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  1. I mean we all know Cam did not invent the dance.  But it didn't start showing up every time a player did anything good in any sport ever (and in locker rooms fro coaches...and wherever else) until it became a national story after Cam did it. There's a history here.  His Superman celebration (which I do know he didn't invent) popped up *everywhere* across multiple sports after he started doing it.  
  2. There were college kids copying his *entire* dance from Dallas this weekend.  Seems like whatever he does becomes the thing to do in subsequent games. Personally I'm hoping for the sprinkler this week.  I would laugh until I died if he just busted out the sprinkler after scoring...
  3. Lifelong Cowboy fan at my work.

    He looks like he's taking the loss pretty well and being a good sport about it.  Good for him.  I probably wouldn't be smiling and posing for pictures if I had to wear a Dallas hat.
  4. Rodney Harrison and Trent Dilfer are my go-to talking heads to hate. 
  5. Photoshop Request: Explosion behind the Panthers Captains

    For some reason all I can do is sing "cool guys don't look at explosions" now. Damnit.
  6. Aaron Rodgers

    I skipped this entire thread so I have no idea how many people have already said this but: Calling Aaron Rodgers overrated is completely asinine.  He's extremely good at what he does and he doesn't get rattled easy.  One of the best in the league at his position.  
  7. Since Greg Hardy left us

    You know what we need?  A Greg Hardy mad-lib post generator. Just pick a few random nouns, adjectives, and verbs ... voila! "How will we ever win the wheelbarrow without Greg Hardy dribbling our angry driveway across the speaker?"
  8. A rivalry

    I can't really honestly say I hate the Packers.   Falcons, Saints, Seahawks, any NFCE team...yeah.  No reason to hate the Packers.