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  1. TN05 added a post in a topic FIFA Women's World Cup   

    What a whiff from Sausage.
    Great sub putting Kelley in. She played lights out last week.
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  2. TN05 added a post in a topic NCCA Tournament Game Discussion Thread   

    I don't think even the Kentucky Team Stream commentators could defend that no-call.
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  3. TN05 added a post in a topic Hornets out of playoffs?   

    We can still get in. We're 11th at 31-42, Indiana is 10th at 32-42, Boston is 9th at 33-41, and Brooklyn is 8th at 33-40. So we are two games back from 8th place.
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  4. TN05 added a post in a topic The Official General NBA Discussion Thread   

    Derrick Rose injured his right meniscus again and will have surgery to fix it. No timetable for return at this point.
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