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  1. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    The game plan also fails with a monster big target like Kelvin Benjamin on the field.
  2. Double Greg Olsen, keep Cam in the pocket

    This strategy won't work next season with Kelvin Benjamin on the field.
  3. Cam to reporter "We'll be back"

    The saints never had the kind of building blocks on defense that we do.
  4. Yikes now I remember ak panther and his "remember Arizona thread" 
  5. @CRAthis narrative with @Haplo E is just anther off thread attack on anther white player.... (Guarenteed if Watt was black he wouldn't be bringing this up) this is the same guy who made multiple threads in the offseason about how "unathletic" Luke Kuechly is... 
  6. We will never forget!!!! Should also say remember Remmers!!!!
  7. Oh and btw JJ Watt had 6.5 out of 17.5 of his sacks against the AFC south this season... That is not lost its not even half you stupid son of a bitch. I'll give you a hint he had the same amount of sacks vs other teams as Miller had PERIOD.
  8. I don't give a poo about JJ watt... He ain't on my team. I don't give a poo about Miller expect stopping him the guys I root for wear blue and black....  My Quarterback is a dabbing cool cat who fuging hates to lose and I love it...   my middle linebacker is a low key defense adjusting badass.   JJ watt has not a damn thing to do with this thread or the Carolina Panthers now get the fug out you pathetic simple minded racist peice of poo.
  9. Im with Sean Payton's Vicodin.. Just ban me also

    Please please please tell me this means you obliged him.
  10. Beating Mike fuging Remmers doesn't make you a defensive MVP.  You are attempting to compare a team sport to an individual accolade.... And the Texans lost by 30 not 42 you clown shoes wearing user of extreme hyperbole to fit your race baiting agenda.... Guarenteed if JJ Watt was black we wouldt hear a peep out of you.    
  11. @rayzor @Jeremy Igo    can someone ban this dude already?  He is just as racist as the guys who hate on cam non stop.... Reminds me of KT.
  12. The stupidity of this is incredible the panthers will not be signing Jeffery.... Take that to the bank....  And did you really just compare a ruptured Achilles on a previously injury prone vet to a ACL on a second year guy?    Jump the wagon... If money is spent in FA it will be on the lines...   and lmao at the Miller comparison.
  13. Positions we need to upgrade

    Yac is nice but it's not a big part of our scheme honestly, if you want a yac guy in our offense I could see it being a guy similar to Deion Lewis from the patriots (a rb given the system we run wishbone heavy ect a threat like that out of the back field)   also yac isn't much of a factor because the vast majority of our passes are the downfield variety not the short underneath high percentage type.
  14. Bayless and Stephen A on Mike Shula

    Yeah but no other team has two pass rushers the caliber of Ware and Miller, to be honest watch the game they didn't do anything special SCHEME wise this was all pass rush....
  15. Positions we need to upgrade

    And you realize it's likely that Funchess continues to develope into our #2 the panthers will have two huge physical targets to rely on.... Which will out Ginn back to his spot at #3 field stretcher.... A second pass catching TE would do this offense a lot more good than anther speedster....