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  1. I'll just leave this here

    Don't count out Jared Allen if he gets a few sacks.
  2. Could have been worse... we could have picked Ki-Jana Carter. Still crazy how we had three first round picks and blew all of them.
  3. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    I can't forget. One of my aunts is obsessed with him. She's still in denial.
  4. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    As far as I know there is no rule against communists on the huddle. However, it is preferable not to elect people who are communists or who support/associate with them.
  5. It's obviously not the same in terms of long-standing players, but pretty much everyone who has played with or met Eugene thinks he is a great guy.
  6. Not the Man of the Year award. He got the Bart Starr award. The Man of the Year award is decided by a panel of judges - the Bart Starr award is decided by the players themselves (in a similar manner to Pro bowl voting). It also usually has a different winner than the Man of the Year award - last year, Peyton Manning won it; this year, Thomas Davis won it.
  7. The Keep Pounding Drum

    I would hope it's Sam Mills III. I don't think he's ever actually pounded the drum before. Braylon would be a good choice, but he's already done it this season. 
  8. Iowa Caucus Pick your winners

    If he didn't want to be called a communist, he shouldn't have supported Castro and the Sandinistas and vacationed in the USSR.
  9. Yeah, I know these Cam defender threads are annoying. I just thought this was pretty funny because it is definitely true.
  10. If true, this is pretty encouraging. Kalil probably does not have a tell like that - and many of our players (like Cam in the huddle) actively act the same way every time to avoid them. 
  11. Much as I hate the Falcons, Sherman is great. No ill will to him
  12. He was good on my fantasy team at least
  13. Offense: Kevin "Devin" Funchess will have at least 70 yards and a TD. Defense: Jared Allen will be dominant, have at least 1.5 sacks. Dark horse MVP candidate.
  14. Marty Hurney

    I think it's clear Marty had a tremendous eye for 1st round talent... Just nothing else. He was a terrible negotiator and was allergic to any free agency moves.