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    I was opposed to drafting Cam before we drafted him. I could not be more glad to have been proven so terribly wrong almost every day.
  2. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

    Cam must have been confusing us with the Buffalo Panthers.
  3. RIP Kelvin Benjamin('s knee)

  4. Quad Rushing Attack

    I've been high on CAP his entire tenure here. Whenever he's gotten a chance to start, he's looked pretty good. We really need to use him more, not just to help Stewart but also to prep him as a future feature back. I really think he can be that good.
  5. Thought this was kind of funny. Two teams in the NFC South have the top four backs last week.
  6. I’m suggesting the league has no clue how the fug to handle this.
  7. Should be placed on the exempt list and then suspended next year. Or does that only happen to players on our team?
  8. 0%. Look, I love Steve Smith. I think he genuinely would have had another two years of solid football in him. But he's retired, he's happy being retired, and doesn't really fit this team anymore.
  9. Safe to say this is his best game as a Panther. Other PFF notes: TOP 5 GRADES: DI Kawann Short, 87.6 overall grade RB Christian McCaffrey, 85.5 overall grade T Matt Kalil, 85.1 overall grade QB Cam Newton, 83.3 overall grade S Mike Adams, 83.2 overall grade
  10. Ha, Gruden gets to talk about his favorite game again. (Tampa Bay, 2008).
  11. Four yards off from 300 yards. Holy cow.