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  1. Cowboys Week: Let's do this

    This is why I hate Dallass fans...saw this at work this week.  Sorry I cant figure out how to rotate the image.  
  2. Need the Huddle's help to get to SB50

    So my buddy is one of the 4 finalists to win all expenses paid trips for four to the big game this year.  He's a lifelong Panthers fan obviously, and all four of us who would go will be rocking Panthers gear regardless, but hopefully for good reason.  He needs as many votes as possible so go to and vote for Greg Baskwell (video with the dog).  Can vote daily, so if you feel like it, keep going back. thanks guys!
  3. "If" We Win The Superbowl..

    So easy to get caught up in the feeling that this special season can go far.  Fact of the matter is that Come playoff season it will be a battle.  Green Bay, Cardinals, Vikings, and even our hated Falcons can and probably will be tough games.  I have faith in our team because of how close and tight our locker room is.  But going into the playoffs we have to remember every team is 0-0.
  4. J No's big test

    Agreed, I'd look for QBs to generally stay away and try to catch him on a big play.  
  5. J No's big test

    I agree but hope he can keep his aggressiveness balanced with smart play.  Those two can burn you if you bite.  
  6. J No's big test

    Our remaining games will be Josh's biggest test of his career.   Dez Bryant Julio Jones (x2) Odell Beckham Jr. Mike Evans If he can continue to limit/shutdown guys like he has, he could solidify a DPOY nomination easily.  I hope he and our big boy #99 get a little friendly bet going.
  7. I had literally pre typed the response "no." In my head Before I even finished reading the topic title...
  8. 10-OHHHHH so SWEET PIE!

    This team is a beautiful thing
  9. Our Color Rush Uniforms

    Apparently we'll all know tomorrow. I was skeptical about all blue already, but thought black lettering would help.  The silver is kinda disappointing.  My hopes aren't very high.  
  10. 9-0 PIE!!!!

    Painful at times but 9-0!!!!
  11. What Titans Fans Are Saying

    I'm only posting to see if we can get a "What the (x team) fans are saying" thread to 20 pages by kickoff.  Sorry for my lack of input.  
  12. Excellent Scott Fowler Q&A with Jared Allen

    Jared Allen was my favorite non Panther for a while, and as a service member, seeing what he does for our men and women who are currently deployed or have come home is special to me.  He has a younger brother on active duty in the Marine Corps, and I think his grandfather also served.  To me it makes perfect sense why, even as a new Panther, he carried our flag onto the field.  Keep Pounding.
  13. Increased security at the games today

    I hate that it has to be done, but it needs to happen.  I'd just say even if the lines are a little long, remember why.  And to correct Jangler, *ISIS prepare thy asshole.  
  14. Dear new Panther bandwagon fans,

    As a mostly lurker here, but longtime Panther fan I say bring them on.  Every team needed bandwagoners at some point, and with a city like Charlotte that is mostly transplants it's going to happen.  My only request is if they ever say the words keep pounding, they are Panthers fans for life.  
  15. Forgive my ignorance...

    Makes sense, thanks for the help everyone.