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  1. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    I can say the same for Remmers and still would be right. Matt it appears struggles with speed around the edges, Remmers was horrible against bull rushes and speed, both are meh as pass blockers. I think Matt is an upgrade in run blocking.
  2. I know it's only been two games but just by my eye test it looks to be the most complete defense we've ever fielded.. If Bradberry and Worthy can continue to step it up. With Wilkes play calling this could be the number 1 defense in the league..
  3. Matt Kalil is not worth the money

    Nah he's still better than Remmers..
  4. Shula failed us

    How are you getting delay of games and having to blow timeouts in your home stadium? If we were on the road and noise was a factor I could understand, but at home...smh.
  5. Goodnight Greg olsen

    Is Gary Barnidge still on the open market? I hope this isn't season ending for Olsen.
  6. Man please this so called sanctity of NCAA athletics has been out the window a long time. How did Dexter Manley stay academically eligible 4 years at Oklahoma State and when he entered the pros, confessed that he was illiterate and couldn't even read his contract, and that was the 1980's. All the so called people in a uproar over UNC's "fraud" are doing from their glass houses in places like Lexington Kentucky, Durham & Raleigh NC, Lawrence, Kansas if you get my drift.
  7. Great selection, National Champs from from two local universities.... Carolina Panthers and Tarheels Baby!!
  8. Dalvin Cook

    I guarantee you San Francisco's defense will be ranked higher than the Saints this year.
  9. Dalvin Cook

    How was Dalvin Cook going to help our passing game? That's where the Panthers needed the most improvement, Cook is not the receiving threat Mccaffrey is coming out the backfield. As far as running goes we still have Stewart who is serviceable and Mccaffrey ain't no slouch either. I wish people would chill out we picked the right guy for this offense. Saints have literally the worst defense in the league, Cook didn't start breaking runs until after Bradford started scorching that secondary.
  10. 97% sure Ron is a total idiot

    Ron Rivera is the best coach the Panthers have had, the players love playing for him. Why are we talking about 2016 when we are about to wreck the 49ers in two days.....
  11. San Fran - What do you know...

    This version of the 49ers will be much better than the team we faced last season. First there is no Chip Kelly, Kyle Shanahan is far superior offensive mind, secondly Hoyer is no Gabbert, Brian Hoyer actually has a decent arm and can throw a pretty accurate ball. Pierre Garcon is a pros pro, and Goodwin(sp) is one of the fastest players in the league so they have some weapons on the outside. But I believe if we can contain Hyde and their running game they will have trouble moving the ball. Defensively they are young and talented, they looked really good against Minnesota, but I suspect that has to do with the Vikings who are going to have a historic bad offensive line this season, they were horrible last year and now have 5 new starters, they were so bad they actually thought Mike Remmers would be a upgrade. Offensively for the Panther though I think with the weapons we got if the oline can hold up the pass rush we should be able to exploit San Frans defense.
  12. Ed Dickson looked great blocking in the preseason, I'm ok with him being the quasi fullback in this offense. Plus he is a much more reliable receiver out of the backfield than either Young or Armah would have been this season.
  13. Damn Tampa putting all their chips in this year. The Panthers still need depth at safety I hope they are scanning the waiver wire thoroughly. I also hope Mike Adams has more to show than he did this preseason, because that stiff arm Darrick Henry gave him when he had him dead to rights, and standing frozen in the endzone as Delanie Walker runs wide open to the corner didn't give me much excitement.
  14. If we lose week 1 to the 49ers.....

    The 49ers specifically on offense will be a well coached team but with minimum talent. If you play around and let them gain confidence and get into A rhythm they're going to give you more trouble than you like, but if you jump on them early and get them out of their ryhthm and scripted plays it will dicey for them this season.