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  1. mwright350 added a post in a topic The Bucs are a TRAP game for the Panthers   

    The Saints played like poo and the Buccs played less like poo than the Saints.  That's why they got beat.
    All this "trap game" nonsense is, well, nonsense.  But if we're going to roll with this particular nonsense we should at least know what it theoretically means (my stance is trap games don't exist anywhere but the minds of fans and the media who need something to yap about...and even if teams do look past another team it's far more uncommon than fans would have you believe / certainly isn't happening with a divisional opponent)
    Being injured and needing to recover (and possibly losing due to being severely depleted) does not equate to a "trap game".  Nor does simply shitting the bed which NFL teams are prone to do from time to time.  Same for one team being badly outcoached / gameplaned by the other.
    Honestly why do people even post this crap...desperate need to be noticed on the internet?
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  2. mwright350 added a post in a topic Philly Brown and Ted Ginn Jr are the worst starting receiver tandem in the league...   

    I feel like calling anything "Undisputed" before the first snap of the first regular season game is just reaching for shock value.  "oh hell he said it was undisputed I better get my sky-holding gloves on".  
    Of course it's not undisputed before there is a single metric...and even then calling a single position or position group "best" or "worst" in a game where every position on the field impacts every other position is highly debatable.
    For that matter when did teams start using only two receivers?  
    I swear...people will bitch about anything.
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  3. mwright350 added a post in a topic Only 19 million in cap space next year? Is this reliable?   

    At first I thought to myself "you dumbass go back to bed.  You're obviously hallucinating and just need more time in bed"
    Then I clicked the thread. 
    New lows were reached 
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  4. mwright350 added a post in a topic Would you trade for Eric Ebron and put him at WR?   

    How on Earth are they already trying to unload someone they just drafted high in 2014?
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  5. mwright350 added a post in a topic Ryan Broyles Released by Lions   

    I'm not advocating doing nothing so I don't get that angle.
    I am advocating not signing every WR off the scrap heap because maybe they're secretly bionic.  I am specifically advocating not signing *this* receiver off the scrap heap because *before* his leg problems he was an undersized receiver with average speed who had trouble in the following areas according to the scouting reports Google told me I should read: securing catches in space / when a CB presses him and he has to break away and get back into his route.  
    He just wasn't all that good BEFORE he was constantly hurt.  
    I WOULD like to add a receiver if one becomes available who might be at the end of a career who has shown consistency and reliability which we need.  I would also not be opposed to a trade for a known quantity higher quality receiver (yes picks - I know player for player trades are unheard of outside Madden).  I would not like to add a receiver who has potential but is average at best and has no NFL body of work to speak of.  Now is not the time to take a flier on every available body - we HAVE available bodies we can take a flier on who are pretty much in this guy's strata.
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  6. mwright350 added a post in a topic Ryan Broyles Released by Lions   

    I don't see how signing a broken down receiver is going to help us.  We do this every year - every time someone gets cut who plays a position where we're struggling people start talking about signing them...full speed ahead damn the man sign ALL the [insert position here].
    To me this is the kind of move you make if you already have solid receivers and you want to see if you can add a weapon on the cheap (thus can absorb the hit if he ends up hurt or is simply terrible now).  It's the exact opposite of the kind of move you make if your receiver group is already weak and you're looking for someone to consistently contribute.  The team with an already weak receiver group has a much smaller margin for error and thus "it can't hurt" quickly becomes "not only can it hurt but it can be a total disaster".  
    Roster spots aren't unlimited - there's a cost in at the very least someone else who could be in that spot for every "it can't hurt" guy that lands here.
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  7. mwright350 added a post in a topic One Simple Hypothetical   

    There's just no chance I'd go for this.
    KB is an amazing talent and we're certainly worse for not having him but Bell couldn't block a sleeping baby for more than about a second.  The best receiver in the world is no good if your QB is running for his life because your left tackle is less effective than a cardboard cutout of an actual block. 
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  8. mwright350 added a post in a topic As Breakable as Funyuns (Funchess) injures leg in practice again   

    There are a lot of things in football that annoy me.  Lord knows I like to complain about them.  High on that list: rookies who get some stupid nagging injury in camp then spend the whole season nursing said stupid nagging injury while we sit around and wonder how good they could be if they weren't broken out of the box.
    On the bright side we're going to get really good at what-could-have-been here this season.  We're already pretty solid but we can up our hypothetical game to god-like at this pace.
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  9. mwright350 added a post in a topic For those worried about our WRs   

    Those who are about to worry salute you?
    I'm really having trouble adapting the gladiator line I could do.
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  10. mwright350 added a post in a topic That Lineman Sweat....   

    Jesus Christ I can't un-smell that and it's not even real.
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  11. mwright350 added a post in a topic KB's offseason caused the injury   

    Stopped reading and laughed myself to death when I read the word obese 
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  12. mwright350 added a post in a topic A great way to get no more cheerleader pics   

    Oh come on - at least tell us who we should be ridiculing for being a shithead.
    Did they join before or after people jumped all over Dan Morgan when he tried to participate?
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