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  1. The guy is trash. No thanks
  2. Cut him and bring him back for vet minimum. Make this the legacy year for Kalil, Peppers, Stewart, Davis, etc.
  3. I'm holding out for a Hurney I'm holding out for a Hurney until the end of his sexual assault allegations
  4. Brees in Carolina???

    Cocaine is a helluva drug
  5. I liked what I saw from him - hope he can get healthy. We'll need him.
  6. In any other year our 1996 team might have won a Super Bowl. That team was legit.
  7. You can't fugging gameplan for plays you've never seen before. You can (and will) succeed against some, but not all. And you sure as hell won't know what is happening on all of them. What makes Luke Kuechly great is he can predict offenses. He does this without cheating. What made Peyton Manning great was he could predict defense. He did this without cheating.
  8. Another example: in the 2001 Super Bowl, the Rams pre-game walkthrough - which the Pats recorded - showed something the Pats could have not possibly predicted. Marshall Faulk, then the most electrifying player in the game, lined up as a kick returner. In his entire career, he had only returned one kickoff in his entire career. There's no way they could have seen it coming, let alone planned for it. What did the Pats do when he lined up to return in the second half? Kick a perfectly placed corner kickoff that Faulk was unable properly return. The Rams had also installed brand-new red zone plays they had never ran before. Keep in mind that, at the time, Mike Martz was probably the best and most ingenious offensive coordinator in the league. His playbook was varied and unpredictable. Guess how the Pats did against these new plays? They lined up perfectly and stopped them, knowing exactly who to cover. Our 2003 team made similar complaints. Martz was heavily pressured to side with the league, and did so reluctantly. Now he's come out and said that he didn't say much of what the league said he did, and that something was fishy about the game.
  9. The Eagles prepared a gameplan specifically using the dime defense. They rarely used the dime defense before that game, and there is literally no way the Pats could have predicted it. Not only did they predict it, they knew exactly what to do and how to exploit it. There's game planning, and there is signal theft.
  10. NASCAR allowed and tolerated, and still does, a culture of cheating. That's part of stock car racing. You build the best car and hope you don't get beat. The NFL is different. No other team was taping like this. No other team has been accused of anything remotely similar. The Saints fans make the same pathetic excuse with Bountygate. Everyone bends the rules. The Saints and Pats threw the rules in the blender.