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  1. Teddy isn't what I would call a mobile QB. I agree with what some others have said, we need someone with a system like Shanahan that employs bootlegs and zone blocking that utilizes Cam and Cmc skill set even more.
  2. Offense has to play better, we NEED Shula to get a head coaching gig.
  3. Yea about that Jameis post.. Thought I saw something earlier on NFL network about him being out Sunday, my bad. But thanks mod for locking you guys sure move quick on SOME threads. Anyways yea false alarm, probably shouldnt try to work and watch NFL news simultaneously anymore.
  4. I think Winston needs some maturing to do, but the kid is 23 I think he can/will be a heck of Qb. It just amusing how the Packers bring Rodgers back and then subsequently shut him down, but I can understand why the Packers did it. But the Bucs shutting down Winston is ridiculous. Our chance at the division was already slim, pretty much have no shot now.
  5. Seen while huffing paint thinner.... So it appears the Yucs coaching staff were aiming their last shot at spoiling the Panthers playoff party. The week prior against the Falcons Mccoy and Lavonte David sat out when they could have possibly played, also Doug Martin got an healthy scratch. And then against the Panthers all of their big dogs are ready to go. Now comes the news that Jameis has a shoulder injury and will miss this game against the Saints. He sure looked injured at the end of last week's game, he looked like he was ready to go a full 12 rounds in the ring. I just knew that coaching staff would muster everything they had to play spoilers against the Panthers but would half-assed against the Falcons and the Saints.
  6. Panthers having fun again.... Watch Out

    Now let's not act like Stewart didn't fumble on back to back drives in the first half which allowed you to jump ahead. And once we stopped fumbling the rock we took control of the game.
  7. Cuban: 'The NFL Is In Decline"

    This^ Basketball has always been the favorite sport of among the youth demographic compared to football, either you or somebody in the neighborhood had a hoop in the backyard or bball court on the block. It's a much simpler game to pick up and understand so that explains that. By the time high school hits it's no doubt which sport is king in most states.
  8. Cuban: 'The NFL Is In Decline"

    A declining NFL is still more popular than the NBA and I doubt that ever changes. NBA has the same issue that baseball has they play so many games in the regular season, that no one except for diehard fans pay attention to it. Most people tune in to the MLB and NBA once their post season starts, as opposed to the NFL where each regular season game is far more significant. Also when you factor in the parity that each NFL season brings you don't get that level of hope across fan bases league wide in the NBA like you do in the NFL where it's any given Sunday or any given season whereas in the NBA the top 10 players seem to be clustered on 3 or 4 teams and everybody else is just also-ran.
  9. Correction in that scenario the Panthers the 6th seed regardless.
  10. Falcons win the division, Panthers would be the 6th seed more than likely depending on what the Rams do.
  11. You nor Shannon personal feelings are a tempest on what it takes to be a decent human being. Cam didn't stand up in his press conference and call anybody a liar, he also didn't convict anyone either, he said he'll take it as the facts come. Everyone doesn't have to read from the quasi-liberal social justice warrior handbook to be for equality and justice for all.
  12. Shannon Sharpe like many of these holier than thou's are usually the biggest hypocrites walking. When it comes to his friends and associates it's cool to be down with the MAN, but when someone like Cam who is his own individual and doesn't conform to the hive mentality that's when it becomes a problem. Cam didn't come to the defense of "Massa" he stated his opinion. Shannon Sharpe has criticized Cam before for not having a loud enough voice before regarding the anthem protest, he's criticized Ray Lewis for his defense of the Ravens owner not bringing in Kaep. My question is why hasn't he ever criticized John Elway and the Broncos ownership. They still one of the more talented defenses in league but the offense has been a mess, they have 3 mediocre Qb's who they've played musical chairs with. They could have very used the services of Qb with Kaepernick's skill set, I never heard Shannon criticize that front office once. But he wants to sit and throw stones, what about slave analogies again Shannon? Glass houses indeed.
  13. Shannon Sharpe sounded like an idiot. I wonder what the ratings are for him and Skip Bayless and their bootleg version of First Take.
  14. Good thing anyone didn't hold your past allegation against you when the 2nd one occurred and jump to conclusions of your guilt or innocence. Alot of people have been locked away for crimes they didn't commit because of "allegations". We don't know what the motivation for the sale was, we can speculate, boy can we speculate. But it's not out of the realm of possibilities that a 80 year old man with a heart transplant that would put the NFL shield in the middle of his home field instead of his own team's logo, that man possibly could be persuaded by his fellow ownership friends instead of a long drawn out investigation with a league already under fire to just take his 1 billion dollar profit off of a 206 million dollar investment and just quietly ride off into the sunset. Or he could just be guilty as sin. who knows. Either way what Cam said was thought out, respectful and recalled back on his allegations and how none of it was true and was willing to give Mr. Richardson the benefit of the doubt based off his experiences with him, that's what loyalty is. That isn't in any way disrespectful to any accuser, and furthermore who is anyone to tell somebody they have an obligation to believe something that hasn't been proven in a court of law. They use to say people were innocent until proven guilty. Man society is getting loonier by the minute.
  15. 100% of Panthers will be for sale

    They didn't know that though. They do now.