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  1. 21st & Prime

    Heath Evans is such a hater talking about we're not going to win the division... can't wait until the Panthers go into the Superdome and put his beloved Saints back in their place.
  2. Potential NFC PLAYOFF TEAMS

    Just waiting until the moment becomes to big for Goff, Keenum, Wentz.. Until then keep hoping for losses for the Saints and Falcons.
  3. Got em right where we want them
  4. Jerry Jones calls Arthur Blank a liar

    Should be a interesting game this Sunday. Owners beefing, hate to say it but go Cowboys!!
  5. This BS has stink all over it. We get rid of our best receiver, to get lesser players on the field. If we want to score more points, how about our OC draw up better blocking schemes to get our RBs some holes and help out our passing game. OMG I'm so pissed what a freaking clown show we have at the moment.
  6. Star/Norwell > KB

    Man I'm glad we got rid of our #1 receiver so we can throw some more cash at our outstanding offensive line, have you seen the holes we've been blasting for our running backs this year outstanding.
  7. Cam was at his best because he had a running game that helped move the chains, and Ted Ginn who tore the top off of defenses all year. Who's our Ted Ginn this season? is our online confusing blocking scheme going to all of a sudden start making holes for the backs? This was future financial move plain and simple and doesn't do anything to improve this team this season. Which is a strike contrast to the teams positioning themselves for playoff runs approached the trade deadline.
  8. I was mad about Steve but more from a nostalgia aspect than from on field performance at that point in his career. With Josh I was mad but atleast Gettleman had a philosophy and a rhyme and reason for not wanting to pay Norman. I see no reason for executing this trade other Hurney throwing Beane a bone and giving Tyrod a reliable receiver on the Bills playoff run. This stinks and it certainly doesn't show the Panthers are in win mode now.
  9. We are in 49ers, Jets, Browns, territory when it comes to wide receiver depth and talent. And all these experts talking about Cam played better in 2015 when KB was out. We'll guess what, we could run the ball wih the best of them in 2015 and now we are one of the worst. And now we just got weaker in the passing game. KB size and ability to box out sealed the win for us last week. We have no other receiver on the roster who could have made that play.
  10. This incompetent sob trades away one of our best offensive threats on a already struggling offense. All because we have an over his head OC who can't adjust to his personnel and think every receiver running go routes is good play design. We let one of the best possession receivers in the NFL walk out the door for peanuts, for a Marty Hurney 3rd round draft pick ponder that.
  11. Revenge Tour

    Is Hurney still disgruntled from his previous firing and secretly trying to sabotage the Panthers season. Done of the moves he's made has made sense. He cut Joe Webb who was the best looking qb in the preseason out of our backup Qbs , he also could play special teams to boot and was good teammate. He kept two kickers on the roster for what reason we'll never know, that left us depleted of safety depth. And now he's traded Cam's most reliable receiver and best friend on the team. None of these moves help the Panthers be a better team this season, we have afar worst roster now than we did when Hurney took back over. Wtf this is ludacris!!
  12. Official Panthers at Bears Gameday Thread

    We are horrible lol. I think I am finally on the fire Rivera train now. Anything to get Shula and his stale offense out of Carolina.
  13. If DA isn't being traded then Hurney is the absolute worst GM there could be. Gilbert isn't any asset when he saw action in preseason he was horrible. So horrible that DA backup status was never in doubt and that's saying something given how he looked. I'm trying to give Hurney the benefit of the doubt, 2 kickers eh ok... but 4 Qbs? You cut a guy who could play Qb and special teams and already traded for a young QB who has potential. There has to be a rhyme and reason to this right? How about we churn the bottom of the roster for some potential playmakers instead of a 4th string Qb
  14. 35 carries for 37 yards

    None of our running-backs are getting any yards, this is on the offensive line
  15. Stewart was washed up a year ago

    Why does Shula throw screens to Stewart when we drafted Mcaffrey and Samuel?