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  1. In case you lost count....

    Don't mess with wegher!!! I believe in that kid
  2. Did Chris Gamble Announce our Pick?

    The 2000 draft
  3. Falcons Fans: Carolina Gets It

    Atlanta has 15 general managers and they draft a safety in the first round with all the pass rushers that were available to them...WOW! I wonder how their PSL sales are going????
  4. 2016 NFL Draft Round 2 General Discussion

    Trade up...quality over quantity
  5. Butler selection Presser, 7 teams tried to trade

    What about Matt Ryan ???? GTFOMF you say, really bitch!
  6. Papa Johns Activates Panthers20

    It's the fastest pizza in North America!
  7. AJ Hawk Released

    White? + Tackle = luuuuuuuuuuuuuke
  8. Fug the Bill's and the mange riddled Buffalo they rode in on.
  9. Derrick Henry Ranked 64th in Mayocks top 100

    Please, someone rank Mayock...either as an NFL scout or his career as an NFL player.
  10. Where to buy Season Tix?

    How many seats do you need? I have one seat for sale
  11. Bottom line --- josh Norman talked his way out of Carolina. His constanttalk of being the best corner in league and wanting to be the highest paid became annoying to our FO. Josh is good, and I will miss him but, he's not the best corner in the NFL and he views himself as being better and more valuable than he actually is.