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  1. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    Will be in the house Dabbin on them Redskins.
  2. Lucky Birds, Vikings, Cards

    Talk about luck. Has anyone else noticed the amount of insane injuries teams have been having the week prior to playing the Falcons. Tony Romo gets injured in the Eagles game the week before facing the Falcons. Mariota gets injured the Miami game the week prior to facing the Falcons. Vincent Jackson gets injured against the Redskins the week before Tampa plays the Falcons. Not a injury but Kaepernick gets benched for Blane Gabbert the week the 49ers face the Falcons. And then just as Andrew Luck and the Colts look like they are getting it together after defeating the then undefeated Broncos, Luck gets injured before facing the Falcons. And yet they are still on a 3 game losing streak, in my opinion Atlanta's schedule will be more difficult down the stretch than earlier in the season, I think they get exposed as the overrated squad that they are.    
  3. Can you do without the Cam celebrations?

    It's all cultural, the ones who have the problem with it, have a problem because they don't relate to it. Gronkowski, JJ Watt can do antics and they're celebrated, Aaron Rodgers and his championship belt becomes a national advertisement campaign, Favre was a very animated QB, heck Delhomme was animated I remember him giving it back to defenses, talking trash with Rodney Harrison in the Superbowl for one example. Tom Brady spikes the ball when he scores a rushing TD, I guess that's not showing up the defense but Cam Newton does his celebration and it's a problem.  These players don't have to be robots, if you don't like it that's your choice, you can always root for another team or another player. To all the haters 9-0 deal with it!!  
  4. Should Carson Palmer be above Cam in the MVP race?

    Ted Ginn Jr. couldn't even get on the field last season in Arizona with all the weapons they have.  Cam Newton 9-0 > Carsen Palmer 7-2