card round. who we play there is anyone's guess. 
    point is, there is still alot to be excited about in Panther Nation. keep pounding everyone
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