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  1. TN05

    Zach Sanchez waived

    "Mr. Gettleman, I don't feel so good."
  2. Bradberry is now the only surviving corner from the 2016 draft.
  3. Seems like Eagles fans love Barner. Solid return guy and third-down back. Don't know if he makes the roster but not a bad pickup.
  4. Probably a replacement for Fozzy?
  5. Greg Olsen didn't retire to do MNF. Gantt is an asshat.
  6. Gantt is the asshat that was spreading rumors about Greg Olsen. He's a bitter man.
  7. TN05

    JStew is good people

    I don't think he deserves a statue but he'd better be in the Hall of Honor. Class act.
  8. I’d rather have an 8-8 playoff season than a 9-7 miss. Wins and losses are nothing without the playoffs.
  9. And the answer definately can't be on the roster.
  10. Norv got a new receiver and tight end to work with.
  11. Looks like a decent draft to me. On offense we've got a good weapon to work with in DJ Moore and an interesting project in Ian Thomas, we have a few new corners (or one corner and a safety) to try and plug the hole we created a few years back, some depth at linebacker, and a pretty stout nose tackle. Really sucks we couldn't get a lineman.
  12. Seems like a pretty stout nose tackle. Good insurance in case someone gets hurt.
  13. When the Giants go 2-14 again this year hopefully the Gettleman people will go away. It's kind of sad really.
  14. This draft looks far better right now than 2016.