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  1. Cromartie in Charlotte....

  2. Carolina Panthers OTA Notes and Photos

    People still use Facebook?
  3. Carolina Panthers Roster Projection

    QB: C. Newton / D. Anderson / J. Webb RB : J. Stewart / C. Payne / B. Wegher FB: M. Tolbert TE: G. Olsen / E. Dickson / B. Sandland WR: K. Benjamin / D. Funchess / K. Garrett WR: T. Ginn / P. Brown LOT: M. Oher / D. Williams LOG: A. Norwell / A. Silatolu OC: R. Kalil / G. Gradkowski ROG: T. Turner / D. Yankey ROT: M. Remmers / D. Williams Yankey over Scott We resign Amini because he's cheap, experienced and knows the offense. Just needs to stay healthy. Byrd stays on the PS for another year, will have limited snaps in the preseason Garrett over Hill Dickson isn't safe. LDE: K. Ealy / M. Addison LDT: S. Lotulelei / P. Soliai / K. Love RDT: K. Short / V. Butler RDE: C. Johnson / R. Delaire / R. Cox OLB: T. Davis / D. Mayo ILB: L Kuechly / J. Cash OLB: S. Thompson / A. Klein LCB: R. McClain / D. Worley SS: T. Boston / D. Marlowe / J. Cash FS: K. Coleman / C. Jones RCB B. Benwikere / J. Bradberry NB: Z. Sanchez / C. Jones / B. Benwikere Ealy over to the left side We keep 5 DT's & 5 DE's. Our 4th quarter collapses are the reason why. Cash makes the team and replaces Ben Jacobs. Cox over Horton Miley, another year on the PS. McClain makes the roster. Young could end up on the PS again. Factor in the 3 special team players and I'm at 52, so that leaves one spot available. Could mean we rock 6 WR's, sign a cheap vet safety or tackle, but my guess atm will be a running back.
  4. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    I'm thinking we'll do 10 DL (5 DE's & 5 DT's). We all saw what happened last season in the 4th quarter when our d-line got completely gassed. Could use the extra DT.
  5. Proehl talks about Damiere Byrd

    In my own personal opinion, IF Byrd performs well in camp and preseason, he'll replace Ginn. KB and Funchess are locks, no way Garrett makes it to the PS, Brown has been solid and serviceable. He's still young, only entering his 3rd season, while Ginn is getting old, dude just turned 31. So with that being said, in no particular order, KB-Funchess-Brown-Garrett-Byrd. Not sure if he qualifies, but if he does, Bersin to the PS and maybe Norwood gets on IR for an "injury."
  6. 8 CBs

    Bene / McClain Worley / Bradberry Zanchez (NC) / Bene ^^^ Our starters & backups. Richardson to the PS, assuming he doesn't get picked up by another team, and we sign Tillman to the PUP list. Tillman wants to be here and we need a vet presence. Win-win.
  7. "Mucas" is back!

    Didn't this guy blow up during preseason?
  8. Electronic Music

    I have a different version of this song, no lyrics.
  9. The Carolina Panthers player of the day is....

    Could him moving to SS help?
  10. Put up two middle fingers in the air and sign him.
  11. 2nd Wave Free Agency Starts May 12th

    Culliver was solid when he was with the 49ers. As for the Redskins, it could be the lack of talent around him, coaching, or he doesn't fit their system. Culliver does have some character issues, too. I'm sure he would love to be closer to home and play for a team like the Panthers, but chances are, we won't sign him.
  12. Peanut talks Panthers...glowingly

    So there's no chance Tillman could be ready by the beginning of the season? I saw that workout video of his and he looks to be moving great.
  13. Local LB just wants his chance with the Panthers (LINK)

    Can't hurt to give the guy a shot.
  14. Pure Speculation Thread

    Next years draft is DEEP. Really like what I see at RB with Fournette, Chubb, Cook, etc.
  15. You also said Kevin Dodd wouldn't fall to us. No one knows for sure what G-Man will do.