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  1. TN05

    Graham Gano

    It's all situational. The announcers were saying Gano was on fire pregame so it makes sense to try that early.
  2. TN05

    Antonio Brown rumor?

    I'd trade two first-rounders and a kidney for him
  3. Cam Newton has a 69% completion percentage through 2 games
  4. Pretty sure I heard Kuechly chants early on, too.
  5. Positives: *McCaffery - Looks like a legit All Pro and OPoY candidate. He's basically unstoppable in the receiving game and has dramatically improved as a runner. *Cam - Really solid performance on all sides - he's been pretty sharp to start out this season and completed 70% of his passes despite generally abysmal receiver play. *Jairus Wright - I've been really impressed with him since preseason, he's probably our best receiver right now. Really solid performance> *DJ Moore - He's fast? I mean we already knew this but boy is he fast. Now start playing him instead of Funchess. Can't really blame him for not making that catch at the end, he did about as well as a guy looking for his second catch ever. *Torrey Smith - An uneven performance but generally good. Earns a ton of bonus points for teaching that punk-ass Falcon a lesson and his crazy TD catch. *Gano - He's maybe the best kicker in the league. There, I said it. Made a 54-yard kick look easy. *Running back CJ Anderson - Strong runner. Use him more. He's like a good Mike Tolbert. *Luke Kuechly - Not his best game ever but it's hard to make tackles when you're being held. Negatives: *The entire defense - You shut down Zeke Elliot but can't stop Coleman? Wtf guys? *Funchess - Man, what's up with Funchess? He looked great last year. 7 for 77 looks good on paper but he dropped some important passes early and just looks slow. He's maddeningly inconsistent - two key catches late, but really bad early. *Receiving CJ Anderson - Remind Cam never to throw a pass to him again. *Ian Thomas - Hate to say it but he's not been that impressive. Serviceable, better than Dickson maybe, but we needed that touchdown. *Defensive line - Where's the pressure? We got no pressure at all and we have all the weapons to cause it. This is a game we should have won. We let it slip away, and we can't do it again. My suggestions: *De-emphasize Funchess for now. *Use more of DJ Moore. *CJ Anderson in the run game, not the receiving game *Teach our line how to stop a pitch and outside run. What a disappointing game.
  6. This game wasn't close. We went up 16-0 and held firm after they managed to score. We held the league's best running back to under 70 yards and made Dat Prescott look like Jimmy Clausen for most of the game. Our pass rush was relentless from all sides - ends, linebackers, tackles - against a highly touted offensive line and our corners didn't just hold up, they shut down for most of the game. Shaq looked like the real deal and finally is the linebacker we drafted him to. This was all without Thomas Davis. On offense we didn't explode but we did very well against one of the league's best defenses. We ran all over a top-ten rushing defense - Cam of course, but McCaffery and Anderson looked excellent as well aside from one fumble that was more a good defensive play than anything. All three averaged over 5.0 YPC if you ignore Cam's kneels. McCaffery also was excellent in the passing game and while our receivers didn't look great, they stepped up when needed - Wright and Funchess came up when we needed them too. We did this all without Curtis Samuel and Greg Olsen for most of the game. I was disappointed Moore didn't get more action, but maybe we didn't need him to The real weak point of this game was injuries, but even that isn't entirely bad - Williams's injury wasn't as bad as we thought and while Olsen isn't known yet, we have a good safety valve in McCaffery. Point being: this wasn't a fluke win or a bad sign. We shut down a good Cowboys team and didn't let them make a comeback. I have no idea what this season has in store but stop the complaining.
  7. What are you talking about? His four (???) catches were the toughest in the game and extremely clutch.
  8. Seemed to be excited, having a good time! Best part was probably when he asked DJ Moore if he should start him on his fantasy team.
  9. TN05

    "Two States, One Team"

    It's not a new slogan or a new logo.
  10. TN05

    Steve Smith is at practice

    It’s almost all from people who weren’t around in 2003 or 2005 imo
  11. TN05

    Charles Johnson retiring

    Muhsin Muhammad is another one on that list. He runs a private equity group now, Axum Capital (based out of Charlotte) that purchased a restaurant chain (Wild Wing Cafe) in 2012 and they also have stake in Back Yard Burgers now. He's doing good for himself by all indications. Jerry Richardson is the other obvious one, although that was decades ago.
  12. TN05

    Charles Johnson retiring

    In my opinion, us keeping CJ is one of the biggest things that kept Atlanta from ever winning a Super Bowl. If he hadn't been knee-whipped by that dirty New England player, who knows how many sacks he could have had.