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  1. I liked our blue uniforms

    I liked them.
  2. Phil Sims All-Iron Awards

    Love the Roaring Riot love given by Cam!
  3. Official Panthers at Cowboys Gameday Thread

      Looks like Davis just did.
  4. The Stupid Double Standard in the Media

    We haven't played anyone because well there are just not that many good teams this year.  
  5. Gameday Menu

    Keeping it simple.  Hot dogs on the grill, chips and beer.  Oh and some warm Winter Jack with warm apple cider on the walk to the stadium.
  6. Playoff tickets

    Just got mine in the mail today. 
  7. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    Will be there 536
  8. Increased security at the games today

    The illusion of security is going to increase.
  9. Seriously, how does it happen? (Visiting fans)

  10. Cam Newton reported for theft

    Cam is single handedly changing the culture at BOA.  He's protecting his house.
  11. Along the Sidelines - Packers at Panthers

    Great pics! Did you happen to get a pic of Cam taking flight for his touchdown?
  12. Cam the policy enforcer

    Cam is taking it upon himself to single handedly change the culture at BOA.
  13. In all the excitement, this can't be forgotten

    It was very emotional seeing those family members represent their fallen heroes.
  14. Sad adults with cheese on their heads...

    And what's up with the Cheese Bra?  Saw several female Packers fans with them.  
  15. Cam owning BoA

    Protect this house! fug those fudge packers!