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  1. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic David Newton: Wegher still longshot   

    "........because blocking is at a premium in this league. It's also a much valued skill on a Dave Gettleman team."
    Yeah. Ok.
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  2. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Wilson: 60 million guaranteed over 4 years...   

    Congratulations Russell! Glad he got his money!!
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  3. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Seahawks offer Wilson $21M/year but Wilson wants more   

    This right here. Quit hating on Russell Wilson, he's been THE MAN since he was around these parts lighting up the ACC. 
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  4. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Racism is Dead Part 89108392083: Black woman found dead in police custody   

    Now the ASST. District ATTY. says 1st autopsy was defective. Asking for a second autopsy because the first one was faulty? What? When does this EVER happen? More and more BS is coming to a head now. I wish her family well because they are truly going through it right now. 
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  5. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic The Golden Calf of Bristol is a better playoff performer than Cam Newton.   

    Op, you tried it son. Bless your heart. 
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  6. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Baby Daddy Cam   

    I care not about what goes on in this GROWN MAN'S personal life.
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  7. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Brandon Browner: I’d like another stint with Seahawks after Saints deal is up   

    Is that crap still around?
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  8. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic More Russell Wilson contract "news"-Summary:It's great to be a Panther fan   

    RW is about to get paid. I wish nothing but the best for him.
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  9. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Nathan Bedford Forrest's remains to be exhumed   

    Stone Mountain is up too. That would be interesting to say the least. 
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  10. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Cam Newton is the cool sub   

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  11. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Panthers winning percentages over time   

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  12. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic Democrats don't even know what they are protesting   

    I noticed too many stars on that joint too. I thought it was a joke at first. I laughed. 
    I also noticed the points that they made about it too.
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  13. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic I cant even.. Nocturnus Libertus   

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  14. @bonafidebanter added a post in a topic I cant even.. Nocturnus Libertus   

    "the African flag...." what is that? The whole country of Africa or what? I'm lost. I've never heard of "the African flag". 
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