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  1. Carolina Panthers OTA thread - May 24

    If you don't have snapchat, I recommend you get it just to follow the panthers. They have some really good clips of drills in action and the team messing around. It's worth the five minutes especially during the offseason when video content can be low. The snapchat handle is Carolina Panthers.
  2. Article: Carolina Panthers Four Deepest Positions

    A league wide top RB can look like a rookie, while a rookie can look like a high tier draft pick because of one thing. Blocking. I'm less concerned with our RB's abilities than I am with our OL and especially TE's ability to block for them. It's a narrow balancing act.
  3. Bucky Brooks: NFC South Draft Grades

    Bucky was one of our biggest doubters last year. I hope he gets off our bandwagon.
  4. Should #89 be Replaced?

    I know this is going to buried in this thread, but I have to say that if it weren't for Steve Smith I wouldn't be the Panthers fan I am today. He did so much for this team in a lot of years when we didn't have much to go on. Watching games when Steve would go off made me happier than anything. Here's a 5'9" WR throwing down with the best and still coming out on top, BEFORE CAM. I understand why he was released, but I think most of you out there can appreciate what he did for the Panthers. I hope he retires here, at home, as a Panther. If he does, no one should ever wear 89. If he doesn't, I personally believe that it still shouldn't be ruled out. He has done so much for this city, outside of the Panthers, and that should be honored just as much.
  5. Panthers ink Boykin

    Charles Johnson considering the 8 mil pay cut would be my pick
  6. Peyton Manning retires

    Glad he ended it now. His legacy was severely in question and that gift of a super bowl covered it all up.
  7. What is David Newton REALLY Trying To Say?

    Jonathan Jones does a decent job, Joe Person is incompetent and David Newton just sucks. Bill Voth used to provide some decent perspective and timely news but he must have given up about a year ago. Plus his post Super Bowl Cam meltdown was very revealing and embarrassing. Typical panthers news timeline is the rest of the known universe reporting then 10 minutes later Person and Newton copy pasting links into their Twitter feed. Thanks guys.
  8. Keep Pounding, a family story.

    Thanks, I'm sure many families have similar stories or relationships with the Panthers so feel free to share what this season meant to you.
  9. Bill Voth: "Panthers Are Allowing Cam To Look Like A Baby."

    First, I love BBR, and while I'm not totally surprised that Voth would express a differing opinion I am surprised that his lash out was so severe. I get it, Bill, Cam didn't perform well on the field, or off of it. Your door was open. Take the opportunity to kick him while he's down because you won't get many more. I can appreciate your analysis normally, but for you to be posting those things from a site or handle that clearly is meant to represent Carolina is different. The guy literally came forward and admitted to being a sore loser. You honestly think you'd handle a loss like that easily?
  10. Keep Pounding, a family story.

    I moved to Charlotte as a 7 year old in 1996, and saw the Panthers first year at home. I'm the oldest of nine kids and currently stationed in VA Beach, VA. My Mom recently wrote this article that I think will resonate with a lot of you, even though it was published the morning before our Super Bowl loss. You are here: Home / Family Life / True Fans Run in the Family…Keep Pounding True Fans Run in the Family…Keep Pounding FEBRUARY 6, 2016 BY WHITNEY HETZEL LEAVE A COMMENT 9 When the Carolina Panthers went to Super Bowl XXXVIII, #4 (Peter) celebrated with a Super Bowl party at our house. The end of an exciting Panther’s season just happened to coincide with his birthday on Super Bowl Sunday. He was turning 8. It was a great party with games and cake and kids gathered around the TV to watch the game. Unfortunately it ended with Peter in tears over the Panther’s loss to the New England Patriots. Peter turned 20 this week and today the Carolina Panthers will play in Super Bowl 50. A lot has happened in the years in between. One thing hasn’t changed. Peter has never waivered in his love of the Carolina Panthers. Neither have any of his four brothers (although #9 wasn’t even born in 2003, he’s been a Panther’s fan as long as he’s been able) or his four sisters, for that matter. We moved to North Carolina from the midwest 18 years ago. #5 (Annie), #6(Grace), #7 (John), #8(C.C.), and #9(Sam) were all born here. Although my husband James and I grew up in Chicago Bears country, we couldn’t help but quickly become Carolina Panthers fans as we watched our boys form an attachment to the team (2016 Carolina Panthers and their energy and enthusiasm remind me of the 1985 Chicago Bears team). Our home is evidence of the fact that our kids have always been Carolina fans. We have old jerseys with names like Delhomme, Beason, Peppers, and Muhammaad. We have a football signed by Steve Smith, jerseys with Mike Tolbert and Thomas Davis autographs, and a picture of #5 (Annie) with Greg Olson. Each of the boys have their lucky game day gear (one refuses to wash his) and no matter where they are, Charlie (#1), Thomas (#3), Peter (#4), and John (#7) always face-time to touch base during the game. With one in Virginia Beach, Virginia, one in Annapolis, Maryland, one in Highland Falls, New York, and with the rest of the nine still here in Charlotte, it’s great for this mom to see how they share their love of their favorite team…regardless of the miles that lie between them. Even in the years from 2008 to 2013 when the Panthers failed to make a playoff, our kids were serious fans. They never gave up on their team. In good times or in bad. All of our children have participated in sports. Some even at the college level. When it is all on the line, there is something pure about an athletic pursuit. Like the Panthers, my kids have had their ups and downs. What athlete hasn’t? Ken Reed, author of How We Can Save Sports: A Game Plan has said, “Sport at its best requires athletes to give more than they thought they could — physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually… A person is rarely more alive — or living in the moment — than during an intense sporting event. There’s no regrets about the past or angst about the future in the heat of competition. ” Sometimes sport mirrors life. We work hard. We fall down. We get up. For my kids (I would venture to guess for many of the fans out there), this day has been a long time coming. Although our family will be watching the Super Bowl in four different cities, we’ll be together in spirit…cheering on the Carolina Panthers with an intensity that has grown over many years. On behalf of my family I want to say thank you to the Carolina Panthers for all the hard work that has brought them to this day. I want to thank them for the excitement they have brought to our city and for the fun our family has shared because of them. Finally I want to thank the Panthers for inspiring me to remember that no matter what happens in Super Bowl 50 or in life…I will continue to encourage my family to Keep Pounding.
  11. The day after Thursday which precedes Saturday

    Can't take it any more. Every where I go I see the Panthers. And I live in VA Beach. The grocery store had its aisles decked out in Panther colors today. I'm gonna puke from anxiety.
  12. Also, what gets me isn't the question per say, it's the way he says "and you really believe that, with that smile." And then at the very end, "ok I'm not the one making choices..." And trails off. It's one thing to ask hard questions that could create difficult situations for the interviewee in order to get to the bottom of a story. This was not that. This was an attempt to rattle and when Cam kept cool, he got flustered.
  13. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Sam Mills III or all our IR players who are dying to be on the field. Just hope there are enough Panthers fans there who know the significance of the drum for it to be loud when we pound it. I'm sure it will be lost on most people. Wish they could do a 30sec spot on the big screens beforehand to explain it. Even non Panthers fans would get chills.
  14. Cam was trying hard to keep his cool, whoever that reporter was was fishing for controversy. Well done Cameron.