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  1. crowntownpanther

    Player’s Opinion on new Facilities

    And I live closer to Rock Hill than Uptown, so this is not meant to be a knock on any of the suburbs or other parts of The Carolinas.
  2. With all the talk of a new practice facility and HQ away from BOA, and the desire to incorporate more of the Carolinas as a whole, how do you think this plays out with the players? I would imagine most enjoy being in a larger city with shorter commutes and a centralized location. Obviously practicing in a hotel ballroom in bad weather is less than ideal, but for a smaller market team, I think Charlotte offers a lot to keep players happy in downtime, good schools for kids, and overall a good environment. Do you think moving the practice facilities will affect player contentment? It might sound stupid, but players would probably rather be close to daily practice facilities and commute once a week to BOA for game day, driving many out of the city. It might not seem important to us as fans, but when it comes down to contract years and free agency, quality of life plays a part.
  3. Hood (homerism at RB 3), Hall, Mabry, any candidate for CB or LT/G.
  4. First, great write up, minus accidentally saying Michigan instead of Maryland. Seriously though, we’ll done. I think it’s important to remember when analyzing Moore that it’s not in a vacuum. He has flaws in route running that some #1s don’t have, but we have signed others that I think complement well. With our offensive weapons we have the ability to give defensive coordinators nightmares in game planning. I can’t think of another team with more versatility.
  5. @Zod And other mods, after browsing the forums for a few years, and after seeing the quick reactions to the Panthers unofficial season start in the draft today ( fug yeah DJ Moore), I would like to suggest that we do a “worst of the worst” tournament. I would love to get to nominate the worst huddlers, then be able to vote one (or two) off the island every year. If I’m one of them, I will accept my punishment and just crash @RoaringRiottailgates instead of paying for them. Kidding, Take my money.
  6. 1st: Love the first round pick gamble with Moore! I think he will fit well and help elevate the rest of the receiver corp’s game. 2nd: I think we have a lot of opportunity left in this draft for us. The O line concerns me, just based on how many OL were taken in the first that I didn’t expect; I’m not sure there many good OL left for us, but there are a TON of potential CB/S. If we can plug that hole, and maybe snag a solid RB late, I’m happy. Post first round, what has changed for yall?
  7. crowntownpanther

    Carolina Panthers Select Dj Moore

    This is a good point. Love the pick, but we need a CB, decent RB maybe? And a long shot T or G (I just miss Norwell). Good start though.
  8. One of the best yet. Please tell me you still plan on the coffee table book, this season deserves one.
  9. crowntownpanther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Everything about this game makes me happy
  10. crowntownpanther

    NFC Playoffs - Seahawks at Vikings

    Russell looks confused. Jesus water must have frozen.
  11. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Oh baby! Next man up!
  12. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    "Even Janitor, even janitor" "is that real!?" "yes"
  13. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Klein out with an injury apparently? Hamstring.
  14. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Haha like two weeks ago?
  15. crowntownpanther

    Official Bucs at Panthers Gameday Thread

    Big play Thomas! Luke needs to stay out, hopefully just bruised or a jammed finger. The fact that he didn't go right to the locker room makes me hopeful that they aren't concerned with a break.