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  1. FYI: Jeremy Cash is now a Cardinal

    I thought he was sitting on the couch
  2. Not bad, not bad.. Better than OP
  3. Didn’t believe that poo for one second... not even 0.00000000000000000003% believable
  4. Matt Kalil's wife in SI Swimsuit issue

    If Matt Kalil’s wife sucks more than he does, he has it made.
  5. The Jerry Richardson statue

    Lol. You are making the precise point of why it matters. No reason we should be grouped or compared with UNCA, UNCW, or UNCG. We have FBS football and a much better basketball history than any of those schools. #DropTheUNC
  6. Offseason...

    Well that’s depressing! Sounds like it’ll be the same ole, same ole next year then. Thanks Cho!
  7. Jason La Canfora reporting new GM hire

    That’s all I need to know! Woooo!
  8. Offseason...

    So we’re obviously not winning the NBA Championship and at BEST we’ll be a 6-8 seed in the playoffs.. To be honest, I watch about 1/3 of the games so I don’t have a great grip on what is expected after the season. What moves might/will be made in the offseason and what do you expect our roster to look like next year? To me, it’s frustrating being mediocre and having the 8-14 pick every year. We haven’t had a great draft history. What is it going to take to get us over the hump? It doesn’t seem like we’re in tank mode. Will we have any cap space to go after some big name FA’s if they even want to come here?
  9. ....and that’s why I shouldn’t watch hockey. Unfugingbelievable!
  10. Funny you posted that.. I’ve been watching my first Hurricanes game of the year tonight. Hopefully they keep pushing and get in the playoffs!
  11. Jealousy turned to Envy

    Norv compared to Mike fuging Shula, yeah I’m fairly excited. Nowhere to go but up! But yeah, I get the point about Marty.. We’ll see!
  12. Saw that on NFL Network haha.. Big fan of his.. Hey, he’s a die hard Philly fan and he’s enjoying the moment. He’s a comedian so that behavior, unlike anyone else, is somewhat acceptable..
  13. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Bro you’re blind as fug
  14. Super Bowl 52 Thread

    Wow! Worst case scenario for the NFL