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  1. What are You Drinking Right Now?

    I'm going to run by Frugal Macdougal's after work today to prep for Pacquiao/Mayweather viewing party. I'm looking for something new to try....any suggestions??
  2. Huddle Workout Warriors

        Check out Chris Albert on Youtube. He has a ton of tips for the front squat.
  3. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Has anybody in this forum ever actually competed in bodybuilding? Just curious.
  4. Huddle Workout Warriors

      I've had this issue pretty badly myself before. It went away when i stopped using a straight bar for curls and went with the EZ bar. Maybe give that a shot?   I don't think that your hands are at a natural angle holding a straight bar, just my opinion.
  5. Huddle Workout Warriors

      I'm not worried about Cholestorol. Do you mean it has a high sodium content?   I can't find anywhere around here that carriers it so i may have to order online. The Peanut Butter Fluff sounds delicious.
  6. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Is anyone familiar with MTS Whey and if it is really as good as everyone says? Also, Are there any stores around Charlotte that sell it?
  7. Huddle Workout Warriors

    Does anyone subscibe to CT Fletcher on YouTube? He's an ex-weightlifting champion.   It's great when you need that motivation to get to the gym when you otherwise just don't want to.   It is definitely NSFW because of the language.
  8. Huddle Workout Warriors

        Ha, yeah.
  9. Huddle Workout Warriors

        I really haven't noticed a large increase in crowd at Planet Fatness since the new year began.   Maybe because I usually go around 4pm and beat the crowd.
  10. Huddle Workout Warriors

  11. Huddle Workout Warriors

        I kind of see it as a badge of honor when I have a muscle group that sore. But man is it painful.
  12. Huddle Workout Warriors

    I went pretty hard on squats for the first time in a while on Monday.   Now I feel like an idiot at work, because I'm walking so funny down the hall.   Quads are quite tender.
  13. Huddle Workout Warriors

        No, I only chew gum when I start feeling a craving for food kick in. Usually around 9 or 10, but have to stop when it loses flavor.   I've heard that about chewing gum too. The artificial sweetener in it (assuming it's sugar free gum) raises insulin levels which triggers your body to store extra fat. I personally think it's B.S. but I'm no doctor.
  14. Huddle Workout Warriors

      I thought that myself at first, but I actually got over it after 4 or 5 days.   I get to work around 7am and chew gum to make it to lunch.
  15. Huddle Workout Warriors

        I work out around 4pm.   I've cut out fast food completely, but just can't cut bread out completely.   I do use diet Sun-Drop to get from lunch to my workout without feeling hungry. I guess the carbonation gives the false feeling of being full.   I'd like to cut that out eventually, but right now it's better than snacking on junk.