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  1. The day after Thursday which precedes Saturday

    Can't take it any more.  Every where I go I see the Panthers.  And I live in VA Beach. The grocery store had its aisles decked out in Panther colors today.  I'm gonna puke from anxiety.
  2. Also, what gets me isn't the question per say, it's the way he says "and you really believe that, with that smile."  And then at the very end, "ok I'm not the one making choices..." And trails off.  It's one thing to ask hard questions that could create difficult situations for the interviewee in order to get to the bottom of a story.  This was not that.  This was an attempt to rattle and when Cam kept cool, he got flustered. 
  3. The Keep Pounding Drum

    Sam Mills III or all our IR players who are dying to be on the field.  Just hope there are enough Panthers fans there who know the significance of the drum for it to be loud when we pound it.  I'm sure it will be lost on most people.  Wish they could do a 30sec spot on the big screens beforehand to explain it.  Even non Panthers fans would get chills.
  4. Cam was trying hard to keep his cool, whoever that reporter was was fishing for controversy.  Well done Cameron.  
  5. It's NOT about race!

    I bet she was threatened by our baseball bat so posted that 
  6. Unreal.  Dude, these videos that you put together have always been so good.  But this one...I can't even describe it.  This TEAM will be what wins this Super Bowl for Charlotte.  For Vets like Allen, Cotchery, Tillman, Coleman, Finnegan, Kalil, and Tolbert.  For the heart of this team, Thomas Davis.  For Stew, Greg, Cam, and every other member of this TEAM, we hope you have many more years wearing the beautiful Panther blue.  The whole city is behind you, and the fans who have been here since it all started could t be more ready.  Keep Pounding.
  7. Anthony Morrow's New Panther Tattoo

    Morrow is from Charlotte and one of the better 3 point shooters around these days for the OKC Thunder.  
  8. So this happened

    Way to rep.  I was in Raleigh at Carolina ale house for the Packers game, wish we could have met up, I was losing my poo in the outside area.
  9. Interesting conversation in early 2012

    Good conversation there, and while I can appreciate all of the points made, only one got it right.  Cam can and hopefully will solidify himself as a great next weekend.  I'm losing my mind in anticipation.
  10. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    I've seen a few on the huddle over the years, might be time to arrange a meet up.
  11. Evolution of the QB

    Sick, and bump.
  12. Anyone else going to watch the SB alone?

    I really don't know if I can handle people who are just watching socially while I have so much invested. I only have two other die hard Panther fan friends here in Virginia Beach, and I know for a fact my roommates and some other friends would love to try to instigate me during the game, even though they want the Panthers to win for the most part.  They know what this means to me since they used to make fun of me all the way back to 2010.
  13. My buddy wrote a song...

    dope, hope you don't mind if i share,  credit will be given where credit is due.
  14. Let's start a petition to ban Russell Wilson from Charlotte.

    Please don't.  I can tolerate the bandwagon fans if even 25% become real fans. But I can never, ever, tolerate an Andrew Tilton on this team.  We need to be better than that.  Please dont drop to his level.