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  1. I also read an article entitled. 3 goats and the GOAT. Which QB do you think is better equipped to win if all???
  2. Lmao at Joe Buck’s haircut

    Joe Buck wants Troy sooooo bad.
  3. Mike Tolbert Coming Home?

    WTF is this ???? The only way, and I mean the only way Mike Tolbert is coming to the Panthers is if he changes his last name to Turner. Then we would have a whole fuggin Tribe of Turners. Everywhere you turn, there's a Turner. A Turner here, a Turner there everywhere a Turner!!! DAMN! Turning BOA into a Turner Bowl. Somebody else take a turn at this Turner poo!!!
  4. Has Norv Turner actually been Hired ?

    It does not. Only head coach and executive positions
  5. "SPEED BUMP" would suggest their was at least a faint hint of resistance encountered during the pursuit of sacking Cam. Calling Matt Kalil is being kind.
  6. Norv is at boa..

    If nothing else, you are consistent.
  7. I agree with every word in this article. On the last play, with everything on the line. Our 5 offensive lineman could not block their 3 pass rushers. We started game burning a time out because " oh sh!t, we need to call a play?" And we end it by laying down and letting Cam Newton get trucked one last time. Mike Shula, don't let the door knob hit ya where the good lord split ya! BITCH
  8. Panther for Life here for sure. Think about this, things can't get much worse than we've already endured.
  9. 11 fuggin Tight Ends on offense, 11 on defense. They'll never see it coming!!! GENIUS
  10. LOL

    Think about this folks. Before our second play of our first offensive possession we call a mutha fuggin time out. I can't process or digest that. Most teams have their first 10-12 plays scripted. We have a week to prepare for team we play twice a year and that's kicked our ass twice this year. We're ready to run ONE FUGGIN PLAY??? Are you kidding me??? And Shula is a professionally paid Offensive Coordinator. This shows you everything you need to know about our coaching staff. It also should explain why we are so damn inconsistent.
  11. Cam 2017 Season Appreciation Thread

    CAM -- you sir have been asked to carry this shitty front office and coaching staff since the day we drafted you. In return...we give you...well nothing. It's not fair, but it's the truth. I appreciate that you are our QB. I apologize that you have received ZERO fuggin help on offense.
  12. Halftime adjustments? Really?
  13. This coaching staff are a bunch of fuggin clowns. Second, yes I said second offensive play of the game and we burn a time out. Pathetic!!!