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    10-0 and a falcons loss!  fug yes!!!!
  2. I wonder how much Norwell being out contributed to the blitz being successful.  O-line talent deficiencies can be masked by good chemistry and playing as a unit.  I wonder if a few of those blitzes get picked up with Norwell in there.   Also I remember a back missing badly on a blitz pickup by releasing too early that resulted in a sack, I think it was Tolbert.  If Cam got it to him it would have been a big gain but he really needed to chip on the blitzing defender to give Cam time.  You keep blitzing if it's successful, if it backfires into a thirty or forty yard gain you probably stop blitzing as frequently.  
  3. This is absolutely disgusting and horrifying.  Won't someone think of the children?  There were probably tens if not dozens of fans children watching that game last night.  Doesn't Julius Thomas know he's a role model?     My 14 week old son sensed the change immediately - and started asking questions.  Won't he get in trouble for doing that?  Is he trying to make people mad?  Do you think he knows he looks like a spoiled brat?     I didn't have great answers for him, and honestly, in an effort to minimize the negative impact and what was otherwise a really fun night, I redirected  his attention to a replay of Game of Thrones, where there was a brothel full of naked women immediately following a 12 minute bloody battle scene.  I slept easier last night knowing I did the right thing.  
  4. I love the huddle.  One word to describe the team?  Erect.  Can you elaborate?  Sure can.
  5. I thought we were going to have another J-No 2-4 defying gravity for a jaw dropping pass break up.  But Rodgers threw a hell of a ball there.  
  6. Resilient is my first choice.  Undefeated is a good one too.   We're winning games in spite of a bunch of bullshit.  Injuries?   KB out for the year CJ on IR and Dwan Edwards injured.  Two vets on the D-line that heavily affects the rotation Luke's concussion  Shaq missing games Norwell injured Kalil missed a game The refs?  fug them.   Hold up, Carolina might put this game out of reach.  Change that spot 46 centimeters.   This week:  That ball isn't secure but that's an interception!  Last week:  That ball hit the ground but that's a catch!  Two weeks ago:  Ted Ginn secures the ball, two steps and get tackled?  Interception or incomplete, no way that's a catch.   Weeks back, OPI on Olsen on a pick play.  The Packers on 4th and goal run a pick where both defenders fell.  No call! "Wow what a cheap shot, that Colts LB just punched Olsen in the mouth.  Good the ref saw it.  Dude will probably get ejected."  Holding, #88 offense.  Mother fuger Ridiculous momentum swings?  Two years ago we would have folded under these situations.   The Colts come back, force OT, start with the ball and score.  We stop the bleeding, force a turnover and get the win.   4th and long, Aaron Rodgers proves why he's elite.  A roll out to extend the play with defenders in your face and you throw at the #1 corner in the league and convert it.  Against any other team, that's the back breaker.  That play should have changed everything.  They score on the drive and get the ball right back after the 'interception.'  The defense answers the call and seals the game.    Down 20-7 in Seattle, a team built to play with a lead.  The Seahawks put up 17 unanswered points.  Our response?  Three 80 yard drives for touchdowns.   If you want to be negative you can say the lack of a four minute offense led to some of these momentum swings.  I can hear the overly negative huddler saying "It's going to burn us one day when we need it the most."  It's a matter of execution and the more you're in that situation the easier it becomes to execute.  Cam and company are already aware of this, and know they have to get better at it.  I have a feeling next week ends with the Panthers offense on the field.     Overall, it's hard not to be positive about this team.  We're far from perfect (except our record), but we are the physical embodiment of keep pounding.  
  7. Darlington gives Panthers respect

    Love this quote.  It's about time someone in the media just flat out said it.