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  1. Andy Benoit on Panthers D

    He jumped that route so hard it broke the receivers ankles
  2. He's been a little mouthy on the sidelines as of late. It's almost like they haven't been to the playoffs in years.
  3. Olsen is out @ NO

    We tend to play down or up to teams levels. Barely getting by or not, a win is a win and a loss is a loss.
  4. This. I think we can beat all of those teams on any given Sunday, but three of them in a row is a lot to ask from this team. I'll never count this team out though. We can do it. But to get to the big game, we're going to have to start playing complete games.
  5. Pretty sure he was bobbling the ball so he couldn't reach for the goal line.
  6. NFL Week 11 Games Thread

    Kirk Cousins is about to throw a pick 6
  7. Yes. That's why i said "on this board." The notion that people get excited over above average white players just because they're white is wrong... The same people are excited over Armah. What do all three players have in common? Jeremy hyped up all 3.
  8. Jeremy is also responsible for the hype around Lee Ward and Brandon Wegher. He posted spotlight threads on both of them I believe. Pretty sure he also had Wegher on his podcast.
  9. If we're going by the same definition that was used when Wegher and Ward were labeled favorites, then its really not.
  10. Tolbert > Hoover in their primes. Tolbert WAS a fan favorite but he couldn't block for ish. His main attraction was he was impossible to bring down when he first got here. But here lately he'd just run to the line and fall down. And on the boards, yeah, Armah is a favorite. Just like Lee Ward was.
  11. They actually are if you consider what they can do for our run game. Without Cam, our run game doesn't exist. If we use Armah the right way, it could be amazing. We all saw Tolbert attempting to block.
  12. See Armah. People get excited over the prospect of having a FB that can actually block. Tolbert couldn't. Lee Ward and Brad Hoover could. And now we have another fan favorite at FB.
  13. So you're saying all we need to do is establish the run?