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  1. Ball Game Cam, you fuged up

    Cam is consistently forced in extremely difficult situations based on play calling. Eagles Pass rush getting home, what does shula do? Throw it deep. 3rd and one, whats the choice? A quick hitter into cover 2 defense GUARDING THE 1st down. 4th and one, and does the same damn thing! Shula is ok at designing plays but has no fuggin clue how to use them and when to use them. So many chances tonight and couldnt get us in position to win one on one matchups. While cam has to be safer with the football, he also needs someone in the booth helping. But he doesnt.
  2. Which path for Newton?

    this is an irrelevant conversation. Cam will be cam. This offense works around his strengths as a runner. Yeah there may be fewer designed runs but he will always be a threat. The best qbs in the game this season all have that mobility factor. And trying to take that away from one of the best to ever do it this way is like taking one leg away from him. He can pass in a pocket, outside of the pocket. He can scramble, run the option, whatever he does he just needs to keep doing it. Part of the game is risking injury he just needs to keep getting better at choosing when to take a hit and he will be fine.
  3. He has to be more involved in practice to be more involved in the game. He will gradually get more plays tailored to him as the season progresses but that is all dependent upon him getting reps in practice. No different than cams situation.
  4. They may be having a down year but they still have that guy under center and you can never count him out. Not to mention the best offense in the league. A down year for them yeah, but Ill put money on them being in the playoffs and probably getting bye for the first round too.
  5. Kevon Seymour > Daryl Worley

    The run outside kind of was on him. He got sucked in he was responsible for the edge. Team game, but that was his tackle.
  6. Man its a great day to be a panther. Couple quick things that I saw that impressed. 1. Offensive Communication- Specifically on the oline. Larsen is learning quickly and it seemed as if Cam made it a point to help a little when the Pats showed pressure. Trai seemed to be communicating too. All this leads to Kalil knowing where to be as well. So thats a positive. 2. Receivers and Backs- We are starting to get seperation. Funchess had the best game of his career and gave a middle finger to you doubters on this board and I love it. He has been playing very well for us this year and I think he took a big step forward today. Dickson filled in his roll nicely. Mccaffrey, Mccaffrey'd. Minus the fumble stew ran well overall great show by our skill players on O. 3. SHULA calls a great game? He put us in positions to win. Gave Cam outlets on the plays we were looking to push the ball down the field. Would like to see him be a bit more aggressive with a lead, and that goes for ron, wilks and the defense too. But that has typically been what we do, unfortunately. 4. RECORDS SET, and a win AGAINST THE PATS! J-stew surpasses DWILL for all-time franchise rushing leader. Cam surpasses Delhomme for all-time leaders in wins for a panthers Qb and we beat the pats. Man what a day! 5- Cam is back! There was some negatives and those will be addressed. But we all should be proud of this ball team today! For those of you that counted us out. Just dont bother posting anymore, you should be banned to strictly lurking for a 12 month sentence. GO PANTHERS!
  7. Agreed. Some people shouldnt even be allowed to don a panthers UNI! Much less enjoy our winz.
  8. Kind of hard to ignore considering it was DAVE that made this roster. So avoiding THIS, is exactly what DAVE didnt do.
  9. Lmao you must dream about chuds ballsack sanjay. That formation(top) is known as a wing T, which is most commonly used in youth football. Very effective uses alot of misdirection and is great for youth leagues because its simplicity and lack of a qb that can throw sideline to sideline. Why you think a two TE SET with ed dickson and chris manhertz will solve our problems is beyond me? You must of played TE in your backyard football days. And besides, we use a heavy set but defenses in the NFL are far to smart and athletic for this formation to be useful in any other situations other than short yardage downs. We just need Cam to get his poo together thats all.
  10. Keep dreaming.... I would be willing to bet money that never happens.
  11. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    This one is on CAM NEWTON. When he has gotten pressured he makes terrible decisions. All 3 interceptions were on him. Period. The last two had two guys open and he just missed them. Add to that, how awful the defense has been. We wont win another game with this product on the field.
  12. The decision to punt from the NO 35 down 18

    Coward move. Give your team a fuggin chance man.
  13. Official Saints at Panthers Gameday Thread

    I hate these fuggin game day threads. All you guys do is bitch and moan. Watch the game, were strugglin but still in it. LETS GOOO!
  14. Olsen injury a blessing in disguise?

    Nah, not really. Thats a key part of what we do. I think we can be ok without him but do I think its a blessing, or are we better off without him absolutely not. How many big plays as he made in crunch time? To many to count.
  15. Typical saints team of the past few years. Gonna throw it a ton, and will struggle to run. They want the ball in Brees' hands though, so we have to get some pressure on him. Pass rush isnt terrible but after that they have issues from backers to DBs, if we give Cam time we shouldnt have much issue driving on them. They struggle with TES, so maybe cam and dickson can connect. Other than that its the usual division matchup so we better come to play. That offense can erupt at any moment and if our d has a bad day which isnt likely, we need our offense to come through. Need to get an earlier lead.