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  1. shaka added a post in a topic 2nd Preseason comeback victory. PIE FOR EVERYONE   

    All aboard the Ward/Wegher hype train!
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  2. shaka added a post in a topic Fearless Panthers - Dolphins Predictions....   

    Byrd comes up big in the second half going over 100 yards receiving on the day. 
    Lee Ward gets single digit reps but absolutely flattens someone.  This gets the hype train rolling again. 
    Daryl Williams continues to impress. 
    Defensive line still looks poor but Shaq shows flashes of greatness making a nice tackle for a loss. 
    First offensive drive of the day for the panthers is pass heavy and results in a touchdown. 
    I'd be happy with any of those to be honest. 
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  3. shaka added a post in a topic Why I feel the fullback could be vital this season   

    Thanks!  I did the citation for two reasons.  
    1) To avoid any issues with content.  Also I like to give credit where credit is due.  
    2) It's a pretty good article but I think it's from 2013.  It's commentary on the role of the fullback is pretty decent and I figured some people might want to read more about it.  Half of it is scouting for the draft however.  
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  4. shaka added a topic in Carolina Panthers   

    Why I feel the fullback could be vital this season
    Alternate Title: Why I get half mast talking about Lee Ward
    Why has the role of the fullback diminished?  
    Traditional fullbacks are not really offensive threats.  Often the fullback brings up the image of a slow hulking manbeast wearing a neckroll.  Most teams have replaced the fullback with the slot receiver.  The thought being you can still run the ball just as effectively with the slot receiver because you force the defense to adjust by taking out a linebacker and putting in a db.  With it being a pass happy league you have another passing option in the slot, and if you decide to run you have one less linebacker to worry about.  
    Why it makes sense for the Panthers?  
    Short answer: Shula
    Long answer:  Mother Fuggin Mike Shula.  Ball control, grind it out offense with an emphasis on running the ball and play action.  Unrelated to Shula is the uncertainty about LT.  Fullbacks are known for their blocking ability and should be able to help our LT out.  I'll touch on running the ball with a FB active in the offense with a quote from the article linked below:  
    "Seahawks Pro-Bowl running back Marshawn Lynch refers to Robinson as 'his eyes' and has noted that he trusts Mike Rob to help lead him to daylight. As Robinson puts it - "you read it like a runner - that's why he calls me his 'eyes', because we're supposed to see the same thing."
    They're not only supposed to see the same thing, they're supposed to do the same thing - and in the Seahawks zone-blocking run game, Robinson is often tasked with leading Lynch to the correct crease and picking up a defender that tries to fill it."  
    I think the quote speaks for itself but just in case, (Fug the seahawks) it's hard to doubt the success of Seattle in recent years or the image they have of a run dominant team.  And I think most can agree we try to emulate their style in a stout defense and run first smash mouth mentality.  (fug seattle)  If it's good enough for them, I think it's good enough for us.  
    Also note, we run the option.  It doesn't have to be the focal point of the offense but with a fullback you can do things like this:
    (side note:  Lee Ward (6' 250 35 reps at combine, 4.89 40) is physically similar to Bruce Miller (6'1" 254 35 reps at combine, 4.99 40) 
    Side note to the side note:  Fug the 49ers)

    Then there's play action, which is another big part of our offense.  I will let this gif do all the talking for me.  
    (Another side note:  I hate the Seahawks)

    Look at that!  Three defenders all keyed in on Lynch!  Also note the db who has to either pick up the TE or the fullback out of the backfield.  If not for the pressure from the linebacker blitzing from the outside, you could probably imagine the QB running for the easy score too!
    If you don't see the value of lining up Lee Ward and Tolbert/Stewart in the red zone or on third and short I don't think I can help you.  

    Source for gifs and quotes
    So please forgive me for posting about being on the Lee Ward hype train constantly but damn I'm excited!  Lastly its my first thread created here on the the Huddle so take it easy on me!
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  5. shaka added a post in a topic Gone Campin...   

    No one said Lee Ward yet?  I'm disappointed in you huddle.  
    I'm interested in the following:
    Lee Ward
    One of those is our biggest question mark and the other two can play an integral part in helping said question mark.  
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  6. shaka added a post in a topic **Punisher Express Passengers Only**   

    I'm pushing women and children out of the way to get on this train. 
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  7. shaka added a post in a topic Lee Ward run block....   

    If you'll excuse me, I need to change my pants now.  
    Brought to you by a passenger of the Lee Ward hype train, the Punisher express.  
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  8. shaka added a post in a topic Lee Ward - The Punisher   

    Top 5 fullbacks from last season according to Bleacher Report and how the Punisher measures up:
    5) James Develin, Patriots:
    40 time: 5.02
    Height/weight:  6'3" 255
    Couldn't find bench press info
    4) Kyle Juszcyk, Ravens:
    40 time:  4.72
    Height/Weight:  6'1" 248
    24 reps on the bench press
    3) Bruce Miller, 49ers:
    40 time:  4.99
    Height/Weight:  6'1" 254
    35 reps on the bench press
    2) Henry Hynoski, Giants:
    40 time:  5.06
    Height/Weight:  6'1" 260
    24 reps on the bench press
    1) Anthony Sherman, Chiefs:
    40 time: 4.75
    Height/Weight:  5'10" 242
    32 reps on the bench press
    Lee 'the Punisher' Ward
    40 time: 4.89
    Height/Weight:  6' 250 (Some have him listed at 5'11" others at 6'1".  I heard no one has gotten close enough to actually measure him without getting pancaked)
    35 reps on the bench press

    As you can see, physically he most compares to Bruce Miller. 
    Personally I love the idea of a true fullback and the I-formation.  I know there are more important things going on, but this is the most interesting thing for me this summer.  Way too often I dream of something like this:
    A third and short, I-formation with Ward and Tolbert.  The ball is snapped and all the WRs begin their 26 yard digs.  Ward runs through the line, hits a linebacker in the mouth (killing him in the process and accidentally impregnating his wife) and then runs out to the flat.  Cam fakes it to Tolbert, and then rolls out.  The routes are still developing and the defender in the flat has a decision, and either way it's wrong.  He panics, rushes Cam who tosses a lob to Ward for the easiest third and short we've ever converted with Shula.  
    But then I wake up, realize it's August and just hope he makes the practice squad.  
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  9. shaka added a post in a topic Lee Ward - The Punisher   

    I said it in another topic:
    All aboard the Lee Ward hype train, the punisher express.  We'll be making no stops, and running everything over in our path. 
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  10. shaka added a post in a topic things I liked so far from training camp   

    All aboard the Lee Ward hype train, the punisher express.  We'll be making no stops, and running everything over in our path. 
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  11. shaka added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    tell me about it. I had flashbacks to the I'm not mad I'm just disappointed speech I've gotten from everyone who has ever given me nice things. 
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  12. shaka added a post in a topic Give Our Panthers Some Training Camp Advice   

    Shaq:  Come in early, leave late.  Learn how to study film from Luke and how to be a pro from TD.  
    Funchess:  Come in early, leave late.  Get extra work in with Cam and KB.  Stay in Proehl's pocket.  
    Lee Ward:  Coime in early, leave late.  Don't start killing people until the first pre-season game.  May lord have mercy on their souls.
    Shula:  Come in late, leave early.  No eye contact and no talking.  
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  13. shaka added a post in a topic Harvard - Panthers bottom 10 team in 2015   

    I work with math and models (not the Igo kind, the nerd kind) occasionally at my job.  Here are my issues with this article:
    Uses Pro Football Reference's Approximate Value statistic as a be-all end-all metric. Then immediately from the description of Approximate Value: "AV is not meant to be a be-all end-all metric. Football stat lines just do not come close to capturing all the contributions of a player the way they do in baseball and basketball."
    Does not account for team depth by choosing relatively random players.  The top 4 front seven?  Really?  Why not the top 7 front seven?  Does not account for injuriesRookies have the same value as backups.  That means Devin Funchess has the same value right now as Jason Avant or Marcus Lucas?  Ran linear regression with last years data for Elo ratings and found a high correlation which means fart noises pfffffffffffffffttttttttttttttt who caresNo seriously the last point is where statistically he's correct but logically he's really flawed.  Naturally you want to test your model against historical data, but the results aren't really surprising.  It's highly should be!  He's taking the final AV of players (which accounts for team success in some way)  and is saying teams with the most AV win more.  The more successful teams are successful?  Well...yes, its right there in the definition of AV.  
    Using it to project forward is essentially worthless, especially when you're cherry picking your observations.  If he did this based on the entire offensive or defensive rosters and came up with projected rankings I would consider it a little more but it's nothing more than a July fluff piece with some statistical bologna thrown in there.  Not shitting on the guys statistics, they seem to be pretty sound, but the lack of common sense in the application is hard to swallow.  
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  14. shaka added a post in a topic Here's a guy you'll never hear from again   

    Just from the title I was praying it was panthersunited. 
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