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  1. Obama kills...

    WTF is he doing in Afghanistan? He is supposed to be in Vietnam.
  2. Freddie Gray

    Gotta go with g5 on this one. Cant get bent out of shape one way or the other until this individuals role is understood.
  3. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    Every time I laughed at Hodor has just become a sand spur stuck in my soul.
  4. John Miller

    Find where I said I was voting for Clinton. You cant because I didn't Mr ReadingComprehension. I said: In no way does that equate to "I'm voting for Clinton" For the record, and to be crystal clear... I will never cast a vote for either of these two individuals.
  5. -Game of Thrones-HBO-

    I have no idea if this is where the books go but Im really hoping we are going to see the the armies of the reconstituted Stark clan and Daenerys Targaryen battle it out for the Iron Throne.
  6. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    So I was just doing some DZ Phoenix Credits farming with a couple of buddies. Lowest gear score 179. Highest is 187. Avg in the group SMG DPS is 115k and health is 58k-63k Just had one dude go through the 3 of us like we were lvl 6 mobs. First shot to the 3 of us dead was under 10 seconds. Got no proof he was hacking, but if he wasnt the game is seriously fuged.
  7. Give me your porch drinkin' songs

    As a not so apologetic Genesis fan I'd add this to any set of playlist of music to sit on the porch and shoot the poo to. This is as good as Post Gabriel Genesis got.
  8. Give me your porch drinkin' songs

    Great set of tunes! Anything that opens with Telegraph Road is going to be okay in my book but to close out with Joe... Very nicely done!
  9. Tom Clancy's The Division video game

    Until they fix the hacking Im pretty done. Just got instagibbed by a guy that came around the corner and down half a block to collect my loot. Twitch is full of assholes dropping 1mil sniper shots, blasting folks through buildings, dumping an SMG clip instantaneously, and teleporting across the map. It was bad enough but the two weeks of bans are over today and its fuging stupid.
  10. John Miller

    @twylyght You've accused me of being a Clinton shill while the only time I even referred to her was to call her a megalomaniac You've refused to answer the question that I asked or that 2+ pages that followed asked. Instead you've tried to turn a conversation about Trump into a conversation about everyone BUT Trump. Maybe you need to look in the mirror to find the shill...
  11. John Miller

    You keep asking about how "this" diplomacy has worked in the past but I think you are missing my point. I'm saying that Trump is not capable of being diplomatic. So in that regard "this" diplomacy has never worked because its never been tried. Likewise you keep trying to tell me something that concerns me greatly is a non-issue or a talking point which is akin to you telling me what flavor of ice cream I like. Sorry, but you don't get to do that. This is THE issue that keeps me from taking Trump seriously. Other people have other issues with him, some I'm sure you will equally dismiss as not relevant or non-issues but once again that's not for you to decide. I trust the system too much to believe that congress will let either of these megalomaniacs run us too far into a ditch (no more so than any of the previous presidencies that Ive lived through in my 50 years). However when it comes to our presence on the international stage that safety net is gone. The POTUS cannot be insulting and dismissive of heads of state and leaders of movements in the way that Trump has treated his peers and detractors in this campaign.
  12. John Miller

    Not exactly sure what you're on about with the "talking points" and "thinking for yourself" angle. Give me virtually any other choice from the GOP and I'm in just like I have been since I cast my very first presidential vote for Reagan. Simple fact is that I don't trust Trump to not say or do something monumentally stupid on the international stage. Couple that with the fact that there are heads of state in this world that would react quite negatively if Trump were to say the kinds of things about them that he has said about his fellow "Republicans" and that's a recipe for me to not want him in the Oval Office.
  13. John Miller

    Did al Qaeda have an inbred potential mental deficient in charge?
  14. John Miller

    Im not so sure Kim is as predictable as you might suggest. Let Trump make an insinuation about his manhood by talking about his shoe size and all bets are off with that bat-poo crazy dude. And regardless of whether or not everyone else in the region would kick NK's ass back into the bronze age or not, I don't want our President to be the impetuous for a regional conflict over some dipshit comment to Us Weekly.
  15. John Miller

    It doesn't have to get to the US. He can hit Seoul with his non ballistic arsenal just to prove a point.