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  1. Boston taking nothing for granted this year

    I think our system is FS friendly, both Mitchell and Coleman had solid numbers here while they were/are average starters out there. Thomas DeCoud didn't get those numbers tho, but I'd say Tre have a fair shot to be a legit FS for us.
  2. OTAs start Tuesday

    Daryl Williams and Beau Sandland. I'd love to see Williams stepping up and I really like Sandland, a few 2-TE-set plays will be sweet.
  3. No Darian Thompson?
  4. A Carolina Panthers Story |2015| Promised Land|

    Part four is written tonight.
  5. Nothing in world would keep Thomas Davis away from playing Super Bowl with the Carolina Panthers.
  6. Review of the Broncos' Last Two Games

    I agree with Peyton not being the biggest threat, but you cannot compare a SB contender with a #1 draft pick team.
  7. What position did you play?

    I didn't play in HS since here in Spain there is no HS football. Now I play WR, CB/S and special teams... We don't have many people in out team so it's funny playing everywhere. I guess we are worse than a lot of HS teams, even tho we are grown people, but football is growing.
  8. I'd say it takes 1 step for Peyton to know if it's man or zone, so it's not a big deal.
  9. One Panther not wishing for a blowout

    I hope he has a hell of a day, including a perfect 10/10 in XP and 0/0 FGs.
  10. Along the Sidelines - NFC Championship Game

    Amazing pics Jeremy. Only "but" is that CH logo is on JR's face in Greg's confetti pic!
  11. That Look......

    Cam Newton.
  12. Bold Predictions for the 2015 NFL Season

    Bold prediction here... There will be no bike for Jonathan Stewart.
  13. Panther fans Twitter Follow Train

    Running a twitter account for Panthers fans (and NFL in general) in spanish (I'm from Spain). Most tweets are in spanish, but I also have some US followers, so everybody is welcome. @PanthersSpain https://twitter.com/PanthersSpain
  14. Running @PanthersSpain on twitter.