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  1. Romo Gives Luke High Praise

    Listening to Tony Romo talk about Kuechly makes me feel things inside.
  2. RG "Triggered" 3

    The only one triggered here is you...
  3. Cam apologizes

    What i find funny is that most if not all the women I've talked to or seen on facebook werent offended. It was the white knights and beta males that got all worked up
  4. .

    The level of savagery..
  5. He could always go to the Raiders game.
  6. One Carolina

    Seriously fug NC State.
  7. Saturday. Division game thread.

    If you let it go over your head like Amendola did, you don't get that chance. He was going to let it go in the end zone. He can't change his mind when he see's that a defender is there to down it. The defender is looking up at the ball now. He is basically a defenseless receiver at this point.
  8. Saturday. Division game thread.

    The returner wasn't at a spot to catch the ball. He can't turn around and launch at a gunners head because he was out of position. It's the gunners job to down the ball. You literally see a returner let a ball go every game. I'm surprised this is news to you.
  9. Saturday. Division game thread.

    It's funny Mike Carey didn't know that was a penalty.
  10. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Because special teams players definitely aren't supposed to down the ball at the best possible spot... /s
  11. Saturday. Division game thread.

    Wow. What a dirty ass hit.
  12. I honestly had never met a Seahawks fan until 2013. Now they are everywhere. They are the most obnoxious, ignorant fan base I've seen. Half of them honestly think they played part in their SB win cheering from their couch.
  13. Yeah. I thought you'd deflect the question. Just like a typical Seahawks fan. I bet you were nowhere to be found pre-2013.That's just sad, man.
  14. Lol. Seahawks fans pulling out the "how many Lombardis" argument. How long have the Seahawks been around, sport?