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  1. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    Frank Alexander just paved the way...come on down quinton.
  2. Frank Alexander - Suspended for 1 year

    Frank, how in the fug do you get fired on your day off man????    
  3. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    i agree with this 100%. pull the trigger Gman!
  4. Jets waive Quentin Coples

    sign this man
  5. Bulletin Board!!!

    They've also had their ass beat 7 times this year alone. So, fug Romo.
  6. Jerry Jones Displays His Idiocy... Again

    Dab on dem foreskins 
  7. Roll Call for Sunday Skins game

    Section 508 and this old man will be " dabbin' on dem skins"    
  8. Braylon Beam Still Pounding, needs prayers

    Keep pounding little man! You're pound for pound the toughest panther of all time!
  9. Youngins at the games.

    Common sense is just not common.
  10. Predict Fussy Fan of the Week

    The panthers are bullies, their mean and tackle really hard.
  11. Lead his team to a 10-0 record
  12. Greg Olsen on The Rich Eisen Show

    I like the way you think sir!
  13. Well sure, there's a reason for that. Stew is running hard right now. But it does not mean that the other rb's are not capable. I would caution our coaching staff that not giving our other running backs some game reps could come back to bite us if stew gets hurt. I am on record as saying wager and CAP are our RB future. 
  14. Greg Olsen on The Rich Eisen Show

    Thomas Davis gets the next statue and we put it beside the great Sam Mills. Thomas Davis is the GREATEST player in panther history. TD is our "keep pounding" ambassador, he will knock your ass out and do it with class.