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  1. He's not a alt simply a jackass with a case of major male pms....   ive been posting here since 2004 what was the original name of Carolinahuddle?   **no one tell him**
  2. You suck... That is all

  3. Says the newb...    Your probably the other alt.
  4. Color me unimpressed Palmer is good for 2-3 boneheaded ints vs good defenses... If they play us those will be their coffin nails.
  5. Comments on NOLA article

    Why would we have wanted to take out Romo lol he was our best player lmao.
  6. It's officially hate week again...

    Yep Bree's...   you were missing sing your QB we were missing the best linebacker in football... And all of our pass rushers...   Peyton took advantage of the Kuechlys absence big time...    
  7. Playoff Machine

    Even if we lost out theres only about a 5% chance of missing the playoffs...    Also I don't understand how a seahawks loss affects us they can only finish 11-5 and even if we lose out and finsish 11-5 we hold the head to head.    
  8. Is anyone worried Stew might get burnt out?

    He leads the NFL in broken tackles I personally think he still has the speed to take it the distance this season our problem has been WR blocking when he breaks into the second level hes getting attacked by all of the DBS because our WRS can't block for poo.
  9. Chuck its you isn't it?
  10. Our defense with all of the starters healthy and playing for the first time all season!!!??? It's over for the saints.
  11. It's officially hate week again...

    You realize that the following players were out or not on the team for the game...   Kuechly,Johnson,Allen...   No freaking LK. all McCown did was dunk the ball to were LK would be on the field and we had no pass rush...
  12. Too good not to share--Norman tweet

    Superman, captain America, batman, and Thor (Olsen)    no no wonder we havnt lost.
  13. Do we win the south..

      Lol must be wasted we are five I repeat FIVE GAMES UP ON ATLANTA WE WIN ONE MORE GAME JUST WON OUT OF 5 and it's ours lol.
  14. Early Line Versus NO

    7 point road favorites at home that line would be 10++