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  1. Dab Like No One’s Watching

    I'm glad for coach Rivera. 
  2. Norman's Trash Talking

    I have no problem with talking trash. It's part of the game. You have to be mentally tough out here.
  3. Norman's Trash Talking

    Half empty, huh? I get it, but he didn't fumble. I looked at it like this. I'm pretty sure the Dallas players/coaches didn't like to see Dez taken out of the play that way. That's where the anger is. IF was a fifth, we'd be more drunk! Happy Holidays!!
  4. She didn't love Tim. She just wanted to be the first one to take his cookies. She aint slick!
  5. FB Memes

  6. Deion, I still love you, but COME ON MAN

    Prime Time picked Atlanta to win the division. He's about to jump that ship. He likes Cam a lot, FWIW.
  7. Horton suspended 4 games

    Didn't he get busted in Concord on a trafic stop and they found a grinder?
  8. Week 11 - Who to Root For

    I agree on all of yours
  9. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    I'll be in the FOX SPORTS B Unit production truck.
  10. Screamin A. Smith thinks it's a Race issue with Cam dancing

    He never said it was a race issue. All he said was most black people and especially the ones that he knows don't have an issue or problem with what Cam does. It's mostly white folk that are doing the complaining. He also has said that when other QBs of a lighter skin complexion act out they are looked at differently. I wanted him to expand his point by bringing up examples of this. Carson Palmer and Drew Stanton this past weekend would have been great to discuss. 
  11. EVEN with your ADVANCED DEGREES, you still don't understand. You, of all people, should know that EVERYONE isn't racist about something Prejudice, yes! Racist, NO! . You, of all people should understand AND KNOW what racism really is. There is a HUGE difference. Again, don't ignore it. 
  12. Just because you choose to ignore it(racism) doesn't mean that it isn't there. Prejudice and racism are two entirely different things. Sociology 101. I can explain it to you, but I can't understand it for you.
  13. Dear Mularkey, Titans fans, and Cam Haters

    This is the type of nonsense that comes your way when you go 9-0. More and more people are going to hate and hate on you. Comes with success. Revel in it! 
  14. Cam has ruined a young girls entire LIFE

    The hate is real.