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  1. My hair is Red The Panthers are Blue Oh, how I want field passes Oh, Yes I do.
  2. Roses are Red Violets are Blue Luke will tag your ass And you will like it, too. You know I follow you and my twitter is @‌KelliStorey
  3. Y'all..... I can't explain my emotions right now. Love that dude. Will miss him showing out on Sundays. I hope he retires home where he belongs. Put that 89 jersey permanently on the shelf. GOaT.
  4. I know it's on the jumbotron, but this was awesome.
  5. That Look......

    Brilliant catch of that expression.
  6. I am also really excited to see Chris Harris back with the team! I always really liked him.
  7. Your training camp write ups are back! I have missed them so.... Football, baby! FOOTBALL!!!!!
  8. Cam Newton Healthy, Confident

    This has made my Friday. Damn, I can't wait for September!
  9. Cargo shorts

    I guess I missed something. Didn't realize cargo shorts were bad....?
  10. First Look - Devin Funchess

    That is a lovely sight. Football is almost back!
  11. The chosen one is returning to the NFL

    The guys at ESPN won't be able to stand up for a week.