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  1. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Awhhh Wahhhh Wahhhh you seem to be the immature one.
  2. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Maybe not I see Jeremy contributed... But it below the legal limit? Don't see how any reasonable person thinks he will be punished.
  3. Shaq Thompson Involved In Head on Collision

    Seeing as this is the only place reporting this I call bs.
  4. Oh please I'm a republican but right to privacy is a joke since the patriot act (anti patriot act)
  5. Panthers Release Boykin

    That was Coleman and Luke get it right if your gonna spew bullshit.
  6. No wonder I don't like floppin.
  7. Own a piece of history

    I'm going with attention craving whore and he clearly isn't intelligent or creative enough to be a psychopath.... Now a sociopath that I can see.
  8. Breaking the curse of "the year after"

    He came back just fine... It just didn't hold up... I remember that frozen rope he threw to Donte Rosario to beat the chargers in 2008 on the last play of the game..... It's my favorite Jake moment it defined his clutch factor.
  9. Tow Truck Driver Ditches Disabled Woman

    That time of the month agian? Makes sense given your handle is thered.
  10. Tow Truck Driver Ditches Disabled Woman

    I find this ironic considering the other day you didn't even know that players who have been cut don't affect comp picks... Your posting is generally poorly informed and opinionated, the lack of viable proof to these generalizations about your intelligence show this quite well.
  11. Trump vs. Hillary

    This is true enough I have no shame in this or anything else for that matter it's why I fuging love the Donald.
  12. Trump vs. Hillary

    Not unless he invented a time machine to go back to 18 years before he was born.
  13. Trump vs. Hillary

    My younger brother is flamboyantly gay.... He's also a staunch Trump supporter who doesn't believe trannys belong in bathrooms of their choosing.
  14. Social Desirability Bias

    It's ironic that you say that considering we can Easlily say the same thing for your opionions and awful political association. The thing is you liberal jackasses talk about equalities yet it's the liberals that seem to think that people who disagree with them aren't entitled to their own opinion reguardless of what it may be.... Ex. See idiot protesters blocking highways in an atempt to keep others from a lawful assembly? I am a republican, I've backed Trump since day one, however most of the things I say on here are hyperbole intended to get a rise out of you liberals...