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  1. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    DE is more expendable. No shortage of good 4-3 ends. As long as we hold the middle our ends and linebackers have room to run.
  2. Carolina Panthers select DT Vernon Butler

    Anyone watching us last year realized our d-line got gassed towards the end of games. Not anymore. Four starting-caliber DTs. Healthy Charles Johnson. Emerging Kony Ealy. QBs nightmare.
  3. McCrory Backtracking: Executive Order

    If there is, the liberals will instigate it. Unlike most other mainline denominations, the African and US branches are linked together into one big church. Only a third of members are in Africa, but it is almost 100% conservative there and split fairly evenly here. The liberals can leave, but they'd lose the apparatus of the church, which is very big.
  4. McCrory Backtracking: Executive Order

    Going to be a very ugly road ahead for UMC.
  5. I'm guessing they weigh a second round bust pretty highly. We could have gotten Alshon Jeffery at that spot.
  6. Economic Freedom Zones

    Legitimate concern, but what's your solution to help these areas turn around? Higher minimum wage? Yep. What's the point of earning more money if it only results in a higher rate?
  7. Irony here: the bill was sponsored by three Republicans and modified by a Republican and a Democrat. The bill was killed in committee by Angela Turner, a Democrat from a district that is so Democratic that Republicans couldn't even field a challenger.
  8. Harriet Tubman

    Part of that's joking, and part of it's true. Why would we be upset about a slaveowning white Democrat - the founder of the party, in fact - being replacing by a gun-owning freedom-fighting female Black Republican? :)
  9. Prince has died

    Died at 57. Been battling the flu for two weeks. RIP
  10. My favorite part of this is the unions lobbying for an exemption.
  11. Which free agent corner do we bring in??

    At this point we need Tillman back just for vet leadership. There are worse corner duos than Bene and Tillman, but we'd need depth.