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  1. Hold on loosely

    The avalanche of articles about this team that don't focus on the same old, tired nonsense we've been reading for years is what's getting me through the downtime before the game. Another good read
  2. Mzee Peyton Manning

    I'm not sure what I even just read...but there was an explosion so I'm good.  
  3. California is pulling for Cam Newton to win...

    More than likely on the "how it works" portion.  They get to tax him based on his entire yearly salary not just the amount he "earns" this week.  So instead of taxing him on his SB bonus they'll tax a percentage of his 2016 calendar year income calculated from how many days he "works" in CA.  That comes out to way more than his SB bonus so he'll wind up losing money or basically breaking even.
  4. It's sort of cool that he's got called out for his nonsense by someone who's not affiliated with our team.
  5. Damnit, you're right, that's terrifying.
  6. It's filtered as a sports site on our filters, has been for a long time.  Gets caught in the category regardless of site performance if its a blocked category.
  7. Well - I guess if you need a ready-made headline after Manning loses his last game... "Panthers worst SB champion ever, Manning robbed of storybook ending"
  8. I'm not quite ready to believe we're going to get 4 picks but I think he'll hand at least one short field which we'll turn into points. Manning is still one of the smartest QBs ever to play the game and he might know exactly what we're doing on defense before the snap but at least a few times his body just isn't going to cooperate with him.  Our Defense is certainly more capable than most of making them pay for that.
  9. The Revenge of the Lousy Organization

    I really enjoy reading pieces like this from guys who predicted us to be terribadawful.   I mean really I rabidly consume most stuff about the team even if it's an embarrassment to journalism but these sort of things particularly put a smile on my face. Anything can happen in the NFL from season to season but the light sure seems pretty bright in Charlotte right now. 
  10. Wait...people actually watched the video?
  11. Most Huddlers one week from now exactly...

    Yeah the chance of my being at work Monday, let alone functional at work Monday, is slim to none regardless of the outcome.
  12. I keep saying that team wouldn't be so easy to hate if it wasn't for their fans and Jesus Wilson's holier-than-thou act.
  13. Kickoff or Receive?

    Defer We don't have to score on our first possession to have a chance and getting the ball to start the 2nd half (with or without having two offensive possessions back to back without the opponent getting a chance to answer) is too good.  You can really break the back of a team with that first 2nd half possession...or you can energize your own team if the first half went wonky.
  14. Why wait?  If we blow a halftime lead we just call it rioting instead of celebrating.  Covered either way.  That works for Hockey right?
  15. Got My Rejection Letter Today

    I thought about trying to go for about as long as it took me to realize I could buy a car for what it would cost.  Sheezus