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  1. Official Panthers - Dolphins GameDay Thread

    So what happened to all that dumbass chestbeating about us being a power running football team? Nope, we're the Cam and Greg Show...
  2. Official Panthers - Bills GameDay Thread

    But, but, but its the players not executing! Shula's doing his best with what he has!!!! Y U NO CAM OUTRAGE??!!!??!?!!!!!!!!
  3. Let's be real here. Our offense line still sucks and Shula still sucks. That's gonna affect how well we do this season. We still have a chance to make some noise but it will be difficult if the team doesn't adapt in those areas. We haven't really solved the problems yet, but time will tell...
  4. Pocket Cam vs. Mobile Cam

    Well, therein lies your problem. Bell, Amini, and Chandler are godawful. It amount of pressure and hits took their toll on Cam. They were awful early in the season too, hence Cam getting pulled from games late out of fear for his safety. He was able to make due early on because Rivera and Shula was forced to allow Cam to run the offense like a quarterback. Usually they rely on Cam's athleticism to bail them and the offense out. But since he was hurt they actually had to call up max protections and go to the HUNH offense. Unfortunately when Cam got somewhat healthy, they leaned on his athleticism once again. This threw his mechanics out of whack and contributed to his decline. Bottom line, our oline sucked, and this can't be minimized...
  5. Pocket Cam vs. Mobile Cam

    I see that Cam needs to be allowed to be a pocket passer. That means building a serviceable offensive line and a strong running game outside of him. That would give us balance without sacrifing his accuracy, mechanics, and body. Just let Cam run it when the play breaks down. That's when his running is at its best. Making him a dual threat makes him a jack-of-all-trades. He won't be a great passer that way.
  6. Cam needs to step up this year

    Well we all know playcalling wasn't great last year, but we didn't have any speed to threaten teams with. Case in point, the Packers game. Their dbs didn't bother sticking with their man. They just broke for the ball because they knew our guys weren't fast enough to get there first. They could afford to gamble because they knew they had enough speed to recover. That's pretty bad. Go look at the videos of that game. Look at Kam Chancellor's pick six. Cam was late on his read but Dickson just sat there. It made it an easy pick. Way to stop the Panthers last year? Rush Cam on the edges, double KB, and let them implode. We had no real running game without Cam threatening teams with his legs. And our oline couldn't handle four or even three rushers with Olsen staying in to block. Top it off with Cam's erratic throws and no speed at receiver. 0-6 stretch.
  7. Cam needs to step up this year

    Thanks. I just get tired of the same crap. Cam has work to do but he as already proven to be a QB you can win it all with. Its a team sport. We gotta be patient.
  8. Cam needs to step up this year

    Let this be said. Cam has shown he can QB from the pocket at a high level consistently. He was doing it before our o-line took major injuries.
  9. Cam needs to step up this year

    If your receivers are blanketed by defenders getting the ball out is just gonna result in alot of interceptions. You can't have slow receivers and a weak oline and no running game. That's what we had last season until they made changes. One these problems can be masked by good quarterback play, but not all of them at once.... And no i'm not saying its all the teams fault and Cam is perfect or any other type of hyperbole.
  10. Cam needs to step up this year

    He does, but let's not act like he's Vince Young. Cam will ball out if: 1. His o-line can give him adequate protection. 2. He is allowed to stay in the pocket and run the offense to a large extent. His best quarterback play was the first few games of the season. Mediocre o-line, bad defense, no running game, slow receivers. And he was still dealing. The offense will be better. And Cam will step up big time...
  11. Round 1 - Carolina Panthers Select Shaq Thompson

    Amen. We loss both of our playoff games the exact same way. Our offense starts off bad. Our defense is stout. The other team scores, we answer back. We keep it tight trailing by 3 at the half. In the second half the other team makes adjustments. We don't. Our offense gets stopped and then the other team shreds our defense. A late interception seals the loss. If we keep just trying to "get by" on offense it will happen again. There's definitely hope though...
  12. Round 1 - Carolina Panthers Select Shaq Thompson

    I just learn to accept that the Carolina Panthers are the New York Jets with a good quarterback. We will get to the playoffs and fall short. People will wonder why, and then go on blaming Cam. Seattle and New England can afford to skimp on offense because of the coaching talent they have on offense. We don't have that.
  13. Round 1 - Carolina Panthers Select Shaq Thompson

    NE and SEA also have better coaches. Especially on offense. It's hard to say we have improved any...
  14. He's not making Cam out to be a pussy. Not wanting to talk to the media if you don't have to isn't the same as being afraid to. If you watch Cam's Wednesday media Q&A you can tell he doesn't care for it. It's a waste of time to most players, getting asked the same old dumb questions or reporters trying to ask deep questions that they know they won't get an answer for. That would be annoying. Cam is comfortable in front of the camera. He just doesn't like stupid questions. For proof, watch how he responds to Joe Person and especially David Newton...