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  1. I sure hope it does for evil such as this!
  2. Best Twitter Reactions

    Holy poo this is fuging hilarious! I’ll take losing in the wildcard round any day over being the Falcons and especially the Saints right now... Even though we didn’t win in the end, we won emotionally! Fug them both!
  3. I love you motherfuggers

    I’m pretty sure every fan out there is pulling for anyone but the Patriots at this point!
  4. I love you motherfuggers

    Props to you man for showing up after that L, but quick question.. why are you on here all the time but don’t post on aintsreport?
  5. Multiply Sheldon’s weight by 3 and put a computer screen in front of him.... and this would be half of The Huddle right now
  6. These announcers are fugging dumb.. not even close.. that wasn’t a catch even 20 years ago!
  7. Parking revenue? Really? That’s just stupid. If we move to the middle of nowhere where the team receives all the money for parked cars, let’s just say there’s 25,000 cars per game.. Avg cost to park $20.. 25,000 x $20 = $500,000 x 8 games per year = $4 million... That ain’t poo and definitely not a reason to move the stadium.
  8. Curtis Samuel- who is he really?

    Who knows who the fug he is at this point. Hopefully he stays healthy and the new OC uses him to his full potential. That’s all we can hope for right now. It’s a wait and see kind of thing, unfortunately.
  9. Admit it...

    What did you guys break in your house taking out your frustration on this game?
  10. I need a little more info on Ken Dorsey’s playing career before I can answer that question
  11. I don’t know what to think, honestly. We just went 11-5, tied for the best record in the division, and made the playoffs. why do I feel like fuging poo? IMO, it all comes down to the coaching staff. I don’t want Ron gone, personally, but Shula has been hanging on a thread for far too long. This offense needs some new weapons and a new coordinator to direct those weapons. Fug Shula, get him the hell out of Carolina!
  12. Panthers have never lost a Wild Card game

    Thanks for the jinx biotchh