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  1. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    He's an idiot, I'm trying to decipher his posts...
  2. In your case we all know why they call you the red.... You love to pound through your bfs period. KT what you been up too.
  3. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    In all fairness Brown is also an udfa WR.
  4. Go do whatever it is you ***** liberal pole smokers do....
  5. Nope not really considering the source, coming from you rodeo a known advocate of the reach around..... Limits the possibilitys.
  6. Philly Brown had shoulder surgery

    Hill has speed he's someone I'm excited to see catching some cam Deep balls....
  7. Oh I'm not a Christian by a longshot I meant both the trannys and the Christians the freaks comment applied to both sides. I'm simply here to give voice to the narrow minded opinions that remain unsaid.
  8. It rained the entire second half I was at the game... Hardy was still applying pressure but couldn't get the same kind of traction for his power moves.
  9. Didn't he give up 3 sacks to Hardy in the first half though? Lol
  10. A Funchess Reminder

    Hatter I can't help but feel this is an insult to corky.... Lmao
  11. I can see the Russell to Winston comparisons not to cam though.... Winston has a similar body type and athleticism as Russel. Cam is build like a god nothing like those two physically. 250 pounds of muscle vs 250+ pounds and a gut.
  12. Jaguars not excersing 5th year option on Luke Joeckel

    Otah hasn't been on the team in years dude... micheal Oher was though.