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  1. This franchise is a fuggin joke. There have been multiple suitable free agents that would instantly upgrade our squad and we get a fuggin dtackle? No corners, no safeties, no wrs. Ridiculous man.
  2. You don't FUGGIN cut Ryan FUGGIN Kalil

    Iight cut em both then. Looks like we are in fuggin rebuild mode anyway. Not signing poo letting all pros go to keep 3 1 year vets. Gotta love this team. SMDH
  3. F. U. G The C A P Get Cam some Damn Weapons whatever it takes.
  4. Panthers are 24 million under the cap

    Is that before after the gano deal. Bc 9 Mill seems like it could be a big hit to the cap. If I understand how the contract deals work out.
  5. Watkins among FAs that could be overpaid

    Ok fug Watkins. Pay Robinson and Landry.
  6. REPORT: Andrew Norwell to Giants a "done deal"

    This money left over after cuts and departures better be well spent. We ain't here to save money. We are here to win championships. Fug. The. Cap.
  7. Bradberrys ball skills aren't that great. He just wins by being in the right place. Worley's ball skills are better. But he's never in the right place. For some reason I see some Josh Norman in his early years in Worleys game.
  8. While I appreciate your thoroughness and due diligence with all the stat tracking and number knowledge, we have to draw the line somewhere. Being a QB in highschool, and only saying that to show personal experience, when we ran the ball well the passing game was so much easier. Yes, passing the ball is a more explosive play. Yes, in today's NFL more TDS are scored today than ever through the air. But look at the last few Superbowl winners and what they have done well is have a strong run game. Without it, it is much more difficult to be effective through the air as the defense knows what is coming. Statistics are one thing, but tendencies of a defense are another. When you run the ball well, you force a defense to commit to stopping the run. And that usually leads to an over commitment. A safety peaking in the backfield, makes for a huge play out of play action. And coaching middle school ball that is what I strive to do as well especially at an age where running is vital and you may only have 5-10 passing attempts per game. The game is simple if you play it that way, the more complicated you make it the slower you play. Stats only tell half the story if that, so don't lose track that this game is played like chess, and not checkers.
  9. Not really. Takes a bit of time to write up contractual documents I presume. Prob jusy waiting to see the fine print. If he can still see it to read it.
  10. I feel this post/poll is a set up.
  11. Curtis Samuel- who is he really?

    I like samuel. I think he will be much better for us next year.
  12. Reshaping Newton

    Kind of what I was getting at. Do whatever it takes to make our most talented weapon more dangerous.
  13. Predict the new OC here...

    Why is everyone forgetting about Kubiak? Just curiouse heard he might come out of hiding for the right situation.