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  1. SCPantherFan

    AFC Wild Card games thread

    Cincy....hahahahhahahhahahah hahhahahahahha jones and burfict are utter morons and cost their team their first playoff win in 25 yrs hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaa
  2. Panthers need to get the fug of the field...what an embarrassment...showed no fire whatsoever.
  3. Our defense looks like a bunch of clowns running around out there. Pathetic
  4. What a shitty half of play by the panthers...looks like last week's second half letdown is carrying over to this week.
  5. They had a wake up call last week and come out playing like this...not good
  6. Looks like Davis just did.
  7. SCPantherFan

    Cam Newton reported for theft

    Cam is single handedly changing the culture at BOA. He's protecting his house.
  8. Great pics! Did you happen to get a pic of Cam taking flight for his touchdown?
  9. Great pics and content but too many clicks. You should include a link to view the entire content in one page.
  10. SCPantherFan

    Amazing Announcement

    Curves are good...
  11. SCPantherFan

    Good news for Huddle App lovers

    Awesome sauce!!!!
  12. SCPantherFan

    Cargo shorts

    Standard attire for Panther's home games when it gets cooler. They hold binoculars, radio, the game program, and any other crap my kids may bring with them and decide they are too tired to carry anymore....dad's life
  13. NFL Network reported we gave up #57 and 3rd and 6th