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  1. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Which (witch) one?
  2. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Jon is gonna wreck poo...
  3. Mr Rodgers Neighborhood. Seriously. It will teach you (the royal you) to be a decent human being.
  4. un-freaking-real Ill always be a North Carolinian and Ill always be proud to say that I was born here. But I sure as hell am glad that my home is somewhere else right now.
  5. Trump vs. Hillary

    So do you really not grasp the difference in racists declaring their support for a candidate and a candidate themselves encouraging racists?
  6. Religious Freedom at home

    So we are going to say that a child has no recourse against parents that subject them to unnecessary pain and suffering? Or are we to expect an 8 year old to know how to petition the courts to appoint a guardian ad litem so they can proceed to to get the required medical treatment in a more timely fashion?
  7. Trump vs. Hillary

    Honest question for the Trump supporters. What do you imagine will happen when Trump makes fun of the size of Kim Jong-un's hands? Or intimates that Putin is less than a titan in the bedroom? Do you think that the candidate who has seemed to think nothing is too low or un-presidential will somehow transform into a statesman? And I'm not looking for a litany of how any other candidate has behaved, I know. I just want you to tell me how he is not going to get Seoul nuked.
  8. Religious Freedom at home

    I just love the idea that the religious right want to deprive a woman of the right to kill her unborn child but has no problem with her letting it die (or suffer mightily) because her god tells he that doctors are from the devil.... This young woman should not only get justice in the criminal courts but she should also be able to seek civil action and sue them for all of the hell they have put her through.
  9. Bruce Springsteen cancel Greensboro Show over HB2

    Ive genuinely struggled with posting this as this person and his family are special people who I think very highly of and I don't want to betray them by saying too much but the above picture really drove at a point I wanted to reinforce. I know a trans man who by all outward appearances is your run of the mill hipster in his late 20s. Tats on muscular arms, stylishly unkempt beard, chiseled facial features, in short a reasonably attractive and masculine fellow who you wouldn't think twice about if you saw him coming out of the men's room. To see him and his girlfriend in pictures they look like a "normal" hetero couple. If it weren't for the fact that his father and I were high school buddies I would have never known that he was born she. There is all this hand wringing about predators dressing up as women and assaulting our little girls but what do you think will happen when this person Ive described heads for the ladies room which he is legally bound to do now? You think Billy Joe Redneck isn't going to react to seeing a man walk into the rest area bathroom his 14 year old baby girl just enter moments before? Putting aside for a moment all of the ridiculous arguments that suggest or outright declare that people with gender identity issues are all perverts and predators who choose to live their life that way, how is a law that forces people who have lived for years or decades as the opposite sex from the one they were born as to expose themselves to the ridicule and potential violence anything a civilized person can accept?
  10. Brought to you in stunning POTATO DEFINITION by the Potato growers Association of Idaho! I know... not OPs fault. Ive been freely and openly making the Jimi comparison for the last 15 years. Dude had to have been one of the most underrated guitarist of his time and when he played live... the music came from a different place. Prince could emote and express with his guitar better than almost anyone. Just like Jimi.
  11. So, almost a month later...

    I didn't accuse you of anything. I picked an example I knew we would both agree on. I was simply attempting to illustrate that basing a point on the idea that since there were no complaints there was no grounds to take action was a bad place to be standing. Ive read the suggestions that this was some sort of election year game of trying to make the GOP overreact and look bad but I don't attribute our elected officials with that much guile and foresight, at least not as a group. Im sure any one individual could be as duplicitous as Frank Underwood but I dont believe that the Charlotte City Council is overrun by them.
  12. So, almost a month later...

    Are you suggesting that we as a society should wait until a segment of our community is so aggrieved that there is widespread public outcry before we move to protect their civil rights? Your question suggests that since no one complained (or complained loudly enough) that its not our moral and civic duty to protect all members of our community. Of course you don't feel the same way about all of the children abused by clergy that happened before the outcry of the last decade.
  13. Metal Music favorites

    This and Blackwater Park are two of my favorite albums
  14. Musician Prince Dead at 57

    I remember my "turning point" with Prince. I was a long haired Metal Head that thought Maiden and Priest were the end all and be all of music. Queensryche and Fates Warning were the bands of the day and no little black androgynous funk musician (that was probably a ***) was worthy of my attention. I was of course a fan of the old school guitar Gods and the rock icons of the past but Jimi was (and is still) the top of the mountain. My wife and I were newlyweds and we were looking at shows to go to. She wanted to go to Prince and I wanted to see Pink Floyd but neither of us wanted to see the other show. So we struck a deal that she would go with me to see Floyd and I would go to see the "little freak". The Delicate Sound of Thunder show was great. Lovesexy BLEW MY fuging MIND. Prince was simply magnificent. His guitar prowess was right up there with all of the shredders of the day and his showmanship was unparalleled. I was a fan before I left the stadium and have been a massive fan ever since. His passing is such a loss.