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  1. Who to pull for Sunday

    Try reading one more win coupled with one more Falcons loss clinches the division before we even play them...   two Falcons losses clinches....    
  2. Who to pull for Sunday

    You are both wrong lol.   we have 11 wins we play the saints next week a win next week plus a Falcons loss either this week or next week clinches the division....   12-4 (worst possible record with 12 wins) the buccaneers best possible record is 11-5 the Falcons are 6-4 so one more loss coupled win clinches.
  3. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

      OMG OMG OMG the cowgirls have Tony Homo what will we ever do?  *hint we are going to break his bum ass again by the second quarter.
  4. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Best tidbit I saw on the Dallas board "Kuechly is great now that he can finally stay on the field this season" (apearently the fact that he missed the first game of his career this season slipped his mind)  also Sean Lee is just as good or better than LK. and Rolando McClain is better than Davis lol lol lol
  5. What Cowboys Fans Are Saying

    Wilson is a better qb by far... And he isn't a choker.
  6. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    I agree wholeheartedly, he has developed into a great QB and will only get better... 
  7. Week 12 Power Rankings

    Coming from the guy who is terrified of the Cowboys make up your mind the #1 doesn't fear the 3-7 cowpiles.
  8. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    Hatter you and I had our doubts about cam but he has proved us wrong thankfully! The Cowboys are in for a world of hurt come Thursday.
  9. Cam Newton compared to Pablo Escobar

    The racist hate on cam is ridiculous... I haven't always been his biggest fan but the man has shown me the last few seasons what I wanted to see in his game that was missing.... The ability to be clutch... Gotta love cam!
  10. The Rams d did too.   it should be noted that it was the Landry jones steelers too.
  11.   Last I checked we have not choked one lead.... At the end of every game we had the lead...   oh oh and you do realize the reason our defense wasn't as good in the fourth durning those games was because our defensive line was depleted by injurys? (Which by the way will be at full strength for the first time all season Thursday)    
  12. Also why am I not surprised that you joined in Oct. wagonnnnnner.
  13.   Best offense? lol.   Maybe you missed it but we will now have all of our guys back on defense this week for the first time all season including big money.....    They still play AZ and Minn and STL again they will drop at least one of those....    
  14.   Your a clown....   10-0 > 8-2   Quit buying the hype the bengals have no pass rush.   
  15. Our pass rush is much better than cincis.....   Our Defense is better at everylevel than theirs.