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  1. On the GM front...

    As soon as they announced the Panthers were going to be sold, I knew Hurney was staying
  2. Roger Goodell wants a 40% raise

    This is why every team should have a fan committee that has a person that speaks for the fans and someone that is the Fans National President
  3. 6. Atlanta Falcons Offensive coordinator Steve Sarkisian LMAO .. lets ask any Falcon fans Did they pick names out of a bag? This list is terrible
  4. Thomas Davis ... 10 million dead money .. He plays better when he is with Luke (I think he dosent think so much and just plays when Luke is in there) .... He stays Ryan Kalil ... 10 mil dead money .... They need to figure out if he is healthy enough to play more ... If healthy he stays but another injury he is gone Jonathan Stewart ...7 mil dead money ... he is gone Charles Johnson ... 1.7 min dead money ... GONE!!!! Matt Kalil .. 13 Million dead money ... with that dead money is has to stay Captain Munnerlyn .. 9 million dead money ... terrible contract ... he has to stay KK Cap Hit for 2018 is 17 million ... something needs to happen to that number
  5. After the way the season is going .... we need youth .. we have so many older players that are just collecting a check .... I am looking at you CHARLES JOHNSON!!!! as the first one that will not be back
  6. All I can say ... after the last 2 weeks, we have Cam back .... NFL be scared VERY SCARED!!!!!
  7. Hat's Off to Matthew Stafford

    Stafford is the tough as a football QB as you can find
  8. The picks are in !!!

    165 media personal that place their picks online .... and Panthers get 0 picks.
  9. The Mike Shula Statistical Anomaly

    2 games --- one TD !!!! ONE fuging TD ...... every other NFL team would fire their OC on Monday morning. Here we sit Monday afternoon and no word from Charlotte. With the talent we have on offense, we can only score 1 TD in 8 quarters of NFL football. 1 TD against the worst defense in NFL history. How does this OC have a job anymore??????? Anyone would be better than Shula
  10. I have been a Panthers fan since day 1 (I was 28), weeks later I got a Panther logo tattooed across my heart, because I knew this team would be my life. I have been to so many first they are beginning to get hard to count. Hall of Fame Game, first home game in Clemson, first win, first home game in Charlotte, first playoff game and win, first Thanksgiving game and win .... and many more. I dont post much, but I am always lurking. Its more than a love of the Panthers .... Its a life!!!!
  11. MY GOD!!! its the internet and you are waiting for an apology .... Good luck on that!!! ... LMFAO
  12. Hey 15, For once in your life you were right .... so now you should
  13. Need an Eli turnover and these guys will quit
  14. Victory Monday - Titans Cheerleaders

    My first statement ---- Are those the Cheerleaders from "The Replacements"? second --- I think the blonde liked her some Igo
  15. Falcons - Saints GameDay Thread

    imagine the look on Falcon fans face when we win in Seatte on Sunday